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Have an Irish for me ok? lots of whipped creme and bourbon....plz...

Gosh, your bedroom looks lovely! I hope you enjoy your Irish pub, haha! Cheers!!! :)

Have a great time - sounds like a wonderful evening!

The coke in the end is fantastic but how that is displayed? I am short of technicalities And I wish to know.

first.....why do you need a haircut... ??????? this has always been a question i ask girls.....i mean...you people have long hairs....then why cutting......

yea....plain rice...is much more than plain here....... :)
anyways who likes plain rice.......is all plain...i mean plain....nothing else..than rice....how can one eat it.... :)

@Hitesh: bangs, layers, highlights.... it's complicated :-D

p/s: split ends, too...

Hope you have/had a great time !

.....All your fans should subscribe and get you an "Irish Pub" GPS location device..!! of course, you gotta memba to: 1) take it with you 2)..and, whether its portable or not....you gotta rememba 2 enter the "IP" coordinates.. NO problem, mon!!

Hey wait, that's not a song! ;)

Ah to be sure, just enjoy it anyway.

Hope you enjoyed your Irish night out.

Hey, I need a haircut too. I have been putting it off for ages. And, with two naughty boys, no matter how much I try, they leave my house in a mess. Join the gang :)

Agnes; In my own defense, I just wanted to say that it was an honest mistake, getting the name wrong, but it was funny. The reason I was looking for Peggy O'Neill's was because they are supposed to have the best fish and chips. They did. It was wonderful. I don't drink alcohol so the other benefits of an Irish pub are wasted on me. Now about that haircut. Your hair always looks nice to me so I'm clueless about what is needed when. Go for it but don't forget to warn me when it is done so I don't say the wrong thing. Just kidding.

Desperate for a haircut as well, love fish and chips too! Too bad you're not in Kansas City, I'd tell your to go to my fave Irish pub O'Neils!

That was a cool title to a blog post.
Loved the large picture of your home and the coke one at the end.
Hope you found "plain steamed rice" and the Irish pub :D :D


I need a haircut too but I'm so scared ..since they mercilessly shear all my tresses & it takes ages to grow :-( I hope you get lucky..I'm waiting for the 'after haircut' pic :-)

Have a wonderful time, Agnes !!! BTW, that pic is awesome - I need to tell you this everytime. :)

Wonderful Agnes...sour bed looks like a set from the movie, "Out Of Africa"! ~lovely!

oops sorry typo!
your bed & not sour bed!

Have a nice trip! :)

Great tip o' the hat to the Irish. Looks like Geoff chimed in with a mea culpa.

On haircut... it's funny, I always know precisely when I NEED a haircut. One day I can do my hair and it doesn't bother me and the following day, it feels dull and it gets in front of my eyes!

You look fabulous. I need to cut my bang too but am trying to hold off until my stylist can do it for me. : )

Irish coffee with lotsa creame..ummm..just too good..so you got your haircut??

Between two cups,beauty blonde
coffee shirt reads what . ? .

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