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What a nice post! This is the kind of travel post that I usually like... ones that gives me the inside peep of a particular place :).

Stay safe, Agnes :)

I definitely agree w/Geoff..omg, your business wear is very chic and sexy.. R u rolling your eyes yet at that comment?lol... I am amazed that u can wear that many layers of clothing, considering Pakistan is quite warm, right?

you look gorgeous!

Great post, you explained it very well. Most people don't ever put this much thought into their clothes and the meaning and well-being behind them, much less figure out a great way to communicate it to others. Kudos and job well done!

Those spices are awesome colorful and greatly flavouring the food. Loved the display of clothing...the embroideries are fantastic there, I believe. They create magic with needle. :)

I personally find it normal (not to mention smart) to adpat to local cultural requirements and customs.

The clothing was so interesting! You wear the natural, earthy colors well.

This is really interesting. You do have to take local customs - and obviously laws - into consideration when you're in another country/area. It makes sense and seems the polite thing to do. Thanks so much for sharing :)

This is one of the greatest posts I've ever come across. I do respect veiled women,but I personally do not like this fashion. In Cyprus there are a lot of veiled women from Asian countries who seek a better future in my country. I can see teenagers wearing their veil over ..jeans! So, to be honest, I can't really understand this fashion. I think that young girls are forced into it! And that's a pity.

I love your style, Agnes. It's obvious that you put a lot of thought into it. I'm pleased to see the business attire because I was curious about that.

Another thing, you have nice eyebrows. I noticed this right away in the picture where your head and face are covered. Nice eyebrows would be important. My eyebrows need a lot of work and when they're done it looks like I've been slapped in the head. The redness never really goes away. So, I notice eyebrows.

You are so stylish! You look great in any form of attire. I agree with Geoff - your business look is awesome.

I think you look sophisticated and amazing! Thanks for sharing your views on style Agnes.

i like the way you dress...stunning!!! ;)

I loved your fashion post. You look great in both the 'ethnic' clothes and the business gear. I think we are on the same wavelength regarding clothes. I totally love your choices. I dream of going to India one day but do not know if I will ever have the courage to venture to that part of the world. I know it would be a life-changing experience. Sometimes it gets very hard to step out of my comfort zone.

I love the photo of those spices. And you did an awesome job with this post, Agnes! I hope you're having fun there! Your outfits are great, love how you combine local fashion with your own!

your style is gorgeous Agnes and yes I agree its a good idea to follow local custom when one can :) take care xMiriam

I'm glad to know there was "method" behind the "madness". I don't mean that literally of course but I figure you always know what you are doing when it comes to fashion or style. Truthfully, I'm pleased not to have to worry or figure things out in the same manner but appreciate the fact you do. How lucky I am.

U look great in all of the outfits but the business wear....there u look gorgeous;-D

And sooo agree with "In the end, competence will always make your fashion choices become a no-issue."

Stay safe Geoff, Agnes!!!!

Whoaaa..you have 'ooh ooh aah aah sexy eyes'(forgive me for the cliched song but that's the first thing that comes to mind)!! :-) As for the remaining pictures, you are simply dressed to kill! I love your chandelier ear-rings. You are truly Florida's fashionista ;-)

What's going on,followin'the
news and new trips.!.?.!.

you really have to cover your face to protect it, you're such a goddess and nice outfits you have. I envy you for travelling, I'm Thea of Avant-Garde. Will be happy if you'll drop by my blog. Good day!

It does look like Star Wars!!

Ummm, why are you not in Vogue magazine??? I loved absolutely everything you were wearing or would wear. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!

Everyone has their own story! Would you like to write in the blog share with us?

Very exciting coming here! Just sharing my personal view on the clothing and I hope you don't mind. Personally the clothing from Pakistan suits you much better. The business attire? although necessary at times it seems like the business suit is "wearing you" instead of you wearing it. I enjoy your pret a porter we normally see you in its an extension of you and comes natural.

(Respiratory breathing al a Darth Vader audible) "I" am your fatherr...the force is strong with you young Agnes!

Fantastic photos!

What's your line of work that you do business in the middle east? With the extensive travel you must work for yourself. I enjoy reading your Blog. Even on a bad hair day you look stunning.

Lovely...lovely post, the pics are great and i love travelling just like you although you have covered more land and sea than i have from this post. Keep in touch~

Nice one collection and the great idea regarding color collection for clothes.

you look gorgeous!

i love your different looks, specifically i love the way you dress for business, its both simple, conservative, and shows you as a strong confident women.

too many western business attires for women, make women as sex objects, which is a backwards step, your style(s) are both gorgeous, empowering and inspiring.

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