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Sunglasses And the jacket - too good

Just don't do your makeup while you are driving AND texting, ok? But at stop signs, it's cool. Nothing is a more pleasant moment than to see a beautiful woman putting on lipstick at a stop light. Not sure why, but I love it.

When I had a severe eye infection a couple of years ago, I couldn't wear eye shadow or mascara for months. My eyes were swollen. Sunglasses saved me even at night! That's when many people thought I was somebody famous trying to avoid the paparazzi! :-)

I feel nekkid without makeup. :-(

looking good can help at times......can really help....and guy do digg it.....always good to have some unfair advantage......


I doubt that the make up would come into play for me now but I need the sunglasses to hide the crows feet !!

Makeup does make a difference! Even to me. I don't feel so washed out and my skin feels moist.

Makeup has been my BEST investment!!!

This is so true! :)

Hehehehe, I recently discoverd the world of eye make up and I love it !!!

But, But, I have not had anyone bump me up the line just coz of th eye make up, so I guess there are other factors at play too :D

You may be right about the eye make up but I'd let go ahead of me in any lane, anywhere, anytime.

I also carry make up in my bag. Most morning, I'm too lazy to put it on but I know I have to basics to look more proper if I need to!

The EYES have it....I use a natural mineral powder and blush which take only moments to apply so that I can spend a little more time with the eyes. After all, they say the eyes are the windows to our soul. I have been told that my eyes speak volumes even when I don't say a word.


I have many pairs of sunglasses, but even when I lose even one pair I have to go buy a replacement right away because I feel lost and/or naked without them. I've also heard they help prevent wrinkles :)

BTW, reading your blog regularly has inspired me to get off Facebook so much and blog again myself!

I never wear eye makeup. I just don't have time to put it on anymore with three kids tugging at me. I probably should put more effort in, but my husband actually prefers me without makeup. Who knew? LOL

Thats an interesting perspective. So, your next pic will be without sunglasses and with eye makeup, right ????

i have recently discovered the joys of makeup.. earlier it would just be a lip gloss and a kohl pencil, i have added the works now.. am running late every 2nd day :)
and you look great Agnes, as always

I'm glad you realised that sooner than later;-) I'm gonna keep this information stored for future use..the fringe benefits are too many to ignore!!!!:D

Funny. But true. Somehow being well turned out does have its advantages. You get out of turn favors and I noticed that even sales people at stores do not take u seriously. These days I dress up, based on my destination. :D

I think you are beautiful even without make-up... and you take advantage of it in daily life :-o
good for you ! :-)

you always have this worried look, suggest that the next time you take a picture throw in a little bit of smile, beauty is indeed skin deep, hence work on the inner beauty

Ur right.....appearance matters!!!! My problem is I have no clue how to go about it...makeup I mean;-(. I use a moisturiser and a lipstick but have this vague feeling I'm applying it all wrong[the lipstick I mean;-P]. Hmmm have to take lesson from Bins...she's an eye-makeup expert u knw;-D

oh.. how i miss putting on some make-up... have been off work for almost 3 months now... and i just don't feel like wearing it now...

thats a good read to lol ;)
yes making up works the magic you need in ur life many times :)

Agnes eres guapĂ­sima
Un beso

Interesting perspective. I'm 30 and have never learned to apply makeup. I figure my daughters can learn from their godmother when the time comes.

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I love your sunglasses!

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