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10 inches taller? What is a lot taller! He has to use the 'liquify' tool in Photoshop to an extreme to stretch someone that much! LOL I love spring as well. Happy St. Paddy's day to you both!

@Napkin Dad: Well, I am short and we don't have photoshop. Happy St. Patrick's Day :-)

Alright. So now I know. I have given kudos to your husband before. Don't worry about the 10" in any direction. He's got your back with the photos.

Ok, your hubby is good w/the camera but did u think that maybe the subject may just be a tad attractive??? LOL, girl u are very photogenic!.I love this time change!! more time to soak up the sun, a bit too cold to put the bikini on but hey, as long as the sun hits my head- its all good... Tired? due to previous days? I can relate to that.. sleep well kiddo.

it loaded alot faster! i'm way excited about spring too.

At the gas station? My word woman you are just glamorous everywhere! LOL I'm loving the warmer weather too. I wish it would stay this way all year.

Love the pic, love the song you used for your title, and love that it's spring too! :)

A good light for the excellent photograph. Claps for the camera-person.

2. Your site did load faster but the first time, my IE closed with errors;-)
1. Love the instructions..But you don't really need them or ..your husband follows them to the 'T' :D

it did load faster, agnes. :)

That man of yours is amazing! I can't believe I am asking this, but , Does he have a brother! :D ha ha!

great pic! You are very photogenic, and your hubby does a great job at clicking you.

10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter and 10 inches taller - Seems a good piece of advice, which I can pass on to S.

And I love your pics !!! :)

you look great and the mood you bring with your post is what everyone want their everyday to be.. all the best

much luv as always..

...Wake up this morning,
Up with the rising sun,
Three little birds sit by my tree house,
Singing sweet songs,
Melodies pure and sweet,
This is my message to youyou you.... Dont you worry 'bout a thing,
Cos every little thing gonna be alright...

i didn't notice that it loaded faster or not......i already have you page cached in the memories.....
i think it'll be same for all other regular visitors.......

I think it loaded faster, but a slightly-wee-bit. I make my bro take photos of me till I start looking slimmer and cuter :P

Sweet dreams, Agnes !

Agnes; Yesterday was good because there was no bad news from the doctors. So far, so good as they say. I'll find out what's next, next week. I'm sure they'll cook up something interesting. You really look good in your navigators and the play of light across your arm and hair looks great. Get some rest, babe, and we can relax now for another three months. Thanks for all your help. The morning has Spring written all over it and so do I.

So glad you guys got some good news! You have no need for Photo Shop so don't bother investing in it. Very few people are so photogenic! Have a great night :)

Oh Agnes you look so beautiful!!!
How's Geoff, hope doing well, good to know the news are good.

Sorry my absence, but I've also been trough difficult times with the loss of my mother and also my mother-in-law in less than a month between the two.

Love and Sunshine to both :)


Definitely enjoying the Spring state of mind right now.

the page loaded faster...
i agree with Heather, you always look lovely wherever you are! :)

You make gas pumps look good .

Spring sounds so good....all we have here in Dubai is summer and winter and summer has started with a vengeance. Its going to be terrible till Nov:-(

And yes ur page loaded in seconds....thank U Mark:-)

Have a good weekend Agnes!!!!

sumtims lif can b precisely tailor-made...nice post nd nice pics!

Hey Agnes, been ages since I visited your blog but been busy lately and then stuck with a tragedy, well here I am and read all the missed posts in one go.

Well all your pics were amazing as usual, the beach one being the best :)

I'm afraid I'm the odd one out as I happen to hate spring more than winter! Must be because of my hay fever which usually starts in April and finishes end of May! I just put up with it and refuse to take medication. But I did enjoy an outing today in the nearby countryside. Your husband must be a very talented photographer who is lucky to have a muse like you. Filakia xxxxx

Yay for Mark! And I love the golden tones of this photo - perfectly captured.

How do i hook up my play station portable to the internet, do i have to buy a wi-fi adapter?
I have the internet, but i have no idea how to sync my portable play station to my laptop?

i like this part of the blog:"I am loving this Spring state-of-mind right now. Everything from the pretty skies to the longer evenings seems to be precisely tailor-made to my exact needs. And what a nice bonus, may I add, to be looking all sunsety and dreamy at the otherwise unglamorous gas station. I didn't even have to remind the husband to make me look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter and 10 inches taller -- my standard set of instructions when I see the camera in his hands.

" is very good

What a great blog agnes, i think you're right, all about the spring, make everyone's happy!!! =)

thanks for providing this..

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