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It's nice to see someone find such beauty in a place most people fear. Enjoy your trip!

I'm glad you finally made it! I tried to comment yesterday but it didn't work. The picture you took at the airport was really cool, the one of the storm.

Take care!

I have to admit I am one of those that find it hard to believe but the way u describe it, it sounds wonderful... I guess the same could be said about any other country? or city or state....Glad u are in your element!.

You are gracing Pakistan with beauty and painting a picture that makes me want to go and view the picture that you have painted. The view from your eyes is wonderous...happy painting to you and Geoff in Pakistan.

What I find so great is that you love the REALNESS of the place, the complexity, the country's soul and that takes a long time to get to know...but when you do it leaves a pin on your hearts map. I can totally relate to you feeling at "home". Some people live their whole lives in one place and still don't have that feeling! Others just know when they are in their right element.

Smiles your way!

I'm really really pleased to hear a voice of truth about Pakistan in this time of Media hype about Pakistan..!
I have been abroad a lot of times,and I don't find Karachi different from any other western city.
Agnes,I must say that your physical beauty matches the beauty of your soul.
About people staring at you,yes,in Pakistan they always stare at any foreigner,whether it's a blackie from Africa or a beautiful lady like you...But it's never hatred but love.
I rather have bad memories of been called a filthy paki..(

Glad you arrived safe!

A different culture, but with so many beauties!


Beatiful photograph, again!
Glad you are posting, Agnes... Missed your writings :)

Agnes. You have told me so many times of the beauty that is Pakistan and of your enjoyment of the food in that country. As a request, include some photos of the restaurants, menus and food you and Geoff are chowing down on. This would be in addition to the incredible photos you two normally take. Merci beaucoup

I agree with Francine Agnes...good that you're there safe and sound :) enjoy!!

Yay so glad you made it! You have me very intrigued about Pakistan at this point and I really never had an interest before. Can't wait to hear more and see photos! Take care and enjoy :)

What a moving tribute to a place so many fear. Thank you for the perspective.

I understand the feeling somewhat although I've never been to Pakistan...I fell in love with Loas twelve years ago...the smells, the people, the monks, the morning haze, the roosters crowing and the children playing soccer on the riverbanks.

Blessings to you both on this journey of the heart.

Awww! You make me want to go...

OMG you're here!!!! And you got me all emo the way you described my country!!

Get in touch with me soon!! *hugssssss*

I just love that first breath of hot, humid Asian air as you leave the airport - I look forward to it the old plane trip - it is for me adventure inhaled !!

If all the people were so open and appreciative of other cultures as you are, the world would be a much better place than it is right now. Lots of admiration for you.

I'm glad you arrived there safely. Can't wait on your next post and the one after that and after that and so on! xoxo

You've certainly crossed the barriers which many are still trying to comprehend. Enjoy yr trip my dear & stay cool.

Glad I've read this. It certainly changes the way I look at Pakistan. And Agnes! I thought I'd followed you long ago ... I've been thinking about you for a couple of days and wondering what happened to you. It was me all along! I'd never gone thru the "follow" process ... sheesh! So glad I finally figured it out. So ... I'm your newest follower!
Hope you have a fabulous day.

Não é arriscado americanos
visitarem o Paquistão.?.!.

I'm so glad that you made it safely Agnes! I look forward to reading about your adventures!

I love the fact that you are still smiling in the airport picture.

I know it's hopeless to try to describe someplace that catches at your heart - but I do hope that you keep trying.

Have a great time and be safe!

You describe it so beautifully, Agnes, your words are so magical. I would love to visit Pakistan, it sounds like a truly fascinating country, with many aspects to it.

hmm...glad that you finally made it.

I am happy that by the time you arrive we are having once again not so hot weather here....otherwise you would had to take hide during mornings...

Have a good time !

I am happy the way you described my country and its atmosphere....thanks !

@Lucky: I just took a bunch of mouth watering food photos {especially for you} at the cafe where we seem to hang out the most and was promptly informed that due to the strict security regulations of the cafe no photos/video is allowed. Bummer!

Hi Agnes;
Well here we are in Pakistan, swept in by a cyclone and being gently threatened by the gathering clouds on the pending monsoon. Feels like we never left. So nice here. And that mango we had yesterday, OMG, never had better in my life. Was developed and grown by one family and sent to Queen Victoria and all subsequent British royalty. Not known or generally available. Has the scent of ambrosia and the flavor and texture of divinity. What a treat.

@Geoff,I guess the mango you had was rather small in size..?
IF so it's known as anwer ratol mango locally in Pakistan.
Hmm..Moon soon 's bit far away,it usually comes by the end of july.
I hope you'll really enjoy your visit here.

Glad to see that you are in Pakistan, safe and sound. I tried to comment on your post from Dubai but it didn't work. As Euripides said, experience and travel are education in themselves. Have a great time!

Agnes ~

Good luck on your travels.
Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in P-stan.

WOW !!! You are in Pakistan !!! Enjoy your trip !!! And have fun too.

Hope you'll be posting more pics of your trip.

You have a love for the exotic ... and I am happy that you can satisfy that love with travel and adventure. HAve fun.

True, this is the country you will fell in love with.
Have Fun and keep enjoying your trips.
God Bless you..

I love you pakistani girl.


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My goodness, Agnes! Who knew you led such a fascinating life?
I've just read through your entire trip to Pakistan and Dubai and I am absolutely entranced.
Must delve further into your adventures!
Your photos are just fabulous!

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