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You might be right about the yellow lights. I've been to Iraq, and I remember the yellow. May be something to do with the colour of the sand and then sunlight on it?

Sounds heavenly, Agnes...a wonderful night, free of obligations. And I agree, I've never been to the Middle East either, but that is exactly how I imagine it too.

In your dreams? Well that's closer than I have been to the Middle East. BTW, my hair is 1/2 way to what I want it to be... I am 'a work in progress' lol...

I spent most of this evening on the couch. Looooovvveeelllyyyy.

That's an awesomely big coaster, and Desk Dictionaries belong on desks! ;)

The Middle East is the last part of the world I have yet to explore...this post makes me want to leave tonight! Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow!!!

Looks like the perfect moment...

I love when the evening turns that color, makes me feel like I am being wrapped in a physical color.

Sounds like a perfect evening to me - especially the part about not having to be up early on a Monday morning. Hope all is well!

that was an awesome and lazy combination.........everyone deserves to have lazy lazy evening........

Beautiful! You look so relaxed. I love the beautiful hues and the casual relaxed feel of this pic.

Lovely to drop in and visit you again - as always!

I love this picture! Sounds great to me especially the not having to get up early the next morning!

Have you seen 'Children of Heaven'? It's an Iranian movie. If you haven't yet, make sure you do, it'll be a sure treat for you if Middle East fascinates you.

I love the Middle East hijaab style. I used to do it myself when I was at university. And I had a matching pair of delicate pins to go with each scarf. Love 'em to bits!

Another nice post. I've never been to the Middle East either but I do see it in dreams. Once, when my flight landed in Islamabad, Pakistan around 6 AM, I came through the airport doors to be greeted by the sunrise wash of that yellowish light you mention (to say nothing of the heat) and I just stood there for long moments taking it all in. My reverie was abruptly broken as row upon row of men and boys rushed my bags, each hoping to get a tip for "helping" me. I simply didn't want my bags to vanish. What an experience.

I haven't been to the Middle East, but my husband is Egyptian and when we go to Cairo the food we eat is amazing! Falafel like you've never had... oh my, I am SO craving it right now!

Sounds delightful. Hope you get to make your visit for real.

I can tell you of the Middle east that they will put food in a strangers mouth before they put it in their own..I know this, oh the western perceptions...

By day the hot sun fermented us; and we were dizzied by the beating wind. At night we were stained by dew, and shamed into pettiness by the innumerable silences of stars.

-Lawrence of Arabia

mmmm hummus...

Sounds like the perfect way to end a sunlit day. You paint a wonderful relaxing picture.

I just discovered you blog through my blog travels and am so inspired. Adore your honesty and beautiful blogging!!!!

Sounds like the best sort of way to spend an evening - I am just not a bright lights and city person and the couch is always calling. I am overjoyed to see a comment above left by a new blogging friend I have recently made via A Week in the Life project. Aren't blog travels just the best thing !!

Perfect post Agnes ( as they all are). I really like how you placed a slant on the food and spices and smells of the location and I find this so enjoyable. My first falafel in Jerusalem, all the colors, smells and sights have come back to mind because of your post.
Thank you

I love the long light of summerish evenings!

My husband and I just discovered a probiotic hummus that tastes A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, we are eating it by the bucketful!

Nice Picture..yeah..the sand in Middle East must be giving the yellow light :-) Have a perfect day !!

All this is reminding me of my just-over vacation..not so nice to be reminded of that. I wanna go back to chennai!!!!!!!!!!!!! sob!:(

WOW! That sounds like a great evening! I love Arabic food, cardamom tea, anything to do with crime (movie/book), couch.... am doing more or less the same... as hubby is away on a business trip...but the getting up early part is unavoidable! :(

Ohhh...and by the way, when ARE you making that Middle Eastern trip...we are all waiting here!

I've never been to my neighbours'- the Middle East, probably because I am so attracted by Greece and the greek islands that every year I end up choosing to explore yet another part of Greece. But I would like to visit Lebanon and Israel one day, so I am planning a weekend away there - possibly in Lebanon - a 30-minute flight from Larnaca.

Well I am on vacation, and since I am from India, I know exactly how you feel!

sounds awesome...have fun :) :D

Echoing WannbeWriter, we are waiting here;-D.
Infact all of us here are waiting for THAT special moment to get together & I think ur coming here is reason enoff:-)).

Well, at my age, I don't get around much anymore but there was a time when I watched geishas in Tokyo and Hollywood stars in Palm Springs, California. But these days I adore getting out to make over the local grackles and starlings eating my birdseed.

You hair is quite adorable here :)

That looks like my idea of a great night! Sorry, I really have to make a joke about the mix of dictionary + People magazine :lol:


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