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Agnes, your pictures are beautiful. Of course, your blog is as well.

Do send your photographer my way, won't you? ;)

I could relate... I could never communicate with the 'Iranian' side of my family without a translator...

BTW can u cook a mean Hungarian Paprikash? My friend would always call home and ask her mom to add extra carrots...

I love webcams, one of the best inventions!!! :)

My grandma spoke the same language but with such a heavy draw and at such a slow pace that I needed a translator too! Wiyal... yall... git muh... uh glass... uh... wawder?

You look so pretty. =D

The Brown Mestizo

Soldier on a holiday i.e., what I guessed from the photograph.

truckers are travellers, too... even in your imaginary occupation you are travelling :) your grandma sounds adorable.

You hardly look like a truck driver - you look like a movie star! I wish more of my relatives used their computers as much as I do. That's great that you communicate with yours so much. Most of mine are far, far away too.

I completely understand. Each person in India is fluent in a minimum of 2 languages. We have such a mind-boggling number of languages that one could end up in your situation based on their respective parents' mother tongues.

my parents know my native language which i can understand though can;t speak.........India has 100's on languages and it's strange when you can't speak to you own country men in their language and that's why knowing English is a great help in India............

This photo is so cute *chuckles*


U look gorgeous giving us nuggets of information & making us all the more curious abt u:-)).

what a very cool photo :) and its great to speak another language, I was born in Italy and I love it when I can chat with my parents in Italian :)

have a great week.

Miriam xx

Agnes!! I laughed so hard. Thank u for making my day! OMG, you need a translator to talk to your grandmom?? that is the funniest thing. My wild imagination immediately conjured up so many funny situations!!!

And the picture is just too much. You are the best!!!!

Ha, ha. It's a wild new international world.

Nice to know about you..it must be fun to experience so many different languages :-)

I've bought a webcam, just got to figure out how to connect! That is so cool, that you have different relatives in so many countries. Is she your dad's mother or mom's? Like the picture!

It explains a lot! What is the language your other grandmother speaks that you do not?

It certainly explains a lot, but there is nothing wrong in being nomadic as you well know. You will have plenty stories to tell someday when you settle down, have a young ear listening to you while you sit in front of a cosy log fire and reminisce.

now I know Agnes ;) your photo is so cool!!!

Oooh, your 78 year old grandmother knows how to use the internet ???? Hmm, Guess I have an example to give my mom then .

I really have to think to use my webcame more often. My new laptop has one build-in and I haven't even tried it yet!

This post made me smile. Cant talk with your step mom without your dad translating ??? Now which lang does she speak ???

You speak Hungarian ? WOW !!! And how many lang do you know ???

Cool picture !
Wow, you speak Hungarian...Hungarian is probably one of the most difficult languages on earth !

My grandparents were from the Ukraine, from Romania, and from Austria. I couldn't speak to my Austrian grandmother because she couldn't hear or speak and I didn't know sign language, but I got lots of hugs. Different languages within families are an interesting point. I understand how it is in India and I admire the fact that many Indians speak several languages. Agnes, you don't look anything like any truck driver I've ever met but you sure look mischievous in that snap.

Ha ha ......like that idea of the Truck driver.....

It's always nice to have something to wonder about you, Agnes. My mother is 75 and although she lives only 60 miles away, I don't see her very often due to work, mainly. She can't use a computer but she does write lovely letters and we often talk on the phone.

I am so impressed that you are bilingual !

I am glad you showed everyone what you normally wear around town. You are missing the toothpicks in the photo which you regularly chomp on and also the chewing tobacco package is missing in the photo.

Where would we be without Skype! I just love how the internet makes the world smaller and lovelier!

Best wishes for a beautiful weekend,

You perfectly suit the nomadic tendency, Agnes !

Technology has surely shrunk the world. What an interesting life you lead.....I guess you could say the "travel bug" is in your genes.

Guess you need to invest in Rosetta Stone! Nothing wrong with never leaving the house for the next 873273948 years learning 897529759287 languages! :P

I talk to my parents in BUlgaria from NY on Skype. Sometimes we eat and drink at the same time and enjoy the internet-cam-togetherness! :)

I am from Delhi (North India) and just back from Pondicherry and area around in southern india. Strange, in my own country, i felt like a foreigner, struggling to make people understand in broken english.
Travelling to foreign countries was easier!

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