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As soon as I read that you were going to Pakistan I thought 'Oh that's not too safe'. However you know better than I do the risks and are well prepared. Please stay safe and have a wonderful time you two.

A hedge of protection around you during to travels!

I love the clothes you've selected, too.

So I FINALLY have a stable internet connection and can catch up with Agnes latest, and lookie lookie I am the FIRST one to comment on your Pakistan trip! I am so happy that you are back in your travel element doing what you love, amongst the people you love and with that wardrobe - looking dusty off-road chic (if that ever was a term :)

Ironically, I am having the very opposite nature experience right now! Overlooking a crystal clear fjord from my window with heavy rain clouds hovering in the sky! But I love it still!

Safe (but adventurous) travels!! :)



Two other people beat me to it, haha! You are just too popular girl! :)

GF, ARE U TAKING THOSE WEDGED SHOES??? how about comfort? love the colors .. Hope its not super hot where you're goin'.... be careful... You've got more chutzpah than I do....

I wish you two a great trip! Despite the safety concerns I can well understand, I hope you enjoy it. I know you know what you are doing ;-)

WOW! It must be hard to sleep the night before amazing adventure like this:) I love all that you packed! So So beautiful and full airy patterns. Big thumbs up for the clinique:) I used to work for them and can spot a mile away. I hope your bringing Dramatically Different gel formula too for the hot climate:) I wish you and Geoff a safe and equally amazing trip!!!!!!!! Do keep us posted:)

Safe travels! It sounds like travel like this is what truly makes you happy so enjoy.

Have a good trip and take care of yr health & safety along the way. Don't forget to take lots of pictures too.

All will be well and you will have a massively great time. We look forward to your postings, photos, and stories! Love the clothing assemblages, makes me have a great feel for your trip.

How exciting! I'd love to visit that part of the world. I've a few students from the surrounding area and they have such fascinating cultures. Even though it's kinda spooky I bet you'll have a ball! Enjoy :)

I'm so excited for you Agnes! I can't wait to read all about your adventures!!

Which is why I am trying to do FSO or Peace Corps, I so want to travel the world!

I am very excited for you and can't wait to hear more! I understand how you thrive on adventure. I'm sure you and Geoff will be fine, but be careful and try to keep us posted. I do promise lots of comments :)

This all sounds wonderful. I am jealous of your adventures and enjoy them,as we don't all get the opportunity to explore these places. I would love to hear more about your travels. Keep blogging and I will keep reading! ;)

This is just too exciting. It really is. You and Geoff are excited and I am also so excited by your upcomming travels. Oh me oh my I am just thrilled with the idea of you two on the road to adventure. Knowing you and knowing your heart, I'll tell you this Agnes, your heart beats adventure, it is part of you. Have the greatest time.

have a good time! i love reading about your adventures and great wardrobe btw! :)

The Kissters

Agnes have a safe trip. Be happy and safe. Share your experiences. I like your choice of clothes. I like the way you put your pictures. How do you do it? The cut outs I mean- Like in the first two pictures.

Those are my favourite colours too :)
Have a safe trip, dear Agnes.
My Crazy is from Pakistan :). I went to Lahore once for his cousin's wedding once and thought it was very pretty.
Good that you'll be blogging from there, yaay!

13th trip!!!!! I am her neighbour & haven't even stood at the LoC(line of control). Adventure is really your first name. But yes, all sorts of scary images do come to mind when its Pakistan. Do take care & stay safe. Say "Inshallah" anytime you're in a sticky situation ;-D I promise comments, don't stop blogging!

Dear Agnes...have a safe trip...though living in Pakistan I might feel sometimes offensive when people tell me that they are afraid of coming to my beloved country because "its not safe" ???

Well...sometimes...it is not safe....hmm...

But anyways...do you like me to be your host for one or two day...or would like me to show you around....????

Do let me know if you come to Karachi and I will be there to meet you.

Have a nice and safe trip dear...I like your writing too much.

I almost jumped out of my seat when I read the title of this post in my reader :D

I'm like.... toooooo excited!!! *smiles wide*

And hey, we'll have loads and loads of fun! The Lahori style ;-)

Have an enjoyable and safe trip !

Wow Agnes, how exciting! I wish you a pleasant and safe trip! I'm anxiously waiting on your next post about your adventures there! xoxo

have a safe trip Agnes :) and enjoy!
but can't imagine myself going to that place... anyway, have a pleasant trip as well :)

great, have a nice trip:) I'd like to see more of your photos there!

Have a wonderful time! And I hope you can take lots of photographs. I can't wait to hear about your adventures.

I wish u luck, Agnes. Hope u have good trip. Yes, the same things from me, take good care of yourselves. They are wonderful people, but in the recent past, have seen a lot of troubled times. So keep ur wits about you. Do blog even if it is a single line post!!

I knew it....was Pakistan;-D!!! 13th trip huh...wow really!!!

Always better to be cautious; my husband's partner is a Pakistani and we are always anxious when he goes home...something abt the place which doesnt exactly inspire confidence;-P

Once again, have a goood trip and wish everything goes off just like how u want it to:-)

have fun and be safe!

Wow, what a fab style you've got there.....you look great and chi-chi. :-) And your shoes are to die for.Where'd you get that?
That pic of that bus reminds me of the Philippines---it's also like that in my home country.
Have a happy and safe trip....

Hey wish you a very safe and memorable trip to the country :-) Enjoy your stay there !

...Great !! TRAVEL to the geologically active Indo-Asian sub-continent..Islamic extremists... BaaaaH! (goat impressions! ) Not saying a thing ! AJ..(acronym for your monikers, and for recently defunct "national airline" ) ..Guess this is where your combined ( can one have a "joint" karma account ? ) Karma kicks in ?? Right ?? "Be good, do good, see good, ..receive..."
You know, "not having" ..really makes one appreciate the opposite...so, "lack" can really be a tool for / of self-awareness.. Therefore, I wish you both all the Lack in the World !! (Luck, too) Have a good trip, and I, for one, will appreciate the lack of blog (or scarcity thereof ) till you both return to the geologically inactive, but hurricane-prone, oil-slick threatened ( you just cant get away from those UN-natural disasters these days !! ) Florida flatlands... ONE LOVE !! tony jamaica

Okay, all the best is all I'd say. You are one brave girl, considering that I wouldn't dare going to Pakistan ever. But then, I am an Indian. Anyway, really do try and stay safe and enjoy as much as possible.

Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself!! :)

Wishing you a fun and safe trip! Sending you some cowboy mojo.

Way to go, Adventure girl. I love the picture of your luggage contents. Your sense of travel style is certainly well honed. Have fun and be safe.

Have a fun and safe trip.

Oh wow, that sounds amazing. And scary. But amazing. Good luck, be safe, and I can't wait to read more about your adventures.

P.S. I totally want to raid your closet.

However often you travel to the same place, once you love it, you can never have enough of it and each time you return, you always discover something new, something you hadn't really noticed before. I feel like that whenever I travel to Greece and the Greek Islands - although I haven't visited them all yet! I wish you and Geoff to bring back home yet another bag filled with great memories.

Have a great time, Agnes! Stay safe. I can't wait to see your photos.

Can I just say how freaking excited I am for you!?!?!!?!??!?! OMG, I love your wardrobe that you're bringing! Where did you get those killer shoes btw??? HAVE THE MOST GORGEOUS ADVENTURE! I'll be thinking of you darling.

This morning when I read this, I immediately called my husband: Agnes is going to Pakistan!. Is it insane that I'm this excited for you (and feel like I know you?!)?. Very anxious to hear the details. Love your wardrobe...great taste. I just know you'll bring back some amazing stories (and scarves!). I will have my fingers crossed for a safe, memorable and meaningful adventure. And for some good wi-fi and a bit of downtime to use it!

Agnes and Geoff,

Love the clothes and the colors!

Have a great time. I will be thinking of you and sending out good vibes to keep you safe! That's what I do!


Great, Agnes. You and Geoff stay safe. If everything works out wifi-wise, we should get some wonderful blogs.

I guess we're all pretty excited. Pakistan is a beautiful country and the people are beautiful too. Of course one has to be careful but it is that way most places, even here in the USA. So we'll see our friends, take some great photos, get a lot done and enjoy the last blast of the Summer furnace before the monsoons hit. I hear the mangos are in season...

Have fun and have a safe trip :) Your wardrobe looks perfect for the Indian subcontinent :)

Have a wonderful time Agnes! I cannot believe you two have gone so many times, what a wonderful life you lead! It's so funny to see you going to Des Moines, Iowa then going to Pakistan!!! How different, I love it!

Travel safe. Pakistan, Afghanistan, a bit scary, but I've been fascinated by those countries since Khaleo Husseini's "A Thousand Splendid Suns," "Charlie Wilson's War" and Greg Mortenson's"Three Cups of Tea." Lot's of photos please.

Wow, you really get around. Have a good time! I get nervous just going into unfamiliar parts of my own town, so I can't really imagine taking a trip to the Middle East.

Wishing decent wifi. You know I am traveling too And many times within Himalayas I do not find the same. I need wishes too ;-)

Have a fulfilling trip.....Return home safely.

yea, everybody is scared of going to Pakistan and Afghanistan.......and this is your's 13th and Geoff's 15th trip........people may call you crazy especially you being from US.

I do admire you work.......around the world and especially the much needed places......like the Indian subcontinent.........

I have heard there are some beautiful places in Pakistan.........Terrorism is killing the soul of Pakistan......Have heard about so much happening in Pakistan....which i believe is in war like state with the Terror on Afghanistan Bordor like Swat.....

I know you both are going with a good heart and intentions......but do take care of yourselves ..........

Hope you a safe trip

i can totally believe that pakistan is like the little girl with the curl: either completely fine or utterly terrifying. i suppose the trick is to be prepared for either one at all times! i do so admire your attitude...not to mention your blog... (& that lovely wardrobe is quite cool, too!) :) hope you have a safe and happy trip, can't wait to read more about it! ♥

Good luck with the wi-fi.

Have an enjoyable and safe trip !

have fun and be safe! kkkooooooooooooooll

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