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I am so very excited for you Agnes! I can't wait to hear more about your travel schedule!

Oh can't wait till you decide to be specific!
I see my country there in the map too ;)!
Will it be for long?
I so need someone to mow the lawns while I am away for three weeks (to Asia)!

I want to travel vicariously so you better post lots of photos and tell very cool stories!

It makes mine flutter too darling!!! And I totally agree there are several things you can never have too much of...travel talk and coffee for sure...I'd also add chocolate and champagne! ;-)

I can't wait to see your finalized itinerary!!!!!!!!!! Please let me know if you have any ?'s about China. I briefly lived there and I've been back 3X.

Can't wait to hear about your itinerary !!

will you be blogging on your trip? (she asks selfishly... :) )

I am so excited for you! However, I do hope that you'll be able to blog a little bit on your travels! I'm sure you will have incredible things to share as usual. I haven't been to Asia yet. I have a chance to go to Hong Kong, China, and Korea (south of course) in late summer.

Regardless, hope to hear more from you soon. Sounds like things are really coming together :)

Welcome Welcome Welcome

Oh great!! By any chance, are you coming to Pakistan? Ummm Lahore?? :P

If yes (I hope yes!) be sure to get in touch with me :)


Best of luck for the trip Agnes.......hope you come to India too......we can really use some people like you who love India so much.... :)

and i know that feeling......i have it many a times.....there this thing i wanted to write about but it's been more than a couple of weeks but it's still in my head not on the blog..... :)

Sounds like a very exciting trip, Agnes. I'll be looking forward to hearing more about it. As I also love to travel very much, travel talk is never boring - especially when I learn about far-away countries which I am not likely to visit due to my fear of flying.

I am very envious of you and I also can do lot of non-strop travel talk till it tires people!!!! I know the guilty feeling very well - if you find the reason do let me know. I am at deep end with my move out of Brussels this week :( - enjoy the preparation phase!

Ohh wow i could see my country too in the map..I am too fond of travelling a lot..but my work does not permit me so much free time :-)

It sound exciting...are you coming over to the Philippines? The best country in Asia ! :-o

Wow, that's great! You are coming to our part of the world :)

Are you going to India ????? If you are, consider me dead due to jealousy :(

I get the same guilt-like feeling when i don't update or post an entry to my blog for several days. And whenever i go out and i see things around me my brain will start asking "can that be a blog material". I only have this habit after i started blogging. I guess the brains just got blogged along the way and i never could understand why and have stopped wondering why and so i just keep on updating my blog..... So you're heading to Asia again eh, those who have been to Asia tends to come back for more, i guess the pace of life is much easier & slower, btw, where to again this time?

Fantastic :) I hope you will update your blog during your travel too :) it would be so interesting!

Have the funnest fun ever! Go well.

Sounds exciting, Agnes. Study posting to your blog by email. We must be informed.

There are some lovely places in Asia worth visiting (and the secret of enjoying is to make it a point not to go the the usual tourist spots)

I'd so love to travel the world. Even if I was in a different country daily.

Those that truly love you will wait days, weeks between posts! Can't wait to hear final trip details!

I am so glad that you are travelling...you've been waiting for this, right! But do post while you travel...though I have no right to make this request! ;-)

Being guilty when not updating blog posts - yeah, me too feel the same.

Whaaaat ???? Asia trip ??? So, the map says you'll be in India. Come on, Agnes, visit Chennai (thats me) for a treat !!! Am waiting to meet you. :)

Don't worry about updating, we know it will be worth it when you do.

Agnes, as a fellow India you might enjoy these photos from Kolkata:

I am thrilled at the prospect of reading about your travel experiences here, Agnes. Not to put any pressure on you to blog daily. I don't even tune in daily. But I always enjoy catching up on your latest blogs. And I am, also, hoping you will post some photos of your travels. I love all of your photos!

Thanks for blogging.

The picture is gorgeous Agnes!!!!

So u r finally on ur way huh....so happy for u and dont forget to update whenever u get the chance:-)

India...any chances????? coz i am leaving for India on the 6th of may and will be there for 2 and half months. :))

I, too, live vicariously through your blogs. Your travel leaves me envious. So I continue to blog of my less exciting life within my backyard.
Take care in your travels and blog when you can.


That's so exciting....I wish you could visit my country ...it's the Philippines....it has lots of wonderful beaches.

wow Agnes!! am so excited...more stories please...I agree with Sidney, are you coming to Philippines??? you should put it in you itinerary...it's the best place in Asia ;)

Life have happy and angry, shoes have bad and good. Everything have two sides. But we can choose favorable side,As we need to choose a pair of shoes as well.

Just for today I will have a program, I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. I will save myself from two pests: hurry and indecision.

Just for today I will have a quiet half hour all by myself and relax. During this half hour, sometime, I will try to get a better perspective of my life.

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