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Congratulations. I am impressed. (Me = 20 posts)

Also, kudos to your husband. He seems to be nailing you with his skills behind the lens.


I agree. Sometimes my thoughts tend to ramble and chain track in mid-stream but as and ER nurse my life has enough stress in it so I blog just to untangle my mind.
While I have not found a lot of bloggers that even strike enough curiosity for me to read past the first two to three sentences, I find your very refreshing and I enjoy your photos. Your husband does a really nice job with the photographs. If I were near as photogenic I might add photos of myself, but alas I am not thus you get photos of birds, my grandson etc.
I love following your blogs, keep up the nice work. You have a great play on words.

L C McCarty

Well u could post a Blogthing... just kidding... What brought me to your post was that u are just floating out there.. Your words come w/ease and u are open... Stay that way... As far as posting pics of others, that I can see his pt. I stopped posting photos of my kids cuz I am sure they wouldn't appreciate it ... They know how crazy the internet is and I know others who have had their images taken and used not in a good way... BTW u would wear all white and sit on that chocolate bench!. I love white and a contrasting dark color....Khaki and white, OMFG. lol

You know, I don't know how many posts I've done! Love the dress. Tell Geoff he out did himself on the picture. Great shot. Congratulations on the 100th post. Hope to see many hundreds. Oh my! Your geek friend would have a field down on my site. No pictures, comments or personal observations, you're right, what else would there be to post? You know how much I like your posts, but there's something different about the last few posts. They're more relaxed and informative isn't the right word, but I can't put my finger on what's different.

Thanks guys. Agnes, you've done it, reached the century! Thank goodness you paid no attention to the advice you were given when you started your blogging. I think you speak about many important things, light and heavy, that describe the human experience. Seinfeld made his fortune claiming his show was about nothing. Of course that wasn't true for him or for you. I've said before you are a woman of great substance and I count myself the luckiest man alive to be your husband. You are a bundle of aesthetic joy and I wish you hundreds more posts.

well, first thing.......smart and intelligent people use Mac ....i still use Windows...can't understand ....though i'm a computer's graduate......

and about search engine optimization....i think you did pretty good....cause i remember the first post i read from you was about you India trip.....and on that i was trying to search for people who blogged about their India trips....and your was one of the top....so SEO for the blog looks pretty good too.......


Congratulations!!!!!!!!This seems to be the season for completion of 100, 200,..posts. I am hopping from blog to blog congratulating people & its inspiring to read everyone's journey:-))

Loved the geek's tips!:D Made me laugh. No rocket science yus.

I do not know who you are but Yes, I guess a movie-star?

I cant remember if I found you through google or through someone else's blog. So I cant tell you if the search optimization worked :)

I am soo glad you chose not to not post personal pics coz then we would have missed seeing all your beautiful pictures.

And finally, congrats !!!!!! please keep floating on to the next 100 !!!

That is one fabulous outfit to celebrate your 100th post in!!! Love white all year round. Happy March!!!

Congrats on a century!

I love this place, you know I mean it! Mwaaah!

Hey! Congratulations!

Geoff's comment says it all :))

First of all, congratulations on the 100th post! You made it, girl... now, you are officially a 'Blogaroo'! Exciting, no?

Secondly, love your writings. Read it everyday on Reader, though I cannot comment much... I love to get comments, but shy away from commenting- now, how selfish is that? But I read, and I love you from your writings :).

There is still so much about blogging that I haven't a clue about. And frankly I think I am happier that way. Congrats on your 100. Great going!

Congrats on hitting 100 posts!

We're all quite, quite mad, aren't we :)

Congratulation on your 100th post. I am new to typepad and have only posted my first post here. If I ever reach 100 posts one day, I'll throw a big party for my friends!!

What??? It's March???
LOL. just kidding. It did sneak up on me though.

...Oh, and I think you can blog about anything you want. Congratulations on your blogaversary!

Well, I don't talk about job (way too sensitive considering where I work... and yes, I let you wander :lol:) and I don't post pics of friends. As of my private life... I think we can say a lot without revealing a lot. It's a funny game.

And reading your posts has been time well spent.

A 100 posts !!! Congrats !!! And I enjoyed coming here to read all that you wrote and to see your pics. Thank God, that you didnt take ur frnd's advice seriously and write abt nothing.

Congrats again !!!!

Congats Agnes on reaching a century and I award you multiple stars too !!!

hey Agnes,

congrats on your 100th post dear.. and please keep blogging, it is fun to read your posts, many times gives cheer :)

writing about nothing and still going on must be an achievement lol ;)
yes after all it is a blog not rocket science to think of each and every details so that it wont turn back on earth..

much luv as always..

Congratulations ! Keep going ! :)
I agree... Geoff outdid himself in this picture of you !

congrats Agnes & give us a 100 more......

And it works!! This blogging about no-thing!! :) Because, I don't know, you are just you and people love it! Makes us not so afraid to drop a comment either. My blog on the other hand, from the little that friends have told me, makes people read and agree but leaving them with little to say...that's why I appreciate your little hello's so much :) I have no idea where my blog is "going" either....but it finds its way to people and that's a beautiful thing.

Until next time ;)

What a terrible blog this could have been. Although I think you understand a lot more about it than you let on. :)

I love the Mary Oliver snippet from "The Journey" at the bottom - one of my favorite poems. Not sure why it's in a bar code ... but congrats on your continuing blogging Journey. - Louise, aka @ThoughtsHappen

100 posts sure is a milestone, Congrats!!!!

Thank goodness u decided to ignore ur professional geek friend's advice.....the heights being the advice to lose the comment section;-o

Love the picture Agnes....if I were as pretty as u I'm sure I'd have flooded my space with pictures of me;-D

oh, I'm enjoying your posts, so whichever direction you'd bring this blog, I'm sure it'll be a great one! :) keep writing.. and i'll keep reading! ;)

Great ramble.... I thoroughly enjoyed it ;)... Glad I found you through lost & found in India... I'm making a new blog Sion that will be fun- NYC!

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