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Here in NC we aren't quite that bad, but it's only a matter of time before cold drinks turn hot in a matter of minutes!

Yes, Summer has truly arrived, the sunshine in England is magnificent, perfect weather for lounging and relaxation with a cool drink. But, as you rightly say, those cool drinks don't stay cool for very long :) And that restaurant looks utterly charming, I can understand why you'd want to go there.

First of all... I absolutely love this top you're wearing.
Secondly... it's winter here in Australia... well almost Winter. We're getting days with temperature less than 8c's already... and that's so not good!
Enjoy your summer, Agnes... I miss mine a whole lot and it's not even full-scale winter yet!

Have a nice time...

Summer hasn't hit Cali yet.. Can't wait!.

Summer is definitely here in Louisiana too! Yesterday we went to a pool party, and I am so sun burnt! It has been in the mid-nineties already. The kids love it though because they get to play outside in the pool so much.

I hope you get a good dinner, if not come on over and I am happy to cook for you. It will be something Asian tonight !!

It's sweltering hot here! Waiting for rains to pour down on us.

I'm so excited that Summer has officially arrived in Cyprus as well, yet the sea is still a bit too cold for me to swim. Not for long, though.

~PS~ When back from a holiday, unpacking is my least favourite occupation!

i loved your shirt. happy journeys to you :)

nice photos

Just tell smokey how lucky I think he is. A spa!!! When are you off on your trip?

My ancient cat to Smokey: "Suck it up, son. I have to go to some kind of maximum security lock-down when Bozo goes runs off and leaves me."

Since we are sweltering here in the desert I dont have much sympathy to spare;-P

The 2nd picture reminds me of eateries in Goa; very nondescript places which serve awesome food for very reasonable prices...I guess every place has its own;-)

Have a GOOOOD trip, and take care both of U:-))!!!!!!

I like the sound of these offbeat eateries !

I had my fair share of stop overs in offbeat eateries like that. The last time I had noodles. Summer has long struck us and the other day it was 37.5 degrees Celsius outside. Instant sauna. There is no wind blowing, it's so humid, and the atmosphere creates a sticky feeling on the skin. I always crave for something cold.

I remember when I lived in florida the dreaded icey drinks turning burning hot in the car. I love your starbucks cup. I have one of those reusables too:) So, awesome. I hope you guys enjoyed your drive:)

Here (Spain), the sun starts to shine. I really needed it!
Beautiful photos, you`re pretty :)


We got a bit of summer over the past few days here in England. I hope it last just a while longer, but they say it is going to cool down again. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted :-)

I love eateries like that. I hope you had a nice drive with Geoff!

Summer hasn't hit out west yet. I will take the extra long spring time as long as I can get it!

Yup, I hear you Agnes. I live in Las Vegas so I know to leave nothing in the car. However, one day I found that the lipstick I had in purse had completely melted - just in the time it took for my car's airconditioning to kick in!
Hope you have anothe great trip!

Right now, Bangalore is back to hot so I echo your sentiments :)
I love the feeling of not having to unpack because you're going to be traveling soon .. sigh! Bon Voyage :)

I hear you on the heat! I'd give anything to go sit by a marina right now.

So Florida isn't the only place that's hot and humid? Funny, on our little Sunday drive, Agnes found a melted something or other (I think it was a lipstick) sitting in the car. We enjoyed that little out of the way restaurant, the cooler evening air, and chatting about our upcoming trip. Somehow, my personal fashion concerns do not quite match hers and the fact that I'm not yet unpacked from last week is of little concern. If it weren't for that disastrous oil spill out in the Gulf, I'd be feeling pretty good right now but I feel compelled to keep a watchful eye on it. Let's go down to the marina again, Agnes and grab a little peace.

I was just thinking yesterday is it bad that I'm not going to unpack my bag from Brasil and just re-use it for my trip to Europe next week? Reading your post makes me feel like it isn't bad at all! ;-)

Hope your drive with your sweetheart was lovely!!!

Enjoy your travels - it all sounds very exciting. I bet Smokey will make lot's of new fur-friends at the cat spa! Keep us posted on all the fun you guys are having :)

Wow that is hot - heating up your iced coffee like that! Hope you enjoy your trip - hope you will post from wherever you are.

reminds me of a place in panama city beach i had some excellent grouper in, more years ago that i care to count :)

I've got clouds and rain. Sigh.

Summer has arrived here in Houston and you were notice it in a heartbeat!!! 90's and humidity at 50% soon much higher!!! I love summer, extra pool time, but that's about the only thing... wait flowers and sunshine are nice too!!! Hehe!!

Beautiful picture, looks like a very nice place, you'll have to let us know what you think of it!

It has been so longggg. Sorry I have not been in touch. How have you and Geoff been?

It,s iced coffee weather for us too - believe it or not, it,s almost 40C!

Looks like a really charming place. And the summer hasn't arrived 100% in Holland yet.

Finally, my favorite season has arrived. Yesterday, we were in the 90's and right now it's 93 degrees.....I couldn't complain about heat.....I'd been craving for this for such a long time.
You look hot in your pretty blouse and that pose is cool.

i like your blouse Agnes ;) so comfy! for me less ice please even if it's hot...heheheh!
enjoy summer Agnes!

The Photos excellent I find them quite...transporting. I would not rack thy brain trying to create some sort of detailed itinerary for Asia,that's just me.. personally I would have one as well but not too detailed follow the wind, for the wind and mind together create intentionality.

Cultivate the life force within you! I'm making ice cream this week!

The day I left WI the weather was unbearably hot and humid! Thankfully the weather here at home is perfect for this Irish woman! The cat doesn't like the spa.....silly cat!

hey Anges.. before even reading the blog the stunning pic captured my attention, especially the Top, Om Namah Shivay, chanting Lord Shiva. And of course the great mood u r in.
yess.. i agree with the beauty of offbeat eateries on the road side. Its much of a fun in ur blog. nice pics, good use of words. I shall follow it from now.

Luck. Shan :)

Hateful sun! I got in my car the other day to find my steering wheel had completely melted away. Granted, it's my fault for demanding a chocolate steering wheel, but it was still a mess.

Those offbeat places are usually the best and funnest! That's what I like about Europe so much, unique little places everywhere. Reminds me of a place in Destin I enjoyed a couple years ago. Not as humid where I'm at, as opposed to Florida.

I hate when that happens with my iced coffee! I do that a lot actually :(

That eatery looks fab! I bet it will be wonderful!!!

It's been a while since I've travelled unfortunately...Nepal and India in 2007...but reading your blog makes me want to hop on a plane immediately! I'm really looking forward to reading much more. And it's very cold here in Canberra!

No new post....travelling huh????
Have a great trip:-))

Purse your lips a little more.

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