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I am in many worlds with this post. I was looking at another day in the Florida world and now with the photos I am bouncing around the universe and into too many worlds to count. This is the greatest way to start the day! It is just not the photos, it is the worlds that open up in looking at the photos. Oh Agnes ...thank you very much. Your photos have brought back so many fine memories and have brightened up my day ( and week).
I could write novels on each photo, they say so much.

Agnes. I'm right here and not quite as fixated on foods as some. I know that downloading and posting takes forever here but a lot more photos of the people, the streets the general sights and scenery would be to my liking. You can tell the economy is failing here and the once general cynicism regarding the government has blossomed into outright accusations of corruption. Always the poor are the ones who suffer but there is an indominable spirit in the population here that I find refreshing.

Where are the mangoes ?????????????? Are you eating the mangoes or not ?????? You MUST eat as many mangoes as you can while you can !!!!

R- rated? meaning violence, poverty? I think it would be interesting to see how much the media keeps the western world in the dark... btw the photos of u, doorman and archway are great!. so magical

Enjoy - Enjoy - Enjoy

Awesome! Everybody loves food pictures and I must admit the food looks great. Don't think I ever tasted Pakistani food but I assume it's fairly close to Indian food, right?

The pictures are wonderful! From someone who is quite the international food addict, these are great! I now have a craving for ALL of this, which will not settle until I can find/make some. :) Thank you for taking all of your readers on your trips with you. I love reading about your travels and can't seem to get enough.

Interesting, Agnes :).

I am, as always, happy to see your name in dark and bold in my Google Reader; love it when there's a new post by you :)

i came across your blog today and i'm inspired.

Fascinating! It's such a completely different world from where I live. Thanks for posting!

Wow how exotic, beautiful, and mysterious. I can see why you love it and how it appeals to your sense of adventure. Can't wait to hear and see whatever else you can share. Enjoy and take care :)

thanks for the post Agnes :) it's very interesting!

What a banquet for all the senses !!!

But you shouldn't be eating too much oily food, I warn! You can get sick. I do at times too. And do try 'Biryani'. There are different kinds of it. Try any, some are spicy, may I add. And and and... wait till you come to Lahore... everyone likes to eat here :D You name it, we have it!! :)

Have fun!!!

Pakistani food is just amazingly great for the spicy tongues. Have fun eating them too. That fried prawns really made me drool !!! :)

Hi Agnes, Wow you have a beautiful balcony and seems like you have a breathtaking view also! The food looks good, hope you're having a great time there! Oh and you look absolutely gorgious on that first photo! I hope I get to look like that when I'm thirty-something :D

Oh, the food! And I love the night photographs. And now I want to go to Pakistan.


I keep looking at the photos over and over again and will continue to do so. If you look real hard I think you can see the sea in the first photo,( not really )and this first photo , it is so "other worldly" and captivating. Each photo is captivating...and those roofs make a good ride, I've been on them...

Ah Agnes! Beautiful pics and I just wish I was there!! Sounds amazing. Have a wonderful time on your travels! Looking forward to seeing more pics too. Take care ;) x

hmm...quite good pictures...

I am surprised the way you try to console people about our image....

must say...thank you so much !

I can smell the aroma of the food from here by the pictures.

The view from your balcony is astounding, and the food photographs are brilliant - it all look so delicious. And you're right, there is a darker side, a side of extreme poverty and degradation, but you show strength and peace, and for that, you can only be admired.

The view from your balcony is breath-taking.. and I haven't even seen the beach yet.

I feel you. It's so heart-wrenching to take a glimpse of poverty. Sometimes I just take my sight away from children who are supposed to be in school but are instead out in the streets carrying loads heavier than their own weights, selling stuffs, etc. And the elderly who seem to have no one to take care of them.

Your post is so interesting. A single photo can teach a lot about culture, tradition, and way of life. And by the way... those are really nice buses! :-)

Awesome...I may be in those parts soon myself.

Agnes! I really enjoy the pictures, your bringing back memories of my travels in this part of the world. and I want to thank you for your generosity in sharing this experience with everyone. I will follow you throughout your journey even when mine begins in a matter of weeks!

What you are doing right now is really important for all of us who follow your blog. Let me explain why,anyone who follows this blog,that cares about you, loves you,respects you or meets you for the very first time will be able to live this experience vicariously through you and know the "truth" about people in this part of the world.
I appreciate your comments about kind manner of this beautiful and diverse culture that is Pakistan-

And make sure you bring back some spice! I just got some from Kuwait!

The picture of the balcony is beautiful...sort of another era look :-)

The last pictures you posted are incredible. Better than National Geographic!
So sad about the child labor :( I know you two are doing what you can to make things better.
I understand that this place is not as scary as some would imagine. I've traveled a good bit and the scariest place I've been is Philadelphia! Someone got held up at knife point in broad day light right outside our 5 star hotel. I do know there are nice places in Philadelphia. I was just making a point. Hoe to hear more from you soon and I hope all is going well. Take care :)

A culinária parece saborosa...
Quanto às fotos nota-se um co-
lorido diferente;babilônico...

I love the glance of the beautiful woman in traffic. I always love being reminded that beautiful women are everywhere everyday.

I'm enjoying this glimpse into "real life" Pakistan Agnes. You must have had a past life there to have the "coming home" feeling!

The pic after the "Fried Prawn" is of Pakoras - made from Gram Flour and deep fried...really bad for you but pretty tasty. Sometimes they have potatoes and/or spinach inside them...
The "Batair Qorma" is a specialty. Batair are Quails.

Stuff to try:
some of the local Fish dishes
Lamb Pasanda
Dahai Bhalae
Gol Guppae

Interesting Blog btw... look forward to reading more ... and please do keep it non-political and non-R-rated since there is always too much focus on the negatives here there and everywhere !

Just came across your blog... and love it! !
It brings back memories of Karachi... The sites and sounds that are so familiar, yet are so far away. Thank you for sharing !

Oh so ate at the Village restruarant too..
Hope you tried the 'saji"..it's just too lovely to even taste..

I live in karachi and the picture above batair korma looks like pakoras.

Pakistan Zindabad.

Nice Collection

Feel nice to see that post. There is one thing I notice in post might be others not is there are other irrelevant posts more than restaurants. There is no need of such things in it.

Fabulous photographs and foods. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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