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Yep, the lines, shadows all seem to be workin... girl i like those boots!. That sky is awesome... Have a friend in Stuart and I have yet to see her take a photo of a sky that looks like that...

Agnes, your posts are always such wonderful reads. Both of those photographs are simply spectacular. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

That is such a beautiful photo of you and I love your outfit :)

Days go by fast but I find I have more energy because they are longer too.

Both the photos are gorgeous Agnes - postcard material!! :-) Ooooh!!! Love them.

Be a child always And world is always new.
And Yes, Thanks for saying:
Your photos are the best Hobo :-)

I try The Best.
I trying to be on-road forever.
I trying to sit /rest under tree.
I trying to bath within river.
I try to meet people & people.
In-short: I am trying to be close to nature.
And yes, of course writings & photography.
Wish Goodluck/Best Wishes.
A new blog -

Great photo, as always!

wow! what a beautiful perspective... you have drawn a beautiful outlook for me for this weekend. Lovely pictures...

U look gorgeous and u r right....the best things in life are people but its a pity we dont realise it sooner.

Deal ! I give you one hour of my life ... :-)

Gorgeous sunset !

Coffee cups are used for fortune telling in Greece and Cyprus. Greek coffee tends to leave patterns or designs on a cup. All you have to do is put your cup upside down on the saucer, just let it dry for a minute or two and then look in your cup! There are beautiful patterns like stars, hearts, caves....Fortune tellers , of course, use their imagination to interpret the...cup!

PS1 ~ I love your outfit!
PS2 ~ The night sky photo is the ultimate night sky photo - very inspiring!

Great post and great photos-- the skyline looks like a painting. I love posts about life, time, and meaning. That's what it's all about.

I'm convinced the skies are smaller here than they are in the Southwest US. There's just never as much sky as I feel like there should be.

I'm intrigued about your mentor...

We have huge skies like that here in Australia ! Love both pics, Agnes.

your encouragement is really appreciated !!! esp when i have lost all faith in PEOPLE

No doubt about the picture...it is beautiful! The way your earring is touching your cheek...i can feel the breeze around you even if its a stationary picture :)

That is a lovely photo, and you look so deep in thought. I'm also loving these longer days and warmer weather, and all the new blossoms and flowers make me feel like I'm in heaven.

Very true..time flies faster and its certainly longer when you are servign it...nice pictures..The evening sky is mindblowing :-)

Loved the pic, as usual. Tell me, How do you take such lovely pics ??? I am never able to capture the sky with the myriad of colours like that.

What a sky !

Beauty as well as wisdom - what a wonderful combination of both in your blog Agnes.

the best thing in life is indeed people :)
wonderful post!

You have a way with words! :D

That is a beautiful sky! and a beautiful composition! ;)

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