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How true this is. Is that your original copy? Hope the pub was nice.

Have a brew for me will ya? or two? :-)

Love the braid you have in the picture! Classy yet messy. My kind of hairstyle.

I haven't seen Alice in Wonderland because I know I'd be disappointed.

I am definitely not seeing it - ever !!!

I saw it. I liked it. But I wish it had subtitles. I will send you a photo, separately, of what I predict will be the latest in cosmetics.

Life is a pre-written story may be.

true, even the movie will never be as good as the book, but still it can feed some of my hungry imaginations about wonderland and the contents of it.

good blog. ;)

Well, I have to say if you do choose to see it I promise you that you will NOT be dissapointed with Alice's dresses. They are truly works of art!

Agnes ... don't see it ... stick to your beautiful guns!

Maybe see it after several Jameson's...then you won't remember it as well. It's nice to have these calm times, isn't it Agnes? I'm happy for you...

i saw the movie...though it was a good experience to watch all the character being realized.....but still the movie wasn't that good........

My girls want to watch that movie - shld take them !!! Its wonderful for me too, to be a child there, with them and enjoy with them.

If it helps......it's not the actual Alice in Wonderland story, it's set when she's a bit older after her original trip (a bit like the film Hook when Peter Pan goes back as an adult). Perhaps Tim Burton realised the difficulty in remaining true to the book.

Andi is right, Alice's dresses are beautiful, and as ever, Johnny Depp is wonderful :D

I remember how disappointed I felt after I saw Lord of the Ring part 1. I had a completely different imagination of hobbits, gollum etc as well as the environment. I did not see the parts 2 and three because I am still trying to recover my imagination. Same with Harry Potter...

Images in movies make everything seem so human like.

Never yet found a movie which is as good as the book;-P.

U r looking gorgeous Agnes...ummm Geoff taking photography classes or something....the pics are getting better by the day;-D

I still haven't seen the movie.. I don't know. I just don't feel like seeing it. Alice in wonderland have been there since my childhood years and I have read many books about it. I just don't want to be disappointed.

I wish I still had the freedom of my imagination as a child....

I remember watching the extra interviews on the end of the wonderful movie "The Chorus", where they were talking to a famous French actor. He remarked that children do not act - for them the scene is as real as you or I.

lovely pic and lovely thoughts..

much luv until next time ;)

It's amazing to see the different illustration of the book...never seen this one!

Tim Burton's movie version of the book is bound to be different from anything you'd expect. Dark in all possibility. Btw I don't know if you've watched, but I found the movie 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' as good as the book!

I LOVE these comments. I know am gonna go see Alice in W eventually... By the way we never found that Irish place, we ended up in a small and dark Thai joint instead and it was GOOD!

@Nancy: thanks. I used to post random iPhone-camera photos before. These newer ones were taken with a real camera. Big difference, huh?

Hi Agnes;
I'll go with you to see it whenever you like. I'm quite curious to see all the changes that Tim Burton made. I also feel that seldom do movies ever seem as good as the book. Of course there are exceptions but this doesn't sound like one of them. Using my "real camera" as you call it has certainly improved the quality of your photos but as many of your readers have pointed out, you look great no matter what. I can testify to that.
Much Love

I wouldn't want to tamper with my imagination when it comes to classics like "Alice in Wonderland." Like you rightly said, they never measure up to the books.

The Jason Borne movies were infinitely better than the books, but that is an exception. Otherwise, I know what you mean.

A little late on this post... Just wanted to say you look cute in the photo :)

I agree... books that are made into movies, most of the time do not coincide with the cinematics we have imagined the scenes to be.... :)

Hey Agnes, U look like Alice in the picture. :D

Quickly checking into blogger. I am visiting family and will be back in a few days.

Hope the pub was good.

I do OK with book->film mutations when the film goes way off the book - I think because that way I have a chance of keeping them separate in my mind. Alice and Sherlock Holmes both seem like they do that. If/When you *do* see it, post your response that way I can decide what I'm going to do. ;)

The film is almost entirely a separate entity... so comparisons weren't required. Although I went with a Greek friend of mine and he was utterly bewildered by the film!! How can you explain the purpose of the Mad Hatter or the psychotic Red Queen??
I love the ever changing possibilities of Alice over time - she has influenced so much of the arts.
Film of book never to watch -The Time Traveller's Wife.
Film of book coming out that might not work - Eat, Pray, Love - have you read it? Amazing book by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Your blog is super cool, and I am delighted you are following me - I feel super cool by default :)
Remember to believe six impossible things before breakfast...

...through the mirror with a cup he's exciting.!.

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