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Gorgeous - I am talking about you - have to say.
Re.: Local fashion - if you wish to write Yes, I would love to read And will say:
Thanks for sure.

Love the photos from the beach! Def interested in a post about local fashion... Please do!!

you look darn cute in a duppatta :)

The first photo is awesome.. doesn't look like u edited at all... you have this dreamy look.... The rest of the photos are awesome... Looks like u two are pretty busy!.

You are doing great with your posts and your impressions. And yes, it would be fantastic to see how you transform yourself into a local with your clothing and accessories.

The beach picture is amazing, Agnes !

Thanks so much for the "quick" post. Fascinating! Every single photo is incredible. Made me feel like I was there. I'm sure a post about the local fashion would be so interesting. Really glad your trip is going well and that you're able to update us. Take care :)

Yes, I would be interested!

I'm loving these little updates from a part of the world I never expected to see.

Its cool, u know , whateve you are doing..I see that you are quite an organised person too;)..Still,keep blogging, and stay out of harm's way..n if you wana read some stories about another third worl city(P.S-Not qute third world!),here is my link: kindofaniceguy.blogspot.com

I am loving your travels, Agnes and am now hanging out for the fashion blog ! love Kate

You look lovelier than ever, Agnes. Thanks for sharing the photos and your experience in Pakistan. I love this exotic aura emanating from your post.

These photographs are amazing, Agnes, thank you for providing a truly wonderful taste of Pakistan; each of your posts succeed in strengthening my desire to go there. And yes, I think a post on local fashion would be brilliant! Can't wait for your next tantalising update :D

agnes, the photos are gorgeous. thank you for the peek at a new part of the world and through the eyes of someone who loves it.

Those rugs are gorgeous and I am definitely looking forward to the fashion post. I really love the glimpses into your travels!

This is just too much fun for me and I imagine it is even more so for you. Keep the
blogg a bloggin and the photos a postin...

Oh... you look very nice indeed in your 'local' attire :)

Beautiful photographs of the beach and the 'sights and sounds' of Pakistan.

Glad you're having a good time, Agnes.

I LOVE these quick posts - and any post, really - detailing your trip! YES to a post on local fashion. ABSOLUTELY YES to bringing back some of those rugs. A beautiful handmade rug can work in any decor - a small one in the bathroom, a large one beneath your bed, a decent sized one atop another rug adding some flair to a space. Wish I was there to sift through them with you!

Great photos, Agnes. You seem to be having a good time! I would love to see you in a salwar kameez.

I am also enjoying ur visit thru ur pictures. Beautiful, indeed.

Agnes, you look pretty as always! And I would definitely want to see a post about local fashion, very interesting! I love your everyday life photos from there. It's beautiful! xxx <33

Hi Agnes;
I'm looking out of the window observing two small brown creatures running straight up a wall. They look like small squirrels but who knows? We've been here long enough now to be considered "here". Your beach photo series is terrific. Somehow, you always seem to catch the exact moment of contact with the other person. That certainly contributes to your skill as a very good photographer. I'd hire you in a flash. Yes, I would like a post on fashion. I throw on black slacks, a blue dress shirt and fade into obscurity to watch the show whereas you always receive compliments from the women on how nice your clothes are. Obviously you have found a "middle way" that works and I'm impressed. How do you do it?

I must say that you look astonishingly fetching in that garb. I was just in Beirut and you would be sensational there!

...Hi, Miss Agnes (of God ?? )... Speaking of the Deity, you look like a hot Mother Theresa in your "dupatta" (??) ..Sorry, Geoff, but she should have been a movie star in the Hepburn tradition. Film name ..."Karachi Bliss".. Hmm ?...well, at least it rhymes with ".. a kiss is still a kiss.." right??
I am so glad you guys are having a hitch-free visit so far.. keep it up. Power cuts, (random and unannounced in Ja. ) give one something to look forward to..light !! its third world psychotherapy.. lotsa.. tony

Hi Agnes!! Oh yes fashion post would be fascinating. Your pictures are wonderful! Capturing the ordinary and making them seem extrodinary to my foreign eyes:) lovely!

These are so beautiful! And I would love to see more as well as a post on local fashion. I will use it for my trip to Morocco :)

WOW! just beautiful...

You are just so freaking gorgeous!!! Love the photos of you AND Pakistan. I can't wait to explore the country one day. So, you're not a soccer fan???

You look graceful and cute.Yeah I recognize the hotel,this is the Sheraton hotel in Karachi.One of the largest ones in the city..
But I love the one just opposite to this one which's called 'pearl Continental".Hope you enjoyed the trip.

Wow!! Here I haven't checked in on you for a week and suddenly I find myself completely thrown into Arabian Nights, Star Wars and a Middle East Fashion show (while cold Arctic rain runs down my window) I can totally see that you love the Middle East, your admiration and respect for this place is so present in your pictures (and I know, these are only a few examples)

Thanks for letting me in! All the best, all ways.


you look great in in your outfits and i also love arabian nights ,stars and these sort of hand made carpets that is well suited in my drawing room.

This is not the first of your posts I've read, and you never cease to amaze me. Thank you, and I look forward to reading more.

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