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I'm insanely jealous of almost every word in this post.

Especially the jasmine tea. I have a lot of tea, but alas no jasmine.

Yup :)

It sounds like pure heaven to me Agnes!!! I could use a good cup of tea right about now.

You sound so content - happy for you :)

I am so glad you have perfect weather, Agnes - the sun shining and a bit of warmth changes our whole perspective on life doesn't it ?

So true. Why blog when life is perfect?
I gave you a mention at Original Bliss yesterday, as one of "what inspires me". Hopefully, more people when stop by and enjoy your reflections.

Raining here in SF which I don't mind at all, although have lots of friends and co-workers who are looking for nicer weather. P.S. LOVER the Linn Olofsdotter image - the colors are gorgeous!

Every now and then,
when the world sits just right,
a gentle breath of heaven
fills my soul with delight...
~Hazelmarie ‘Mattie’ Elliott, A Breath of Heaven

Glad you found your moment of bliss. You deserve it !


Nice moment Agnes. Great quote, Sidney. Here's my contribution from Rumi:

"There is nothing in the universe that you are not
Everything you want,
look for it within yourself — you are that."


Oh, lucky you with the great weather. We are facing one of the harshest summers here :(

Someone said once to me: If I click each subject what will I store for eyes. He was so correct And the current post of yours is very similar to that. Few times we just want silence And watching is pleasure. Great location.

If I ever put up a poster on my wall, this post, picture & your words would surmise what I'd want to read!! I loved it Agnes. Enjoy the beautiful weather:-)

yea...enjoy the weather......why spend time on the blog with virtual people when you can swim in the deep blue see............

it's true Agnes! because everything is just perfect to write about :)

i say it's best to take the time to enjoy those perfect moment, the blog will still be here later :)

Beautiful post. Beautiful picture.

Hi Agnes, this is your blog. I have been fine. I have been planting little letters and some numbers in the digital soil, and I think they are starting to come up. I went to the big high grand poobah's palace in the center of the internet yesterday while you were out. I met some nice blogs and a few snarky ones. We talked. They all told me to say hi. The grand poobah didn't say that, he wasn't there. His assistant said he was out fishing because it was such a pretty day.
Your blog

Missed your blog while I was away, but I thought of you while I was in India! You are so lucky that you have the opportunity at all to go swimming at sunset, haha. I would LOVE to have that option. :)

I'm facing the same issue. Spring brings out my most productive side and I don't want to sit at the computer as much as I do all winter long. Enjoy the Sun!

Hello to you and Geoff,

Couldn't help but comment on your post about our beautiful Florida weather! It is gorgeous this time of year isn't it? Also, I think you should pull out those old poems and re-write them now that you have more life experience.
Kindest Wishes,

Agnes, you effortlessly blogged about not blogging.

I am soooooooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for making my morning a little bit better with this great article!!

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