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How do you manage to look so great? Love that necklace and shoes.. (btw, hope this isn't a duplicate, having issues w/blogger posting right)

What a great description! Makes me want to pop on over and enjoy some relaxation for a day or three :)

As you are coming back home, my time to leave for my trip is fast approaching :). Enjoy your stay in Dubai and you will soon see Smokey!

Sounds heavenly! So glad you are getting some time to relax. For some reason I wasn't able to comment on your previous post, but I wanted to thank you for sharing so many fabulous photos from your trip. So many of us will never make it to Pakistan and I think you taught us all a lot. Enjoy the rest of your time in Dubai:)

What a change.
Life - A new fragrance each time a person walk - Enjoy!!!

I know Dubai is a nice place.....I so love your shoes....where dya get that?

OOHHH !!!! One of my fav places - Dubai...have fun... :)

The food looks great, and you mint fresh as always!

I would love some of that room service - 5 sleeps till I might just get some in Vanuatu.

I understand what it really means in your heart of hearts to be in love with a particular place. And I'm sure you will bring back home so much knowledge and so many new experiences from Karachi. Ahhhh ! That room service meal looks super! I'm sure you both enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing your travels, Agnes. Have a safe trip back home. Filakia xxxxxx

Looks good, sounds heavenly....enjoyyyyy;-D!!!!

gimme your number....

Those shoes are drool worthy, OMG! Who is the designer??? It sounds like you're in heaven right now, enjoy it. I so want to be in Dubai eating room service and watching the World Cup haha!

What's that famous saying someone famous said," Blog like no one's reading"

Keep eating those potato skins, smelling like mint and keep that bloggin a bloggin
'cause we are a reading and thanks for the update.

It's always refreshing to have a one or two days of comfort amidst an otherwise eclectic trip, and it sounds like you most definitely deserve it. The hotel and the food...they both seem heavenly. I think I may be going to Dubai soon, and now I can't wait! Wishing you well, Agnes, may you continue to have such a brilliant time :)

..Dubai is beautiful..splendid..
Concern this,you said you have
several photos..
Have you ever visited Cáucaso!?
Put some photos from there...

Whattay mouth-watering spread.. :-)

I couldn't see where to comment on your prior post. The photo of the vendors on the beach is incredible, love the high contrast and the great feeling of distance and separation between the people in spite of the crowd.

The hotel and the food...they both seem heavenly.

I hope u had Lebanese food. :D

Some how I found myself in your blog the other night, and maybe it was God Sent... My mother is going through chemo, and now my two oldest daughter's just received news that their father is dying from cancer also... I hope your world is filled with love, sunshine and hope.... Love your blog...

fantastic article. very helpful. perhaps you would be able to blog more on the correlations between the data.

I've never been to Pakistan. I was afraid of going there, although I have good friends there.Dubai is very modern country. Mean architecture.
I like your blog. Great job :)

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