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My, my u two make a handsome couple!. 110- dry heat?

Always wanted to visit Dubai.. !
You two look very nice indeed.
Keep smiling :)

Geoff Sir - Black & White combination - Thats personal favorite too. And the sunglasses.
- Good combination. Have a nice tour...

Love your outfits as usual. I can't wait to visit Dubai one day. I agree, cameras totally get in the way of the moment, but I would still regret it if I didn't photograph my adventures. I bought a pair of similar sunglasses when I was in Barcelona last week--they're vintage Chanel...AMAZING!

Agnes and Geoff
I have an idea. Don't come home right away but keep travelling and taking photos and posting on your blog. We will get some people to take care of Smokey, some good people ( as Smokey is soooo cute! anyone would love to take care of him) and you go onto to some
other country and take more photos and eat more exotic food and meet interesting people and let us travel with you via your blog. A mighty fine idea this is. And after you visit the next country go onto another one...and so on and so on....at least for a little while....

I doubt that I will ever get to Dubai so thanks, Agnes, for giving me a chance to live vicariously !!

It looks like a really fascinating city...a mixture of old/new...history/modernity. I love the way you've described it.

Geoff is looking thin than some earlier photos.
Will almonds from Dubai help gain weight ?
: ))

OMG, Geoff seems to have lost SO much weight. He needs to be put on a chocolate diet maybe !?

Nice pics, as usual. But you are right, it would be nicer to catch pics of the naturally evolved Dubai as you call it.

Hope you're having fun! :)

Pics look good...actually damn good....

Even I love the old Dubai...it kind of reminds you of India...

Looks amazing; but slightly lacking in the traditional and historical !

Geoff looks thinner than i remember seeing him in earlier pic sometime. and that place near Burj Al Arab is one of my favorite and regularly visited walking area.. nice to know that u are enjoying our city :)

I've seen a few photos of Dubai, but yours are the best. It does look like star wars. Safe travels :)

43*C PLUS! God that's hot! A bit hotter than in Cyprus over the last weekend. I am very glad to hear that cigarettes smell good!

Thanks a million for all the great photos. I think that through your photos and your descriptions you have added something unique to what it's already been said about Dubai. - your experience.

Nice pics Agnes!!!! And even better perspective!!!!!


p.s: And dont believe when they say the temp is 110F...unofficially its much more.

Hi Agnes;
Glad to be home but enjoyed the trip immensely. Your photos are outstanding, really outstanding. I love the play of light and dark, linear and non linear. Really great work. And for those of you commenting on my weight, you are correct. I've lost loads of weight from my treatments but yesterday started on a program to regain some of it and my strength back. Another 25 lbs should be good. Even though it felt so good to be away again, it felt just as good to be home again in our own digs with that great little creature named Smokey.

The heat is bearable??? Really?
Welcome home you two. I've missed you Agnes! Keep the posts coming :)

Hello Agnes,I have so enjoyed your posts! To see your travel shots which are amazing and to read about all your adventures is truly inspiring! I signed up today so I can never miss a post! Thanks for sharing your world!
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Stupid question but... does desert sand gets everywhere?

My only experience of desert and very dry heat was in the Australian outback.

Those places where u saw laundry hanging outside is the typically Indian and Pakistani habitations!!! :D We Indians get warned to death but we must have sunshine hitting our laundry!!! :D

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