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Is this possible? I'm first?! LOL

I think this post is awesome Agnes. A wonderful reminder to all of us to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Thank you for sharing!

This is the best piece i hav read so far in ur space Agnes...Loved the way u'hv put together ur experience in India...Brilliant...and yes, not to forget...a rockstar pic.

Don't mean to sound so repetitive...perfect.

WOW!!!!!! Lovely... - experience and the post.

such amazing hospitality!

oh, i love your post, Agnes. so beautifully written..

I love your letters. They crack me up!

that was sweet of you, Agnes. I have seen the Raffles Hotel but haven't gone inside ;) LOL!!!

thanks for wonderful thoughts and for sharing!

WOW... touching...

Really cool :) Its really an irony that I am a guy from Chennai and now working in Singapore - and this is the first post I am reading in your blog :)

i think that this is one very touching and humbling post... i haven't read a post for more than a week now, and reading this just makes me so inspired to not fret over petty little things, and instead appreciate the comfort i have at home and at work.

nice nice post... and lovely lovely you in the pic. :)

Oh, how much I love these travel stories! Plus, your writing is original.

I can see why you like India so much. True adventure, hospitality, and without doubt a colorful country!

I have read this post before Agnes. But I still enjoyed reading every word of your blog post. I sat intently and read again and again.

That was some post! Instantly brought back memories of the time I left home. I had to carefully plan my meals, so that i do not run out of money. You will never see me pick on my food. I learnt the value of a meal then.

But wow, u've had some real adventures. And thanks to u, I am terribly hungry now! And a steak is dancing in front of my eyes! :D

Nicely done, The genuine should always displace the ersatz.

Who takes your pictures?

Tell you what! This was one of the first posts of your that I had read. That was some time back. Quite some time. It still holds its thrill value.

Jai ho.


Very perfectly narrated...most of the time all the thought that goes behind goes unnoticed when what is presented is not upto the level but to realise and appreciate the effort that was spent in bringing that one available spoon is equally applaudable.....

I enjoy reading your posts Agnes

I was first drawn to your site because of your photo - you look a bit like the actress in 9 1/2 weeks. But this particular post of yours is so beautifully written.

When I saw the blog title Raffles Hotel Singapore at the top of your blog, I thought you were writing an ad for Raffles. Turned out it was a letter. How refreshing. :-) Angie

Beautifully written...and who else than an Indian can feel each and every word in this post :)

Beautiful narrative of a wonderful experience. Not to take anything away from your cherished memory and i don't want to be a killjoy either but i have to ask myself if the story would have been the same if I were in your place. Sadly, I know the answer.

Another well written experience of yours Agnes very nice. There really is a big difference in Singapore & India like maybe you can find so many restaurants in Sg while in India where you traveled restaurants are scarce. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your comments. I just love your comments. :-)


Your stories bring to mind many happy pleasurable moments from my travels too.

I am a story person, I like to listen to other people's stories. Keep writing.

wow. makes me feel like going to that hotel too but it must be very expensive!!

Wow, first time dropping by here :)

So nicely recounted, I felt like I was there ^^

An enjoyable read.


What a sweet experience!

Very well said Agnes.Great post as always.;D


Love this post,and i like your photo..=)


Well...I guess it nice to have experienced the two... the luxury of the Raffles Hotel and the hospitality of people on the road...

Wow... you are beautiful... but I guess you know that.

And I'm curious....what's keeping u so busy???????

hi there... great blog...
this will surely be not my last visit...
see yah!

JAYtography: An Online Travelogue

Loving and touching travel experience !

I worked there before during my internship, even though I am no longer in the hotel/hospitality industry, Raffles Hotel is unique and special, with the hospitality and wonderful experiences you received :)

Looking forward to more of your travel stories around different parts of the world !


33 is one of my favourite numbers..I hope this is the
33rd post. Lucky me! if it is the 33rd.

Singapore is a unique enjoyable city. In the early 1970's I used to
go to the Hilton for the airconditioning...(I was not staying there)

Hello Agnes.

I have always loved this post from you Agnes. This was so genuine. It touches my heart each time I read it :)

Great post.You really know how to express yourself through written words.I used to do a lot of traveling and this reminds me of the good,bad and simple joys of it all.This post is bringing my wander lust out again,thank you.

Hi, First timer here !

Very touching post. Simple pleasures in life are truly the best and the most memorable ones.

That might indeed be one of the best, genuine blog articles I've ever read, thank you for sharing.

It's great that you had a great time in Singapore Raffles Hotel! =)

Nice blog.

From our MakeMyTrip UAE( http://www.makemytrip.ae ) travels we also provide luxury hotels with all facilities for commuters who are travalling from our travels.

Nicely written...........


It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. Keep coming up with ideas.

First of all it's great to be acquainted with another vegetarian - I don't know many!

I love to travel and often want to experience more than what a glorious 5 star hotel and a couple tours can offer. I am in the very beginning stages of planning a few weeks of volunteer work in Thailand either working in an orphanage with HIV infected children or women in a red light type of district. Everyone is so afraid for me, but I am not. I absolutely love this post!!!

A wonderful post from a beautiful person, and I'm talking about your heart.

What spontaneous kindness. The hospitality of people in many less developed countries puts us to shame. I sometimes wonder if travelers to Canada have ever experienced the generosity you've described above.

What a great post, Agnes! You're quite the traveller I see. How exciting! I wish I could do that! You write well. Lovely picture, you're very pretty! xxx Biana

If i ever own a hotel of my own i'll certainly invite you to stay for one whole month at no charge. Such sincere & beautiful comments are most welcome at any hotel establishment for that matter. Thanks for sharing this.

Nice. The ordinary experience becomes the exceptional one.

I have not been to Singapore, but in the villages of Liberia, I would get the same thing about the hair and skin - of course, I am an old guy, but still they want to touch you just because you are white.

I adored your letter, how perfect and beautifully written. You certainly have a way with words, but we already knew this!!!

Wonderful letters. Continue enjoying the simple things in life!

Wonderful post! I love living through your travel experiences with you - you have such a brilliant way of writing about them.

Did you have a Singapore Sling or have a curry tiffin ?

I was just about to ask you about Sigapore, but then I noticed that the earlier comments of this post are from a year back and did one did not roll in my blog list... I'm asuming it's an old post?

It beautiful nonetheless though.

@Mauzzie: yes, a re-post, for old times sake :-)

You're writing always enthralls me :-)

HI ...
I am new to your blog, but i love it:)
And the photo for this post was great ....have a smashing day - SP 

you are beautiful, agnes...

You are a talented writer. I felt like I was bouncing along with you in the jeep. I envy you the adventure. Savor each moment. You are enriching yourself and your family with your exploits. Breathe each breath. Roland

u know what? I totally agree with u... I've had amazing gourmet experiences in the best of hotels here in India. But nothing beats the food that you get in the roadside stalls mostly known as "Dhaba"...
I must say, i'm a little surprised that u didn't complain about the hygiene coz most foreigners miss out on the 'real' food because of the look of the place. i guess u didn't have a choice after staying hungry for 2days???

I want to go to India now - more than usual! Very beautiful post. Thank you!

For some reason the first thing that came to my mind seeing this photograph is 'Golden Girl...'

My brain is weird!

Hi Agnes;
Nice to see this post again. It is as moving now as it was at the time. I am familiar with those rural tea stands on Indian roads as you pass the villages in Tamil Nadu at night but I never got the reception you got. You have a quality about you that invites others to share a friendship with you instantly. I saw it with the Dalai Lama last week when he reached for your hands and I've seen it in your eyes and heard it in your words. It even comes across in your blog. You are approachable and willing to communicate. You are a rare spirit indeed.


Well written. I LOVE this summary line of yours: "even though I love luxury as much as I do, I can't help but prefer those ever-so-charming imperfections that make life so damn beautiful."

Brave actitude!!!! Courage!

Amazing photo!

I've been wondering why you didn't post anything for so long & came here to find out. Then I see this new "LOVELY" post. My blogroll didn't update it for some strange reason!! :-X

I'm curious to know which place in TN this was? In a strange way,I feel very proud I am an Indian after I read your entire post. I make decent dosa-chutney-sambhar Agnes. Seriously! Do drop in anytime ;-)

oh my god agnes, both trips sound amazing! have fun and be safe :)

hmm...very touching indeed...Agnes...

I like the way you put everything together...what a comparision..:D

I also like simpler and original...

Thank you so much for reminding again that still simple steal the hearts...

thank you so much.

Oh what a beautiful contrast description!!!!!!!!! So true the perfect meal is so about the kindness of strangers offering there finest whatever that maybe:)

PS Agnes every time I scroll down to leave a comment. Geoff's comments always catch my attention. What a beautiful person and the love he has for you. So, precious. As my Mom would say:) Again have a fabulous safe trip!

The Raffles hotel in Singapore is the name of luxury and perfection. It is the best place to have a peaceful and comfortable stay and accommodation. It is the most expensive and luxurious place of stay in the world. The design and architecture of the hotel is eye catching and spectacular.

The rooms are spacious with all necessary amenities provided to customers. The food is so delicious and tempting especially the grilled steak is so scrumptious.

I stayed at the Raffles Singapore a few years ago and it was one of the best hotel experience in my life too. Love the afternoon tea there and the India food is to die for. : )

I visited Raffles a few years back, and loved the inner court yard plants/trees. They seemed so big and luscious (coming from Tokyo at the time). I was such a tourist by stepping amongst the plants just to feel the leaves : )

reading such good things about India ....... makes...be a proud Indian....but also jealous that may be i wouldn't have got the same treatment......... :D

hi that is a interesting post, hospitality that comes from heart is always the best :-).

I am very experienced traveler. I'm very demanding. But I loved everything about this hotel! Everything is perfect. I have no complaints. The room was huge and beautiful. The service was perfect.

It is amazing that you are sharing your nice experience here. I am really pleased to visit there.

Your experience surely did inspired me. I was truly inspired and impressed with your whole lot enjoyment during your stay at Raffles Hotel, I've just felt how accommodating not just the service but that great ambiance.

Providing hospitally to visiitors is part of our culture and rituals, but slowely we wre loosing it in towns, you are the one lucky to recieve it in rural india (your lovely heart deserves it). will love to read about that whole trip in tamil nadu in a new post. i heared this kind of feedback about india from most of foreign visitors, which always remainds the value of our culture. you are welcome to india for one more time. there is lot more then luxury in this land..

I want also to go there!

this is great post and blog. I found here with google. regards

This is really inspiring! thanks for the share!@

Very honest, touching and inspiring. Thanks for sharing and comparing your experiences. True. “ever-so-charming imperfections that make life so damn beautiful”

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to read this article!

I love to travel and I wish to stay in such famous hotels like Raffles of Singapore. Staying in this kind of hotel is one of my simple joy.

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