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I love being at home, I am a nester !!! So I am in total agreement with you, Agnes.

So nice that you had family visiting. Hope all is well :)

I totally understand being tired after family visits. My Mom and niece are coming to spend time with us this weekend, and I've been cleaning like crazy. I clean before they get here, while they are here, and cook and everything else for them. Then I clean when they leave!

What a gorgeous pic of you! I think I mentioned that I bought similar glasses while I was in Spain last month (vintage Chanel's) and whenever I catch my reflection I'm reminded of you. :) Glad you got to see your family!!!

lovely image.

I love to have family visiting. It is so much fun chatting and catching up. It is tiring but fun just like you said.

So true! Being worn out means you've given it your all - and that's always a good thing :)

I love family visits. Shared history is increasingly important to me. But I hear you on the tired side of it. All that staying up late and story-telling is tiring. And I know you have many stories to tell.

Yes, it's good to be doing something that requires energy, on the other hand it's just as good to be doing nothing but recuperating also.

hmm...yes it is always nice to be at home than visiting someone's else place...

We think of guests as heaven's blessings so I never mind having guests...but ofcourse heaven blessings always bring tiresome load of extra work...

Good to read you again.

Good thoughts Agnes. And I couldn't agree more :)

Lovely blog... and I am really impressed by the collection of bags and shoes you have got.... well, having family over for holidays is always good but of course very tiring... But feels good to have someone around...

I do like being at home, but I would jet off to Morocco or Turkey in a second!

U said it perfectly - family visiting is kind of tiring and relaxing, both at the same time. I too love having ppl around in my home !!

But, when I visit, I always feel the need to take the next flight back home. :)

I love your last line, if it doesn't tire you out it isn't worth doing. I like it!

Sometimes home is the best place to be. Hope you've had a good time with the family!

I loved having a touch of family too, Agnes. It connects us in different ways and it was just short enough to be fun and just long enough to be pleasant. But I too felt that tinge of loss regarding not being headed out somewhere. It will be. It will be.

Aah Agnes, you are a natural beauty! Pretty picture of you! And you are right, about the stuff that wear you out. So true... xxx

It's always easier to be the one who leave...

Lovely pic.

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