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Great reflection of that tree...Well dumb me, I had no idea your hubby was or wasn't still taking treatment....Saying nothing is probably the best, I'm like that, I'm afraid I might jinx something if I do....Keep positive, that's all I can say... It works believe me!. ((HUGS))

Just from that photograph I can see that it must be a very beautiful place. Loved the last sentence as well, very inspiring, very wise.

Thanks for such an amazing post! I agree, wrong turns are usually right turns. What an incredible swamp...looks like the perfect spot to have a coffee or tea. Geoff and you are always in my thoughts.

I think your two cents makes a lot of sense!
I wish I enjoyed shopping as much as most of my girlfriends. Whenever I'm down they say "go shopping". Retail therapy just doesn't do it for me.
I love the swamp photos.

Yep, that pretty much does look like a jail outfit. :P

Beautiful pictures to go with beautiful thoughts. I hope Geoff is well. My husband has struggled with heart issues these last five years, so I understand the worry. Looking for beauty is a great antidote.

Prison garb is kind of cool! :-)
what you said about living is awesome and you took the words right out of my mouth. True'r words were never spoken! I love you Agnes!

My thoughts are rout'n for Geoff.

A very worthy two cents, Agnes !!

I'm with Kate...a very worthy 2 cents. (The cancer world blows...)

Hey, at least you know that if you ever get thrown in the Big House you'll look good.

...the future belongs to those who take possession of it...very true indeed, nice post, btw have you guys considered alternative treatments for Geoff (for prevention as well) as against those prescribed by the usual doctors, worth looking into it


The blue outfit looks good.
The swamp looks better. and
The TWO CENTS sound best!
Having a good companion is THE blessing and you are to each other. and thats so very valueable.
God Bless!

I like aesthetically done trial rooms too:)
Thats a pretty swamp.

Best wishes to both of U. Even I ponder over good/bad news at times. I prefer the 'no news' state ;-)

I agree - it is a most beautiful swamp.

The prison look is very good !

Hi Agnes - I love your sweet swamp, and I love love love Urban Outfitters. But if I say that out loud, my teenager will decide they are uncool, and start a teenage movement against UO, and that will be the end of that.

Have a great week!

Good post-- from prison to the stylish dressing rooms; from shopping to the beautiful swamp; from the swamp to a redemptive world-view.
Best to you both.

The picture of the swamp looks just wonderful. Lucky you to found it on a wrong turn.

Like life with all its twists and turns. Take care.

I first thought you really ended in jail... :-o
From what I read in your blog Geoff is a fighter. Glad to hear that his treatment ended. Wish it will be uphill from now on.
Good luck for both of you !

Hey liked the picture of the dressing room..its really beautiful..I agree dressing rooms are the most important part of any good shopping place. And the other pictures are equally good..and your 2 cent quote is worth 200 cent ;-)

I hardly ever use dressing rooms in shops. When I think how many people have tried on a certain outfit before me, I really don't feel like trying on the clothes before I buy them. And then again I have to wash them or have them dry cleaned before I put them on. As for restaurants, I agree, I'd rather go in for a great ambience even if the food isn't super. Great post, Agnes. I love the picture of the swamp!

Your quote was mind blowing. Stuff one already knows, but written so well! :D You must copyright it.

The prison picture was good too!

Great post and pictures too! Travelling

The last lines have touched me. I've an uncle who's just been diagnosed of cancer and my aunt is devastated. Not that she is showing it, but of course we all know that, don't we? I do want to refer your blog to her, so that she sees how others in her position have dealt with it. I must commend your ability to have faced this very strongly. Every time I read something like this on your blog, takes me back to a chat I had with Soul. Goeff's cancer news was new then, and I showed him my concern. All he said was, "Don't worry, they are strong people. They'll make it, you'll see." And, MashAllah, I see he was right.

Keep going Agnes!!

I have the same feeling as you, so good. however, if you add some explanation below the pictures, it's better. by Jordan

No.....you don't look like a prisoner at all. Wrong turn was a right turn for you. The swamp looks like an awesomely beautiful place. Much blessings to you and your hubby.

This is worth a lot more than two cents, more like billions and billions of cents worth.

@Lucky: billions of cents = millions of dollars :-)

I love the first picture, the focus is perfect and colors are funky!

Urban Outfitters... it rings a bell. Must have had a store in France.

Its curious u refered to it as jail....I mean India the word jail is common but I thot the westerners used the word 'prison' more.

Agnes you look stunning :)
like a rescuer perhaps ;)

Yes, indeed, the swamp is quite pretty. :)

You are so right, Agnes. As a retiree, I am the busiest I have ever been with a blog, web site, etc. Most of all doing what I love, writing novels.

When my husband, David, went for 10 weeks of radical radiation we never took a wrong turn … but sure wish I had brought along my camera.

Have you heard of the "mirror man"? http://maxiscomments.com

What a great idea. I've already got the pattern so I must give this a try as soon as possible. keep smiling and take care!

Its curious u refered to it as jail....I mean India the word jail is common but I thot the westerners used the word 'prison' more.

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