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Enjoy your spring!
The colours of this photo is so lovely!

Leaves/flowers on the floor/trees and a child walking or an old man walking or a young woman walking - The best about spring.

I think you've done a great job keeping up with your blog while enjoying this perfect weather. Hopefully we'll have an extended spring this year. Have a great weekend!

you enjoy the spring ther......i wouldn't blog even as you said it spring for only some days.....spring also struck a bit early here.....and now when i go out...i see all the different colors around the city....with trees growing new leaves and flowers...aah just love it.........

anyways they call Bangalore as the "Gardern City of India" cause of the greenery here....and spring just makes it way much more beautiful........

BTW i can't stand poems.......i have never written one....correction...never tried to write one.... :)

Hi there,

Your blog followers seem to have same likings - we all liked the blue sky photo the other day. Also most of us found that photo to be really radio-active : ))
and now i too like the green shade of this photo like Mauzzie.

Birds of same feather flock together!

Keep up your sense of humor.

Enjoy spring ! And make a lot of pictures for our pleasure !
Indeed there are better things to do than sitting in front of a computer monitor !

oh thanks :) i was really going to wonder what the title was :) enjoy the spring, blog is not going anywhere..we can wait too..

I found this post interesting.

Maybe it's time to revisit your poetry.

It feels like Spring in Mysore - green shoots, cool breeze and clear skies. Only the incessant honking of the horns and the buzzing of the three wheelers are missing. The photo is spectacular. The texture of the wood against the texture of your hair and the play of light across your face make it really pop. Thanks.

i agree, this is the most gorgeous spring and it makes it hard for me to concentrate on anything! i just want to enjoy it.

Your poem excerpt just reminded me of a poem my other half write when she was at University, that some scummy website plagiarised. We wrote them, and asked them to take it down, and they demanded all kinds of proof, and legal backup :(

Sounds like we share more or less the same weather. In Cyprus, Spring is the prelude to a long, hot, humid summer. I hate this transitional period. When I got into the car this morning at 9:00 am it was 18*C. By 1:00 pm I had to turn on the air conditioning and in the evening it's still a bit chilly to sit outside. Not really humid yet, though. Enjoy your weekend! Filakia xxxxx

P.S ~ I used to write poetry in my teens mostly relating to the Absurd!!

Nice blog great photos!
So tell me what is perfect "P" coffee anyway? just curious..I think..some of the greatest poems ever written were simply on notion and fancy.Alternatively I leave you with..

O..Man..Woman know thyself
In thee is hidden the treasures of the Universe!

I really would like to know the rest of the poem. Basically to know how that line came about. :D

I used to hate analysing poems at school. Like what a poet was thinking when he wrote those lines etc. Though I used to analyse it beautifully (I know this 'coz my passages were read out in class), I still hated doing it.

LOL Agnes u r funny;-D. Out of nowhere a picture of a little Agnes furiously scribbling into a notebook came to mind:-).
It also reminded me of when I was younger when I wd be soooo into something and a few days later it was something else.... not tht I've changed now;-P

Have a good weekend!!!!

you are absolutely gorgeous and so is your site! I am officially obsessed!

" This incredible Spring weather made blogging slip to the bottom of my priority list, " .. Story of my present condition. Only replace spring with summer :-(

Didn't know you wrote poetry before :-)

This photo is so lovely! :)

I love these titles - this one immediately grabbed my interest. There's such a feeling of story and feeling. Write more :D

I love this idea. You know I love your writing and now I love your poetry...if even only a line at a time! Looking forward to more creative titles rescued from the poems you think aren't very good....though something tells me they're great. Marija

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