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I certainly do not use pay phones anymore. Poor poor pay phone!

Have u ever made fried rice w/mango? my blogger friend has a recipe i'm gonna try tonight...Post a pic of Smokey... Bet u have to keep him inside so he won't get sunburned...

This is such a wonderful post, Agnes, the odds and ends that you have described sound magical...For me, I think my little things would be freshly brewed coffee, the smell of old books in a library, late summer evenings in England when the swallows dance across the sky...And one of yours especially - tea at dusk, that truly is something wonderful, if only I had some beautiful African pottery to accompany it with.

those are all good ones! and i'm not judging, we shave our maine coon sometimes too. it's just too much fur for the poor thing.

i believe in finding happiness in the little things, too. the strawberry plants that i found scattered and tiny in the yard, transplanted to a raised bed 3 years ago that are now overflowing the raised bed and i am letting them creep down beside the steps of the deck :) patches of violets that i leave in my hosta bed because i like them just as much. catching the dog and the cat asleep in the same armchair... it's only happened once but it made my day! and a perfect cup of coffee, trying out a new recipe, not to mention chatting with my fabulous sisters on the phone. i hate the phone but i make exceptions for my sisters:) i count bf's sister and his sister-in-law as my sisters too. ok i'm rambling now but i'm smiling as i think of all the little things that make me happy :) have a fab day ags.

So funny that you posted this Agnes! I just did a post about all of the little things that have made me happy lately. Doing things like that just makes me feel more optimistic about life in general. Wonderful post!

all the little moments. you know the ones: they start off ordinary and then something about them...

How is it that I've never tried mangoes. Yes, grocery store chains should disappear. I know our children would be healthier.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Smoky is so cute and I bet he is still adorable without all his fluff!

I love mangos especially with sticky rice!

I like what you said about people asking you how you stay fit. I never know what to say either because if I answer that I eat all the chocolate and else I want with no exercise I know they won't like me!

Great post! Hope all is well!

Really curious to see how Smokey looks with his 'shave'.
Another nice post from you, as always :)
I LOVE mangoes, and Miso soup too! Yum!

OMG, can I just say you look GORGEOUS in that 1st pic! I love everything about it from the pillows to your outfit to the light. Wow!!!

Gosh, my list of favorite things is is sooo long, but definitely coffee, my Latin Pandora station, my new comforter from India, chocolate, and counting down the days until my next trip!

Mangoes and raspberries, chocolate , coffee, Bailey's, Frangelico , limes - I have lots of edible favourites so will stop right there just to give you the impression there is a modicum of restraint in my life when it comes to food, when really there isn't !!!!

I do not know what is odd And what is ends but what I like is culture/history/old people/old subjects etc. etc.

small things which bring smiles........good thing....you found a lot.......and i'm gonna start looking for the thing which make me happy...... :)

i do need some today.....

Those Asian lilies are beautiful...have fallen in love with them.

Smokey's too cute....he likes his hair short ??? Smart guy !!!

Mangoes...hmmmmm.....delicious.....having some everyday !!!

Love that tea set tooo !!!

This photo is so lovely :)

The sunrise I see everyday from my beautiful terrace makes me just smile first thing in the morning.
Then I put grains every morning on my terace for birds and i just love watching piegons picking grains. Even a peacock comes sharp at 6:30 am. and these birds know that i put these for them so they are not afraid of me and keep eating even when i do rest of teh chores - washing, watering plants.
that brings me to to next thing - watching my plants grow - observing every morning - new bud/flower coming is so nice.
Thank you God...

I'm quite sure Jamie is hopping mad and he'll tell us too if u just leave him at the keyboard for a minute or two;-D.

Beautiful pics, agnes! I totally understand you giving your cat a haircut. Have you tasted Indian mangoes? They are heavenly. I have lived in CA for a couple of years and never liked the mangoes there. I love mushrooms, asian lilies and farmers markets. I love cherry and strawberry picking. I think litchis are heavenly in taste too.

Great Post and pictures. I would vote for the marina, the lilies and the fairy-tale sky.

ditto BD...

Comments are great. For me it is memories of good coffee, brilliant orange sunsets, star filled skies and the warmth of your arms around my shoulder.

You actually found a phone box. How wonderful. I wonder how much it would cost to make a call? I feel exactly the same about the large chain supermarkets. Love the open and farmer markets. Great Photos!

Gorgeous photos! I want Smokey! :)

Yummy photos! I could live on mangoes (raw/ripe) all year round. What makes me happy..umm..On my way to work everyday, I see lots of school children sleepily standing with their harried parents waiting for their school buses. It always makes me smiiilee wide!!!:-)

Brilliant! What a great read. That was a good post - informative but not too heavy. Thanks for taking the time out to write it! I think spirituality is really important too, we certainly agree on that point. A leader without spirituality is missing a key element.

I love pay phones even if I don't use them any more. But 30 years ago there was no Internet. I had put an ad for penfriends in a French magazine and got 768 letters back. The postman asked me if I was a ...star!!! Those were letters from strangers mainly from France and French speaking countries. I read them all and kept 78. I used to call some of them. We didn't even have pay cards then - just coins!

PS ~ I hate mushrooms !!! I guess one man's meat is another man's poison. Filakia xxxxxx

Great photos! That soup looks really good - I'd love to try it :)

Ooooh! Fresh mangoes and farmers markets are winners with me!

Things of nature that make me happy are the smell of the sea, especially on a fresh late autumn morning before the rest of the world stirs, and just being alive to appreciate it.

Odd and ends that make me happy? Well my chihuahua "Lion" is a little odd and end that makes me very HAPPY :)

I like old public phones too. Weird.

Sunset on the marina looks like something I'd enjoy as well!

Hello Agnes, love your blog and pics! Pressed cuban sandwich got me intrigued now. :)

these are fab Agnes... I love the sharpness

Every thing you love here, I also love except cat (because I'm a dog person..heheehe) I especially fresh ripe mangoes which I'm craving. Here in the US, I cannot easily find them because the common ones are the "green -red mangoes" which we call "apple mangoes"----back in the Philippines, the mangoes are to die for. And the flowers are so lovely.

I love the first photo...you look so relaxed and happy! It makes me want to take a day off, cozy up in my apartment and drink tea :) Loved the post!

Interesting the fitness tips..sometimes the answer is right in front of your face and we don't even know it. It seems to me that good eating (fresh food) and no drama can work wonders for ones body and mind, and not sweatin the small stuff you set a great example.
Excited for you both and your trip to Asia.

Don't forget the interface!

Gypsy, my cat, looks so much like your Smokey it is spooky. Also the name of my first cat. I found her on my porch as a child on Halloween night.

Gypsy told me that Smokey just hired a hit cat, muttering something about, "Heat smeat. I want her hair gone, too." Just thought you should know. Roland

The autumn colours on the silver birches down our driveway are making me feel very happy - and the autumn weather. Wine and a fireside and great family company ... little things, profound and real and beautiful - like your blog! Love, Kay

The marvel of your delightful post, Agnes, is that so many people have responded with little odds and ends that make them happy. The world is so calm and beautiful in these moments when we can find pleasure in what is simple and natural. For me, right now, like Kay (who must be in my hemisphere!)it is autumn leaves rustling on the street and on the grass verge outside my house when joggers pass by and the glorious color of those still in the trees in the last light of the day as the sun goes down.

Add some ghost peppers to that soup and you have the perfect dish

your blog is absolutely mesmerizing. we're based in shanghai, but we're doing hanoi in november. we've been thinking about india a lot. fantastic. <3

When I was a little girl, my first pet was a kitten who grew into a beautiful cat and I called him Smokey :-)

And I love gazing at the beautiful sky. In the daytime, I marvel at the cloud formations or the clear blue sky and then at night, I can't get enough of watching the stars and moon.

Agreed about marinas. I just wish I had a nice boat to put in one.

Ahhhh.....Fresh mangoes, that beautiful shot of the sky. I love mushrooms. As far as flowers go, I'm an orchid lover.....No an orchid addict.....Orchids are one of my hobbies. It is the simple things that often bring the most joy.

I so want a mango right now.

You ask what odds and ends make me happy : a smile returned; a laughing child held on the shoulder of a smiling father; a stunning white egret sailing alone against the azure sky. Simple things. Roland

Wonderful pictures !

Simplicity makes me happy...

What beautiful pictures. Is that Marina in St. Petersburg, Fla.? If so, I've been there! Have a wonderful day!

I love your little blog over here. It's a lovely place. Your photography rocks too. Nice to meet you.

Great blog, will follow. The pics were great and simple things are not simple to us.

I like hosing off thick mud on my shoes.
I like slurping my Cocoa Krispies (I am SO fit!)
I like Apple commercials
I like seeing and feeling the sun flood my kitchen as it comes over the horizon in the morning.
I like cool misty mornings.
I like seeing the same waitresses and chefs at my favorite hole in the wall sushi place for 8 years now.
I like chopping vegetables.
I love cleaning up after dinner, including washing dishes. As a matter of fact, there is nothing I don't like about things that happen in the kitchen.
I love world travelers genuinely being excited about going to Iowa.

What a lovely blog you have, and really great post!

I hate getting into a mango. Stupid giant pit!

Gosh, the flowers are soo beautiful in the first picture and what mangoes are they ?? The ones from Mexico ??? I keep trying all types of mangoes from Walmart in the hope that I will find one with a decent enough taste :(

What sumptuous photos. As always. And since you've admired my pet, I'll say the same for yours, "Awww. Cute little kitty."

Fantastic list!!! Right now, all I can think about is how happy I would be if I could sleep :( Insomnia is horrible!

What a beauty of a post. AH the sunset is just amazing!!!!!!

A few of mine are gel pens, avocado shake, coffee, sunsets.. those sceneries that will make you lean back on a relax chair and say "Ah life...." followed by a sip of fresh tropical fruit juice. Spa, hot stones massage, sweating out in the boxing ring, hugs from my Paul. And of course, finding you on my list of drop-dead-gorgeous and breathtakingly awesome people -- because that's what you are. Thanks, Agnes.

We need an up-to-date photo of Smokey with short hair!

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