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Excellent, Agnes.

You are starting to soar like an eagle with your prose.

That breakfast looks pretty awesome.

I like the last line of your post.... I think it applies to people too...

I totally agree that you never know what type of person someone is until you travel with them! I tend to have a schedule, and then just go with the flow if (WHEN) it gets interrupted. If something more interesting comes up. I'm all for it. This post was absolutely lovely Agnes!

That is the right attitude to travel !

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” – Bill Bryson

I can't travel with anyone but Feng. Sure, we do argue once in a while, or disagree. Yet he is the only person I can spend months on the road with.

I, too, am highly selective about travel partners and also destinations !! The travel buddy can make or break my perspective of the destination. I am an avid B&B fan so I can meet locals and always I avoid those cookie cutter type hotels.

traveling .....with people who you don't like can be worse than death..... :)
have been ther.....it can be really boring.....
the best thing....you got to travel so many places with the best person, some one you wanted to be........


I like changing things up as well. I love learning about other cultures when I travel and that's pretty much impossible if you are holed up in a five star resort the entire time!

"We usually end up guest-teaching a couple of classes in some local school for fun, and hook up with local non-profits."
I really liked this among the other ways u enjoy ur travel.

you are making me itch for a vacation :)

As Liz said... you just made me want to go on a long holiday. One of my biggest wish was to just take off without any place in mind and just decide at each decision point to go one way or the other without pre-deciding.

I dislike traveling with the ones who enjoy indulging in what we call in India as "Patel spotting"! It means, if you go to Paris, you have to take 5 shots of Eiffel Tower. If you're in London, then with the Big Ben. It steals all the fun out of traveling :D Oh you & your posts Agnes..I keep sounding like a broken record when I say I love them!:)

You got me thinking as to what kind of travel person I am, so I gonna come back and comment again.

And of course, the best part of traveling and having a grand time is the memories. A feeling that stays with you all your life. Those frames in time where the sounds, smells and emotions are carried forever! Good post!

Being flexible in your schedule, making room for what happens along the way you can't plan for, is my key to enjoying travel. It's hard to be with someone who is all about the destination and checking things off a list instead of saturating yourself in the world to which you have traveled.

Delightful! ;)

How are you?? Nice photos!
You come by as a very stable person.

Take care!

I loved traveling with you babe. It was like seeing the world with extra eyes. So much to experience. When you talked about people living the way they travel, it got me wondering. Marcus Aurelius, that magnificent Roman said, "As the same fire assumes different shapes when it consumes objects differing in shape, so does the one Self take the shape of every creature in whom he is present." I wondered how that might apply to the "Self" that goes to far off lands. I know the answer.

This is such a gorgeous post!!! I wish that I could add something clever, but I agree with what you said 100%. It's seriously like I wrote the post, haha. I think the word they use to describe us now is "flashpackers." :)

A journey with the post - I on-tour. Thanks to you. Thanks a lot.
As a solo traveler or the traveler the important is:
Budget, Connection, Curiosity & No Time-limit(the most important)
Yes, if a friend may be much better may be.
But currently as a solo traveler The wish:
Nomad writer - to be as close as possible with "I" - to be as close as possible towards the nature - to connect with the people - to write for people. And the day it is possible The day I - The real traveler. The journey continues...

Agnes, i think you really know what it means to travel, expect everything and experience everything and just simply travel!

I've recently become annoyed at travel blogs telling people how they should travel - decrying certain experiences as "fake" and generally being judgemental. I love this, it's a breath of fresh air. There are *so* many things to discover in the world - the important thing is to be open to experiencing them.

I think we were separated at birth, and could definitely travel together, I am the same exact way, luckily my husband is too. It's nice when you can find someone like that to travel with.

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