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Kinda like that song "Rambling Rose" huh? lol... love that mug shot! has that dream like look from a movie...Cool sketch- did ya frame it? Gnarly roots! looks like u were in a rainforest...

I am SUCH a tropical weather gal!!! I was in heaven when I was in Southern India. You look gorgeous in that India pic, NOT fat!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm totally with you on the aesthetics theory. I just re-ordered my checks. I found these beautiful Erte one. LOVE!!!

I'm with you on the aesthetics topic, I always take the time to ensure whatever I create or pick looks the part, fits my mood and compliments my style. Sure, the majority will never notice. But you took the concious decision, you know what you've done and why, I guess that's all that matters really. And those roots! They look amazing, I can understand why your memory cards would fill so quickly, what with being surrounded by such mesmerising scenery.

Great photos and NO NOT fat!!!
You are making me want to travel to Asia more with each post I read of yours. I can't wait to hear more deets :)

No, you do not look fat!
It looks so green! Which part of India is it?

No bank here offers pretty cheques - no choice whatsoever - everyone gets what they get - boring, same old, same old !!!

We are fast approaching the 40 C in Manila... and yes it is sizzling hot, sticky and humid... but like you I feel right at home.
I do hope you will have a great time while touring Asia. Visa applications... it is getting exciting ! :-)

Hi Agnes!

The sketch gave me giggles! And hmmmm... longer posts from you are like a treat :P

have fun!

You think you are fat in that pic taken in India ??? Then I shld give a new name to myself, for being more fat compared to your pic. LOL. :)

Nice sketch and lovely pics.

B&W photo is simply beautiful :)
And I was born in Lithuania - it's not India, but you should visit it some day :)

WOw!! great pics..
I loved that tropical tree pic..

I liked the sketch a lot :). I love the sunshine which the tropics offer. As you rightly said, the summers could be too hot, but they are fine in Bangalore. The winters are really beautiful!. Like everyone has said, you don't look fat at all :)

You've always got some neat pictures up and something interesting to say.

The photos are great. They draw you in. That India shot where you do not look fat was in Mysore and I thought it captured a moment. I do agree with you about tropical climates. Walking down the road in Kuala Lumpur and having warm rain burst all over you, soaking you to the skin and finding it a pleasant experience is special. Miles of jungle beauty reinvigorates the soul. Even those hot, dry desert stretches we crossed in Pakistan amid the dust and grit had a timeless familiarity to them. Yes, I love Asia too and can't wait for us to get back there. But in the end it is the people, the wonderful people, who make their native places so special for us wanderers.

Holy crap you get a lot of comments on your blog :)

I agree with you!Tropical plants are beautiful. I think it't because they're so exotic and remind me of far away places. Most of them are so fragile looking, but can be quite hardy. Traveling visas, is a trip in the future? Maybe an exotic location? Fat? You've got to be kidding me! The post was great, sometimes a spontaneous post can be fun, interesting and informative! I love ferns, and I've just discovered Asparagus ferns, their texture is so different, so airy. Hope you have a great day!

Those roots look like they're just waiting for a victim.

Looks like you and also Geoff (after having read his wonderful comments above) are very much in love with Asia. And it's certainly nice to visit Asia, any asian country for that matter.

(Now this is more my kind of winter (India 2009 -- was I THAT fat??)
Whats your reply for your question?

You DO NOT look fat in the pic from India and why, oh why do you look so pretty ??????????

I'm very superstitious when traveling and I want any official travel documents (visa, passport) to have a good picture. So I understand!

Funny little drawing of you!

Fabulous photos. Love your lush green winter. The Northern winters do sap the good out of you. Need to venture further south I think!

I think you look great in that mugshot pic including your hair! I also love tropical plants but all we can get in the eastern Med are cacti, yuga and palm trees - not sure if they're categorized as tropical!

The thing I admire about u is tht u have no qualms about posting pictures where u know u dont look so great....all the more[admire ie] coz I'm so reluctant for the exact reason:-P
And guess wht...years later when I look at the same pictures I realise tht they dont look so bad really;-/

Asia! Remember that no visit to Asia is complete without a visit to the "interface"...
Angkor Wat it is your destiny. Find the longest continuous stretch of embossed stonework then follow this to the bridge of precession and look for the Naga King! your number is 108.

After you have helped to churn the milky ocean take pics and blog us Vishnu awaits you!

And don't forget the food!

You have fab hair! Great photos, by the way.

Wonderful to get a sketch from a waiter !

I'm with you on all of this Agnes. Hey..why don't you take a sketch pad out and do some sketches on what you see ...I betcha it would be fantastic as you have a great eye for things ..draw a kitty..a husband..or a waiter and sketch away. And then post it if you wish.

hey that sketch is good one..and NO you are not at all looking fat in that India winter picture !

love the pics! and no, i don't take the time to choose pleasing checks ... for me, i'm spending my money when i write a check, so i refuse to pay more (for prettier checks) to spend my money. sadly utilitarian, i know...

Ah, but people do notice the difference in checks, as each time I reorder I choose a new design and I definitely opt for pretty and a design that gives me 3-4 different choices within on book of checks.
Too many times my hair gets outgrown but I prefer to be able to wash and go. I don't like fussy. At times this leaves me dismayed with my appearance, but it's freedom to be me.
You always look so endearing. It is refreshing to read your blogs and how you enjoy life wherever you are.


Love the title of your post!! :)

Just stopping by to say HI! Can't believe every post of yours have at least 30 comments! I have a few everyday readers but not many people comment, maybe I should trow more photos in? You're good at that! I can't wait to hear more about the trip/work/life! Take care! :)

I love the muggish shot of you. It's revealing.

Thank God for Dennis Scott's "Epitaph"... or else I would never have experienced you, ... your blue skies, Smokey's purr, Geoff's love, and most of al ...your wanderlust...

Attention to aesthetics is so a part of my life too:) Life without details can be boring. I am so also with you on winter. I grew up in northern fl. and currently live in MN. The winters are spirit killers after Christmas. I would give anything for the Fl. winters again. Someday again I hope!!!! Again so glad I stumbled upon your blog!!!!

I love the sketch, it's great how he captured you in so few strokes!

And I always enjoy the photographs you post, they have such character! Even the mugshot.

(I'm somewhat behind but catching up quick!)

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