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Exotic, like Graham Greene.
I was never in Bangkok, but I was next door in Saigon. Memories flush full of all the senses are what we make the past of.

It's gorgeous...you are right about it being a great piece for summer. Bright and fun.

While I believe in living each day fully, spring can't come soon enough this year!

Has a bohemian look- quite nice- earthy...

I love that handbag! I can understand why it's your favorite... A friend of mine from high school lives in Thailand, and I can only imagine Bangkok's excitement. One day, I will travel as you have. It has always been a dream of mine.

Absolutely gorgeous bag Agnes! I hope you are able to find it soon. We have been outside a lot more enjoying the sunshine and warmth.

i am welcoming the daily fight with mud because tulips are coming up, and irises... spring! i agree, it's the best.

I want to be in Bangkok too! :)

What a beautiful purse. I'm sure you get lots of compliments on it!!!

And I am sure if men purse are made by the shown material And design it will be great.
What say? And weather - heading towards too hot these days. I wish you will write about spring And colorful leaves on path. Thank you.

The other side of the river always looks more greener to us !!!

The bag is just awesome !!!

aaahhh....Spring....all of sudden the air smells good....everything around you becomes beautiful.....and if you live in a green green city.......it get always gets you into a happy mood ........
abt the bag.....really can't say anything about it..... :)

Ah! spring... !!!!! I remember being struck with this handbag when you first posted it.

The bag is gorgeous..Oooh I'm drooling over it!:-))Its summer over here so I don't want to start ranting!

I have had 2 trips to Bangkok and then onto Koh Samui - I just love that tropical blast of heat that hits you when you exit the airport !!

Guess I need to plan a trip to Bangkok to buy one of those bags. It's stunning - I love the bright colors!

Spring at last. Driving around yesterday, there were so many different shades of green that it felt like another planet. Buds, leaves, grasses and ferns were in full display. Light and color stole the show. Agnes, find that beautiful purse and we'll see how it matches the Spring colors of nature. And to answer your question, YES, Spring makes me feel like I've awakened to a whole new world.

I wonder if I would get harassed if I got one of those?

Trekking in the spring. Now that is what I am dreaming about. Fresh spring air in the mountains. The sound of the river. Now I am going to have to slap myself out of this.

We are in Spring spirit too. I think I deserve a new bag for this occasion!

Ummmm nice bag. I need to shop for bags anyway. You're just tempting me more :P

i love reading your blog friend, it's like a friend is talking to you :D

keep inspiring..

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