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You remind me of Samantha Brown from Travel & Living !!!! I love your post, your current state of mind & Airports too!!! Have a great great time Agnes..and do keep blogging. Enjoy your Dubai meet (if it happens).

It is illegal to display such beautiful pictures of yourself Agnes. OMG, I cannot believe Photo 1. How anglic do you look in that ??

Have fun on your trip !!

To the Happy Wanderers...I know why Geoff is excited to be in Toronto...because he will be surrounded by Canadians..eh. Happy Wanderers, or peppy, perky and playful wanderers ...keep us posted...and happy Wandering to you both

omg, i am thinking about Smokey too!... I've never left kalei...Hope this spa lets him out and run around in a protected area??? btw any photos of the ocean from the plane? wondering about the oil.... have a safe trip- hope all goes well... take care and have fun...which i know u will

Gosh, the excitement is mounting. Now get into Lahore already!! :)

I love the blow by blow account of your trip so far! Keep it going. And, Lucky is right, how can Geoff not be excited aboot Canada, eh? Molson's and slab bacon rule.

The first photograph in this post is my most favourite one of you so far! Beautiful!!!!!!'

Dubai always makes me think Star Wars too - it's so other-wordly. (I'm judging from photos, not from real-life experience btw) It's such a long travel day for you. Hope you manage to sleep some.

I hope this comment finds you safely in Pakistan drinking fresh mango juice and staying cool.

I'm sure Smokey is enjoying his spa vacation and new friends.
Keep us posted! I've been looking forward to your post and can't wait to hear more!

So you were indeed briefly in Canada!

You are a truly awesome writer. I love that you blogged about your wait in the airport. Don't worry about Smokey. When you come back, he'll be spoiled rotten and you'll have to train it out of him. I think you'll miss him more than he'll miss you. That's always the way it is with my dog.

What a nice account! And yes, your pic is beautiful!

I find airports exciting too and even just the packing for a trip gives me a thrill. I am on a countdown now till my little vacation in Vanuatu !!!

Have a safe travel!

I was laughing out loud reading this. What a great update!

You did bring the Kindle, right?

Hahaha, I love this post! You are so cute!!! Have the BEST time, I'm sooo excited for you. I can't wait to see your future posts. :)

It truly does sound like the most amazing trip! The timezones and the sweltering heat must be terrible, but I bet it's all worth it to visit these amazing places, I hope to go on similar ventures in the future...Wishing you well, hope you have a great time :D

...Well, either by luck or by planning, you just missed a storm that brushed Karachi yesterday ( Who knows what the time is ?? ).. When you guys stabilze, make sure your light sabres are fully charged.. lotsa, tony

@Tony: Our flight was cancelled multiple times due to the storm so we've been hanging out in Dubai the last couple of days, courtesy of Emirates Airlines. Alternating between the airport hotel and the Marhaba Lounge has its highs and lows, can't complain about the food though.
I am worried about my friends who live on the beaches of Karachi as I've been trying to call them all morning with no luck.

Hi everyone. Well, I guess I share Agnes' view regarding the highs and lows of our bouncing around. I'd prefer doing something productive and fun rather than experiencing the absurd communicate/don't communicate attitude of the airline. It is 103 F here today and it actually feels quite nice compared to the terminals which are kept cool enough to keep the caviar chilled and the precious stones alluring. A big box of duty free Kit Kat bars costs only $9.90 at the duty free store. Such a deal! The new terminal, built to handle those monster 800 passenger Airbus planes is so huge that it wears you out going from anyplace to any other place. Somehow, your destination always winds up as the longest possible walk. Ah well, I'm sure Agnes that adventure awaits us later today. I'm ready.

Wow - I love how you have kept us with you through the airport etc. - the mundane, the fascinating, the curious and the intensely human ... great stuff! Awesome connecting!

Long wait at the airport can get frustrating :P So did u ultimately reach karachi?

Hope the journey is filled with wonder and delights. Jet lag aside of course. Looking forward to more interesting adventures.

Left for Karachi earlier today -- however on our final approach for landing the winds were so high the pilot aborted the attempt and took us back to Dubai. Karachi looked seriously flooded from the plane, hope everyone is OK there?! I was finally able to reach our friend and fortunately he's OK.

Have good fun and hope you get safe into Karachi and find everything ok.

hahahah....Dubai looks like in the Star Wars ;)....enjoy your trip Agnes!

I love airports too. And Tampa is one of the prettiest:) There is just something about the adventure!!!!! Love the first picture of you. So pretty.

And you crack me up with the Star wars reference!!!!!! Safe trip to you both!!!!!

Glad to hear you are safe. I hope you make it to Pakistan soon. BTW - there are no dark circles you still look great :)

i do not envy you ANY of the stopovers (not even toronto...sorry, geoff!) or multiple nights camping in an airport (i do love falafel...just mebbe not 5 days' worth) BUT...if i looked that good with dark circles, i would *NEVER* sleep!!! :) (hope you get to karachi eventually, and that all will be well for both you and the people stuck in the flood!)

I don't believe it! I see this post NOW!!!! Really could have tried to meet you! Can't tell you how disappointed I am! Did you meet Nance?

Ha ha ha, Dubai does look like it's straight from starwars.

com café.!.Vejo que voce
vive conforme escolheu...

One hell of a long trip! I think a parephrased line from Jaws is appropriate here. You look around at the airport and the blinking delay sign and say 'I'm going to need a bigger magazine'

i know i'm running late....but i'm not going to miss on your Pakistan trip......so just going through all of them rite.....now.....

it must be a really long flight and tiring flight....

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