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I must be nice to pick up and fly away.

Hope u have a safe flight...and good weather..Let us know if u see any corn fields....

Oh Agnes:
I'm so excited about this trip to Des Moines. I don't want to spoil the surprise so I won't say anything more until next post. To all the new commenters, I'm Geoff, Agnes' husband and I really enjoy reading your comments. It is often all I can do not to reply to each of you individually but I do realize it isn't my blog. As many of you know, I've been rather ill this past year but I don't want that as my label. Truth is, I feel so much better these days that my interest and enjoyment of life has expanded exponentially and at times I feel I could set the world aright. That's a wonderful feeling and I'm so thrilled to be in that place.
PS Agnes wasn't kidding about the house looking like a travel desk.

I know the feeling, Agnes - I often drink far too much caffeine and get no sleep as a result. However, I'm not busy planning what sounds like a truly wonderful overseas adventure. But, even though it must be stressful, I wish I was :) I hope you enjoy your time in Iowa, and you upcoming trip.

I'm excited to hear about your trip to Iowa and the BIG one as well! Try to get some rest and have a great time. I'm so glad to hear Geoff is feeling better :)

Caffeine is my friend and colleague!

Caffeine helps but nothing replaces a good baby sleep. Take care!

So, that's what's been keeping you away?! Haha..
I love the sunlight in the photograph, and oh you're so pretty!
Enjoy the trip, Agnes!
Hope you get to blog from Iowa as well, err.. Okay, that's me being selfish :)

And, this one is for Geoff!
I love reading yours too! Have fun in Iowa!

I hope you have a safe and happy trip! Enjoy the chaos :)

Enjoy the trip, Agnes. And, do remember to catch some good sleep too.

good luck for the trip ........\,,/

I like the whole picture presented of your home :) Btw I recently read Bill Bryson's Lost Continent. He sets off from Des Moines, Iowa through all of America's states on a road trip. Read the book if you can. You won't be able to put it down.

Have a great trip to Iowa and come back with lots of photos for us. Filakia xxxx

have fun in iowa :)

I read the comments, take care of your health Geoff & Agnes too, not too much caffeine for her.

Everything I know about Des Moines came from Bill Bryson's book about growing up there :)

There's a report out that computer screens might be disrupting our bodies' sleep cycles. I won't mention coffee.

Iowa is a beautiful place filled with strange, lumpy people who are very kind. Have a wonderful trip.

Have a great trip to Iowa! I've never been, either. Looking forward to hearing about it.

Happy journey and have fun !!

wow i love your blog! your pictures are incredible!!

You're arriving in the Des Moines International Airport so to the left of you there will definitely be corn fields! Since it seems like you'll be going downtown you'll most likely miss most of what we're known for!!! I live in Houston, Texas now but it's only been three years, before then I lived in Des Moines!! I don't miss the snow but I do miss the laid back and nice atmosphere, everyone is super nice! I hope you have a wonderful time and can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

Iowa is a fun place! Though most people would never visit unless on business like yourself!

Iowa...that is one country I always wanted to visit. I think Iowa lays claim to Captain James Kirk ...the future birthplace of the star trek captain. The story is that Kirk will be born in Riverside Iowa which is just east of Des Moines ...a quick drive from where you will be.

I really believe Kirk is from Canada though.

Have lot's of fun there!!:) I don't drink coffee but hey I love the smell lol...get some sleep

Leaving you with some love :)

My Dad's family is from Iowa and I have 2 blogging buds from there. I am supposed to go in Novemeber, should be interesting, been at least 25 years since I've been there!

Ooooh Agnes ... sounds like a ton of fun!
PS - I'm sure you hear this every day, but you are absolutely gorgeous!

Wow - a surprise in Iowa - I want one too - tell me more !!

Hope you have fun over there.. Keep posting..

Oh, the excitement of getting ready for a trip...its wonderful...the constant planning on what to pack, what to leave...just love the whole idea of a vacation.... :) Have fun.

Have a good time. Be safe.

I need to fly somewhere. But now Iowa. LOL Colorado would be way better! :)

enjoy the trip, Agnes! and be safe. :)

have fun on your trip. love your blog! need to ween myself off of caffeine-- maybe i'll just start checking your blog instead! haha have fun!

Hi Agnes:) I just adored Geoff comment. His attitude about sickness is so inspiring for me right now.

Oh I love your description about trip planning:) Do enjoy your time in Iowa. I live in MN. and there is nothing like the Midwest attitude and fresh air. Have a safe trip and look forwarded to hearing all about it.

Wow. Liked everything around here! Your writing style, your photos, and your travels! I'm like, all envious :D

Oooops, I just noticed that there's a captcha after the comment submission. I think I've been closing the window after submitting and missing it, I didn't mean to be so silent.

Love the stories of your travels and I'm amazed that I could read so eagerly about a trip to Des Moines!

Wonderful space yours!
pondside brings me here..
Are you model.?.!.

I appreciate all posting and I hope so that you will do such keep work in too future.

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