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I would just love to hang out with you all day at Coffee Day, Agnes !!

I would so love to go to India, it sounds like a magical place. I am sure I will one day, at least I hope I will. And yes, that speech is moving to say the least, it has just the same effect on me.

Gosh, I love the desserts at CCD ( Cafe coffee day is populary called ccd ).. I can NEVER listen to jana gana mana without getting goosebumps but then I am Indian so its expected , I guess. I was hoping you'd go to India and bring me some gulabjamuns and rassogullas :( :(

will wait till you are ready to tell. But very sure you'll manage to have much fun, wherever it is!

beautiful pics! i have never been to any part of asia but you make it seem familiar :)

I miss India. Your pictures are great!

I love your enthusiasm for India! My wife went there for two weeks in 2006 on a biz trip. She didn't have the same reaction. I wish she had, I think she missed a lot that trip. But she tried and grew a bit in appreciation, that is all one can hope for when fear is the predominant force. You make me want to go there!

The photos are calling, come to India. I have never been anywhere in Asia. It looks wonderful.

THANK YOU for this post! I was particularly missing India tonight and your post totally cheered me up. I love that you've visited there so many times. I could totally see myself doing that as well now that I've had a little taste. I WANT MORE!!!!!! I would love to see a pic of you in a sari. Do you have one?

Wow your photos are gorgeous and your sentiments too. I've never been to India. No doubt you'll get back there soon. Happy travels!

Well, it looks like I'm not going to India in June. Maybe September, when I hear the climate may be more hospitable.

michael j
USA near Philadelphia

I'm so excited for you and Geoff! I know you will make it to India soon enough, but bet you will develop the same fond feelings for the destination of the exciting excursion you are planning. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos!

Geoff - You are blessed with a natural smile - excellent Sir excellent.
Keep smiling because it is rare these days And have a nice journey.
I love those shown photographs specially the buffaloes. Excellent.
AGnes, I am visualizing upcoming tour which I am starting soon.
I wish to be on-road forever. India - I love you.
India is a curious place

aaww....that really sad you won't be able to come to India ....even after.....seeing how much you love our country

and i can understand your struggle with a saari.... :)

Oh tell us where you're headed!! I'm curious to know!

Great pictures as usual !
Wow... indeed... that is true love for India.

Hmmm... let me guess your destination... what about Myanmar. Not sure what kind of business you can conduct there. Geoff doesn't look like an arms dealer and I don't see you selling nukes to the Burman authorities ;-)

You sound more Indian than so many I know. Not me no no!;-) Lovely post. I'd like to see you in saree. I'm waiting to read about your holiday destination..Such suspense. I don't wanna guess..I'll wait.

great pics and good to know about the love you have for India. Don't tell me, you are visiting Pakistan? And, I totally understand what you said about the sari :)

Loved the post & pictures Agnes!!!!!
Dare I mention Geoff looks yummylicious;-D!!!!

I never lose a single occasion to sing the National Anthem here in Dubai[usually at the kids school;-D] and when I hear Nehru's speech I'm immediately transported back to that time when he was reading it & millions were listening. The euphoria intermingled with the tears....I can only imagine.

p.s: Its got to be Afghanistan or Pakistan

Thank you all for your kind comments and keen intellect. What a pleasure it is to read the comments you leave. I feel as though we have grown a great family that rings the globe. Our journey beckons and our excitement is building as the time draws closer. I have slight worries about how my body will react to a much hotter climate as I'm not yet anywhere near full strength but that aside, Agnes and I revel in exposing others to decency, friendship and fulfillment and always draw the same from those we meet. Reminds me of the line in "The Little Prince" that went something like "You are responsible forever for those you tame."

Amazing photos, Agnes. I can't wait to hear where you're headed to next!

Another great post. I have longed to go to India for years. Geoff looks really happy. Good shot.

Proud to be an Indian...between, i am leaving tomorrow :)

You look like a child ???? No, you look angelic. Thats a fab pic. And even I wish that you still had the skirt - somehow, I like you in skirts.

And whaaaaat ???? You are not coming to India ???? Sob, sob....

But all that you've said abt for the love of India - I am choking on all that...the mehendi, the food from banana leaf, jasmines in the braids - WOW, I am falling in love in with India yet again !!!

But, enjoy yourselves wherever you go.

'It is with semi-embarrasment that I am publicly admitting here to the fact that I am yet to be able to read President Nehru's Independence Speech without choking up. No lie. Same goes for Geoff.'

Reading this sentence made tears well up in my eyes! Didn't even come to Nehru's speech! Not patriotic tears... just tears to know that you are so close to our India! Silly.. I know!

The people in office are going to think I got news of my hubby's extramarital affair or something! hee hee...

Whereever you are off to...hope you both have a blast!

p.s. You must watch the movie 'Rang de Basanti' if you already haven't!

this one was awesome!!! btw u should put that pic f u in a sari ova here. foreigners look awesome in sarees :)

what a great experience!
and you're so pretty btw!
I'm now a follower!

What a great idea. It's very beneficial for me and it's filled with information. keep smiling and take care!

You should definitely post a sari pic.

Hey I am glad to see your love for my country :-D I hope you will get another chance to visit the country very soon :-)

I can appreciate your love of India; I've been there twice, but not for a long time.

I always wanted to visit India. I just have to settle for buying jewelry and accessories from India on my trip to Taiwan this time. : )

Agnes, I'm sure that wherever you and Geoff go, you'll brighten up the place just by being there. The photos are gorgeous!!

that's such an Indian post with all the indian pics and indian historical treasures like Nehru's speech, its overwhelming and its more overwhelming to see it coming from you....you are lovely Agnes....well not saying this because you love India but because for being you :)

Are you going to Afghanistan??? Just curious????

With my complments
best photos

Great to read and see the photos,i even smelled mehndi and chamaylee...it took me back the memmory lane...I wish you the best where ever you go be safe.I am a travel agent and would love to provide you very discounted international tickets ,including business class...send me a mail,check the prices and compare...from the savings just pay a little more then Rs10 for a skirt...enjoyed the article

Adam Rizvi

Your love for India really amazes me!
I read several of your other posts too and they were interesting ..Loved the pics too!
I have visited Jawaharlal Nehru's ancesteral home in Allahabad,
Linking you there..

My Yatra Diary...

Hope you like it!
First time here and i know i will be here often!!
Off to follow you now!

Hi there! I'm so proud of my country and proud so to be an Indian bathing in the riches of our tradition and culture and more so in the 'UNITY IN DIVERSITY' which I'm so proud of! Its more that amazing to see that you love India inspite of its poverty!! Great souls out there! Love you for being in love with India!! VANDE MATHARAM!!

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