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Good eye picking up on the shampoo bottle shape! Tell me you're writing a book so we can all get the full story, the pretty and the ugly, some day...

Too funny about the similarity between the architecture and the Head and Shoulders bottle! I admire you for trying not to complain. I've gotten a bit better at it as I've gotten older, but my grandma says it goes downhill again after you hit fifty. LOL

It's hard to keep up that perspective - I think our brains try to push away the horrors for us. It's tough to cope and just 'be' on that level all the time.

I remember seeing photos of Federer and Nadal (I think) playing tennis on the heliport on the side of that building a few years back. Incredible!

Well said. I'm not doing so well on the not-complaining front either.

That's a shirt? I was going to say I totally want your dress!!!!!! You look super boho chic.

It always takes me about a week or two to get out of my jetlag haze.

And yes every single trip I go on changes me!

But isn't it great that you notice that you're complaining about the trivial. Sometimes I think that's just as important.

Yep, I agree.
That shirt rewinds memory when mother used to stitch similar type of work for table mats, sofa covers etc. etc. That is indeed great shirt And white all around with blue - fantastic.
Thanks for sharing.

I love that shirt!!!!!! Oh to be on the beach with starbucks and a good book. You crack me up with the head and shoulders bottle:) Complete twins:) Ah enjoy your rest now that your home!!

Those are gorgeous photos of you and Dubai! Love the comparison you make with the shampoo bottle. Glad you are adjusting to the "new" time zone and I hope you make it back to the beach soon!

Head and Shoulders reminds you of Dubai?? LOL! The building resembles the bottle's shape though! :D

How and WHY do you seem so pretty EVERY single time ?!!!

Oh.!..Very very good Herman Hesse
on the seashore..drinking what.?.

I can totally understand about the changes, which spending time with the lesser fortunate can bring about in a person. So nice of you to step out of your cozy world and explore the painful and the unexplored. Love the sensitive soul you possess beneath that beautiful face.

That bottle does remind of Dubai. Beautiful photo of yourself at the beach. I want to go to the beach too, instead I'm stuck here at the office, behind my desk :( Hope you've had lots of rest from your trip! x

Thats a fab pic of you, against the sea backdrop !! The white of ur dress against the blue of the sea !!! WOW !!!

Its a difficult thing to do...not to complain...we can try our best...

Love the feeling of Dubai thru the shampoo - even I've memories of trips associated with some smells, some products...ha, I need a vacation....

Very funny :) My husband is amazed by all the building and growth in Dubai and enjoys watching programs about the architecture. Personally, it concerns me. Their city looks so beautiful but I hope It turns out as they hope. I really like the necklace you're wearing in the picture.

I often think people feel guilty for complaining because someone is dying somewhere in the world so they have nothing to complain about. The truth is those people in the refugee camp probably felt the same way. I wouldn't be surprised if many of them felt bad complaining about the conditions when they knew their relatives or friends were somewhere else in even worse conditions and more danger. But the truth is we live our life, not someone else's and we choose, no matter how it looks on the outside, whether we are satisfied and content with it or not. At that moment, in the check out line, you were not. Luckily for you, and us, you are a thinker, one who evaluates and responds. As a result you are able to have a grateful heart for the blessings you are given and can give. That is why we like you, you know! Well, that and your rockin' wardrobe and cool sunglasses.

I feel the same whenever I come back from a trip even if it's only a short distance away, even if I've been there many times. I may be physically at home but mentally I'm still there. Now I'm looking forward to my trip to Greece in about 2 weeks. Can't wait!

~ps~ By the way, I love your shirt!!

The fortunate human race always needs a reality check from time to time :)

Welcome home safe and sound! Travel to me is essential and its one of the best ways for society to continually evolve. Although many may disagree we are a product of our own environment. Our immediate community and family is what shapes our behavior and customs. and one of the "keys" to be open to other cultures is through through travel and understanding other peoples values. I think in the western world we are to quick to judge whats best for other countries, and with travel we find "truth" and first hand experience.

And the wealthy and poor? The monetary system overall does not work. It will always create societies of the "haves and the have nots" This world has enough resources for everyone to share.
Imagine if the purpose of travel to faraway places is to celebrate and discover other cultures? where we encountered societies of philosophers, architects, physicists, artists, musicians,storytellers, Chefs! all there prepared to exchange to engage to talk to share! to help improve our lives? imagine your stories upon your return home? now that would be a trip!

So poignantly true, Agnes; we are all guilty of becoming wrapped up in our own problems, which topple into insignificance against the horrors of those in other parts of the world. And when we realise that, it is like a great epiphany, but too often we forget soon after. It is sad, it is a flaw of the human condition, and we should all do everything we can to rectify it.

Perspective is a funny thing! Sometimes that moment can be so fleeting...

I love your comparison between Dubai and the Head & Shoulders building! I'll never look at that bottle the same way again!

The times we live in. They are the difference. From hair washed with lye soap and rinsed in apple cider vinegar to Head and Shoulders is the difference. I is hard for me to imagine.

The comparison is so true..The way we look at things sometimes!!
Loved the post..

We all have to get a grip sometimes, don't we ?? Glad you are home safe and sound, Agnes !!

..hmm..good to read that you are coming back to your routine...

Its our habit to complain...its in our genes to complain..and this is how we make through life if we dont get what we wanted so long...

I dont find anything wrong in complaining..aftre all it shows how you may find yourself dependent/longing for something...or someone...

But ofcourse...complaining is not a good virtue...

You are a good writer Agnes...and I really am impressed....

Hi Agnes. Worlds out of balance is a good title for this post. And perhaps a touch ironic that you're reading Hesse's novel Sidhartha. Here we see in Pakistan, evidence of an ancient civilization that formed naturally out of the tribal customs that defined it, contrasted in the most unusual way with the forms of the future, a Dubai that races hell-bent into a future only to be guessed at, and yet one which feels oddly familiar to each of us. And they are again contrasted in unusual ways, the shapes, forms and ideas that they share. Quite amazing. Neither should evoke guilt, but simply an acknowledgement due for the unique and different paths they've taken. That hypocrasy or self-loathing should exist in either should be no surprise. But you did a great job with the post, regardless.

Your imagery captures me, the head and shoulder bottle and the building do have an uncanny resemblance. Lived in Miami for a while and then moved to Texas. I think i will move back to Miami because i have missed it and the beaches :)

What a photo! I'd hoot for you :-) I know it must've been a disturbing experience, but I wish you'd write something about Afghan refuge camps.

~"there I was, bitching about the woman in front of me having 11 items in her cart" ~ heh heh, BTW it's just a normal behaviour

I guess we're all human, and get involved in a little bitchin' !

Wonderful photographs, lovely posts. Enjoyed reading your blog.

It's always the little things that most annoy us - most probably because it's a signal that those people are trying to get away with this - they're being deceitful. Grrrr... (it doesn't help that I like complaining sometimes lol)

U are hilarious. I think sometimes we make far too many unreal promises to ourselves. I have decided to take it easy!! :D

So glad you made it back safe and sound and that you have a lot to reflect on ... happy reflecting.

Nice Pictures

Life is full of surprises. I am happy for you, you come back safe and happy too.

Wow I Realy Like And Snap Is Soo Preety

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