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LOL @ the resulting number of socks divisible by 2. It took me a while to realise that, it means that you have all the pairs intact :)

and with that I am 1st !!!

light started blinking

If your life was that perfect u would be bored to tears..lol

You have an oil change light?! I'm jealous. I have to do math and remember to get my oil changed, haha.

And those kinds of lifestyles you're describing usually involve a large amount of pills.

Rest assured, Martha and her ilk find other things to stress about. Like I told my wife when I unexpectedly had to drop everything and drive back down to Waco to take care of our daughter after her back went out, 'Hey, I need an unexpected and adventurous life to have something to write about on my Napkin Dad Daily blog'! Without the unexpected, what fun is there!

Gorgeous necklace! Hey despite feeling overwhelmed, you still manage to look calm and relaxed. :)

atleast of this doesn't reflect in your writing ....till you tell us about it.....

with so many things to do......anybody can have one sock missing days......managing these many things isn't that easy.....see that's why i don't manage my work....and do it....on adhoc basis

and i;m able to comment again.....yeeyyyyy


You are not alone, Agnes, my car is filthy, my pie always burns and the dog chews any socks that make it out of the wash in pairs !!!!

I guess being not so organized give some spice to life !

Like the other bloggers mentioned, without the incidents occurring what sort of blog would it be...maybe it would be something like:
I got up today the heat was on , the car's oil change light did not come on, my blueberry pie came out great and I did not spilll any blueberries on my white shirt nor did I spill any coffee on my white shirt, which Lucky does all the time ( which I did do today ..thank you very much)

I like to believe that NOBODY fits that description of the "together woman." I used to try to be all that, but I found out I'm not. What a relief!

My socks are never divisible by 2. We have a resident sock monster. Do you have any tips for getting rid of sock monsters? LOL I'm so sorry your central heat broke! I hope you're able to get it fixed soon.


And I kinda wish to be someone like that too... I'm juggling up so many things right now and desperately trying to manage a new blog with that :D

Tc sweets!

No sign of Soul?

and i thought i was the only one with odd number of socks !
makes me feel better, especially in front of husband. I am not to be blamed at least!

and talking of being organised - ask me - i have got sick of my being so organised that i am learning to take it easy. When everything is so very organised, there's nothing much to do!

LOL Agnes !!!! You are fine, as you are. And you are doing a wonderful job, running between appointments.

What if there is a delay in small trivial things ??? Its OK - life is full of those for everyone !!! Not everyone manages to be neatly efficient all the time.

having it all together is highly overrated. i think. i'm only guessing since i have no first-hand knowledge of that condition!

I thought that was the required time limit, two months. You're in good company. I think they tell us to do it when the "oil change due" comes up on the display, but really add two months knowing we would do it that way! Hey, I love Seattle's Best too! When I can, that's what I buy for home. That and what's the one from New Orleans? Having a senior moment!

Agnes. Now I know that the number of pairs of socks I have depends entirely upon your math skills. Gulp.

@Judy: Well, there's the New Orleans Cold Brew (my all time favorite) and then there's also Community Coffee -- soooo good! Seattle's Best cold brew is amazing too -- they sell it at Borders.

:D Your post reminds me of a funny situation. My husband told me the yesterday that I should give my bike for servicing because he found that on high speed, the handles wobble. Can you imagine my response? I told him that I had a few errands to take care of and so, I would ride not-so-fast! :D I feel so lost without my bike! :D

It is so true! The little things we think of to be so large that we cannot take 5 minutes to ourselves just to make us feel better even (yes makeup is vanity-esque, but vanity is a part of self-esteem too, and anything that makes us feel better about ourselves is a plus) I believe a little around the eyes never hurt anyone! But I also think you probably still looked fab without it, sister!

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