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LOL, so I guess u missed the shuttle takeoff? my friend in Stuart went down to the beach and took some great photos....U gained weight? yeah, sure....

corduroy - one of the favorites.

I'm sure you'll be in those jeans soon enough. But you manage to look beautiful no matter what anyway :)

I eat more when I am having fun and happy so I know exactly what you are taking about! Just remember you look great anyway and you will be back in your jeans soon enough. Great to hear you are enjoying life :)

Jeans and air...two of the vital necessities of life...

LOL I know the feeling of first eating too much and then being too large for your well-fitted clothes :). Enjoy, girl. You can always get back to your slim size.

I hope you had a good Easter!:) I had a good break & I'm yawning my way through work. I know how you feel about the jeans. I never give away a pair of jeans that don't fit (& specially if it fit before). I ensure it fits me fine someday & then cheerfully dispose them :D

--and thank God, your post was little longer than the title!

First, I love the way you seem to be spending your evenings, with friends sitting on a boardwalk. WOW, its life at the best. Enjoy !!!

Second, get back into your jeans, sooon. But, I like you in skirts. :)

ooo.....the water is so clear around the beach........many of the beaches i have seen here, the water is very dirty especially around the beach...........

just one week........i have gained weight and have been trying to reduce it since and month...and still no success........you shld share those tips with people who have the spare tire.......


Had posted a comment on your previous post! Can't find it now! :(
Wanted to tell you that I have updated the answer in my post long back...

That beach hotel looks amazing! We get to see hardly anything that is natural in this place! :(((

Ah! I have a project similar to this but I will start in May after leaving Brussels... Good Luck to get back into the jeans - should be no trouble for you.

oh that's sure one long title and why not. BTW, what has happened to your jeans, still in the w/machine...

Nice shots and good luck with the jeans.

Why jeans and not a nice mini skirt for spring?

Glad you were able to enjoy the good weather !
You can always buy new jeans :)

Agnes; We all love good weather. Even today, it is perfect - warm, clear skies, slight breeze - absolutely beautiful. Again, you always look beautiful to me so I don't really know what the fuss is about over gaining a few pounds. I'd love to gain a few myself. The readers are right - you can always buy new jeans if you need 'em. Here's a Coco Chanel quote that seems appropriate today: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

@Sidney: and @Geoff: Vanity aside, the road to fat-hell is paved with buying bigger jeans. It's a true saying. Even though I just made it up.

You're not alone...after our Easter feast, which continued on Easter Monday, I can hardly go back in my jeans. A baggy skirt is a good idea ..temporarily! Loved the photos. They're super!!!

I gave up trying to fit back into my jeans and bought new ones. I still sleep at night.

I love jeans too and it feels weird not wearing them. Unfortunately, we have a strict dress code at work and no jeans is number one on the (imaginary) list.

Good luck with the no dessert diet - I could never do it, ever !!

LOL @ Lady Gaga without corsets made out of kitchen utensils!!!


I was in splits after reading "..as a result of which my jeans won't come up past my knees." Really Agnes I thot exaggeration was my department ;-D

Lovely pics, the grill place has got ambience!!!!

You're not alone! My jeans won't fit either! I'm convinced it's stress. I'm going dessert free too. ;)

Beautiful pictures, interesting though given to my mind about jeans below the Knees :-). Sand thought, the jeans that easily came above my knees last year barely make it to just below my wast. :-(. So nice to visit you somewhere in the middle. LOL, In all honesty and absent all one liners aside. I love your Blog and post.

I keep scrolling and scrolling looking for a stopping point to leave a comment but each post is as interesting as the next! Love your pictures! Marija

I sign under what MARIJA said....You are awesome Agnes!!

I love this title!

I gotta work on getting back into my jeans too - I'm telling myself gaining weight is a natural reaction to Winter and it will recede as the weather gets warmer.

That's right, isn't it?

Oh rapture yes. This is the perfect reason I was born. To find you,
my long lost blogging soul-mate.

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