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Would u believe I don't own a safari shirt!? Love olive and khaki.... khaki looks so clean paired w/white...

Great pictures! I love insanely blue skies.

Lovely pictures !!!!!!! I need to lose some weight as well, maybe I should make weekly walking trips downtown. YOUR downtown, I mean. :(

Shirt And Background color - excellent.

I love your khaki shirt. My fav though is white shirt with jeans. And, love the serene blue pic. It is wonderful walking in the morning, I'd say!

The last pic does look non-morningly (if you can take that to make some sense :) n i loved the insanely blue sky n gorgeous tree pic. Just the other day you were writing about starting to diet and you have already got results.. wow!

Those are some nice snaps!

I agree with Geoff... the last picture looks radioactive... and probably like him I think you look great in jeans and safari shirts !
Yes, forget about those DVDs & bills... the blue skies outside are too inviting !

Sounds like my kind of diet! The house and paperwork can wait. This perfect weather needs to be taken advantage of.
I wanted to say that it was so great to see you posted. I just finished Coco's memory book which was very emotional and your posts are always so positive and uplifting :)

You dropped a few kilos just like that.... WOWWOW !!! Gosh !! I wish I am like that - I need to really slog to reduce my waistline. Sometimes I hate it.

That blue sky pic is brilliantly beautiful. Love it the most. Enjoy your workouts.

The last pic looks retro 70s to me. the lack of blue makes it feel faded, as if it was a photo in the window of a chinese restaurant that has been touched by the sun a thousand days.

You got back into your jeans so quickly? I'm not gonna believe you next time you whine !! ;-D

The blue sky/sea pic decorates my desktop as wallpaper for the day. Thanks.

Tell me about it! I need to loose a few pounds as well. And walking is my favorite thing to do :)

That last photo does look radio active LOL!

Have fun walkin'!

I love reading your blog. Your writing is a delight and the photos are great too. (Radio-active is a perfect description for that photo!)

Oh look, the jeans are back in place already and i would agree about the beach picture looking quite "radioactive" but without the usual radioactive logo in sight....could have been consumed by radiation together with the lone ranger who was seated on the beach earlier. Wow the sunglass, stunning, the 'Terminator' should just watch out.

ohh so you are on weight loss program :-) Pictures are very nice..specially the first one..and yes Geoff is correct..last pic is really looking radioactive ! Enjoy your morning walks !

I haven't been able to go back in my jeans yet but haven't started a diet either. I'm still bingeing on easter leftovers...I might just as well follow your example and go for a walk on the beach. Great photos, by the way. I see that you also have palm trees but was impressed with your tall buildings! The tallest buildings I've ever seen are the skyscrapers in Frankfurt, Germany.

It doesn't look like you need to lose any weight !

The pictures are lovely Agnes......no wonder u lost weight so fast coz u were having fun while doing it:-)

@Nancy: and @LostWorld: Just to be clear I only lost a few pounds. My jeans are still pretty tight. I think the secret is to not wait too long, lose those pounds as soon as you notice your clothes feeling tight, and then cut out all fat, sugar and carbs for a week or two -- this forces the body to burn up the fat that's already there. This is the only thing that works for me.

Love the pictures, Agnes! Especially the blue one. I guess I need to do some beach walking. Unfortunately, I would need to take the day off to get to a beach. Sigh...

your photos are nice...and yes walking is a good exercise and you have a time to think and rethink :) i love you cup!

I already guessed tht Agnes...and I so get wht u r trying to say. Like u said the secret is not to wait too long:-)

You look fine to me. I guess a few lbs either way is OK but you know best how you feel about it. I'd like to gain 10 lbs so give me what you lose. Diets make me put all my attention on food so I prefer not to diet up or down. Nice photos, radioactive or not. Spring is so brief here. In a few more weeks, we'll be begging for cooler weather.

U wanted to lose a few pounds? Why?WHY???? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? You post pictures with all ur posts. U look just fine!

Now I am burning with jealousy!!! I wish i could lose a few pounds that easily. The only thing I seem to lose easily is: my temper, my mind and money (pounds). Ha ha!!!!

It's so lucky for me to find your blog! So shocking and great! Just one suggestion: It will be better and easier to follow.

Coconut palm,long blonde hairs,ray.ban,
coffee shirt,and harmonic jeans downfall..

Your blogs and every other content is so entertaining and useful It makes me come back again.

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