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We had water cuts for about a year. So, I could only wash my hair on those days of the week water was on - that is three times a week. I used to wash my hair every day! Now I'm back to my good old habits ...no more water cuts! I agree, appearances can be misleading - all that glitters is not gold. Filakia xxxx

I truly wish I was on the beach right about now!

Yes appearances can be deceiving, but it looks wonderful laying on the beach! Hope you are doing well :)

Yes looks are deceiving, lol... but u know once u are on the beach and feel that wind blowing, I think that's when things get back into perspective... at least for me it it does... must be hearing the pounding of the waves that do it for me..

Ah... what a calm picture... just looking at it made me feel calm. As for water running out in between, you should try mineral water when that happens......

aaaahhhhh white sand. So pretty. Spring just hit us like a ton of bricks and I can't wait to lie on the beach without being bundled up.

LOVE the all-white getup. So fabulous!!! Keep focusing on the positives, even if they are as simple as soft hair. :)

maybe the water company thought you should take a break from your busy day :)

I didn't think your book looked like People magazine. I figured out what it was (looking sideways) and then happened to mouse over the book itself. Ha.

Urgh, I hate not being able to rinse my hair properly - trust me, it happened to me a few times between running out of hot water or loss of water pressure. Drives me nuts.

Life is simple, Life is tough - Time the decision-maker And we - human the followers.
Take life as it comes Or we say: live for the day.

Agnes, everything about that photo appears...just...right--the composition, the aesthetic appeal, the sand, your blanket, your outfit, the clogs, the water and all its litter left behind, the movement of the wind implied by your hair, the reading material--and the photo's relevance to your post. So, in spite of your crazy day and the risk of getting all "deep and wise," the beautiful thing *is* the reconnection that comes through. This is why I look forward to your posts. P.S. I'd probably buy a timeshare from you!

Now you can follow her on Dancing With The Stars, or DWTS, to be in the know. One can become weary with her and her life. Hope your hair was agreeable to the extra conditioning. Cheers.

Hi Agnes,

My first time on your blog. You are beautiful, and you look serene in all your photos. The look of your blog is so pristine. Happy to connect with you.

what i noticed is that.....you don't say Tea any more....you say it "Chai" :)

and yea you sound very much like those....motivational speaker...who always talk positively...god know how they or you can be so positive about???? Life is tough and yes, it is simple.....but those are totally different days.... :)

Have a good day.....


Yo know due to our drought we are all only allowed a 4 minute shower and allowed 155 litres water usage per person per day - a bath uses roughly 140 litres so I have had to give up one of my greatest loves !!

You look fab in this pic. When I was reading about deep conditioning, it reminded me of the few times that I tried in vain to do that. They say that u shud leave the conditioner in for a few mins before u wash it out. Try as hard as I can, I am not able to do that. I get so impatient just hanging around doing nothing. :D

I have to try out vanilla chai!

Thank you for all the great posts from last year! I look forward to reading your blog, because they are always full of information that I can put to use. Thank you again, and God bless you in 2010.

If u can manage to photgraph so well on a crazy day I'm wondering how glorious u'll look on a normal day;-).

What!! So you aren't really a motivational speaker?? Why am I coming here then;-)

Good morning Agnes. Thanks for helping me let go of the "crazy day." The comments are so intelligent and insightful that I felt uplifted by them. Today is a hospital day for me and the doctor is going to look down my throat with a little camera and check out my intestines. I think it would be funny if he found a miniature version of Kate Gosselin and the DWTS in full view of his camera. But seriously, I feel really good today and expect only good news. Love to all.

You must indeed look wonderful on a normal day !

Look at you! Girl, I badly need a full night's sleep. *yawn*

Keep enjoyin'!

Yes, I do love it when you get all deep and wise. Keep it up. In ten days, I'll be in California and hopefully in that self-same posture on the beach.

I shave my head so I never have this problem.

I love reading your blog. I also love the fact that Geoff responds to your blogs himself and always has such an uplifting look to his life. As an emergency room nurse I see enough of those who are so down and pessimistic and so many have so little to fuss about.
You can see his love for you through his photography. Enjoy the beach and the spring.

L C McCarty

Yes, anyone who looks at this pic, will first surely get envious of such relaxation and carefree days !!! You just photograph so well !!!

Wish I relax like that and wish someone photographs me so well !!!! Sigh !!!

nice tip to have a softer hair ;)

that's a nice picture you have there... thanks to the water that ran out.... hair was soft all day.... :)

I have never seen something like that before.

The things attracte me in your blog is what you write and the style you demonstrate. Thank you. Best wishes to you.

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