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LOL he's NOT EVEN 10 mos.? how much does he weigh? Here I thought mine was huge...I will find out in a few weeks how much she weighs.. I'll post it.. btw when I got K. she was 1.6 lbs. at 7 weeks.. did u have Smokey at that age?

I love me some Marley, man! And that cat, she is huge. I've got one twenty-two years old, man, if she's a day. She says she gonna see me in the grave! So, good luck with your cat and all.

Bob Marley music never got old... I still love it. Still relevant today it seems too.

Agnes, I do believe you could wear a quilt of rumpled napkins and still be stylish. Also, I love the pics of gorgeous Smokey. In college, my boyfriend had a cat that looked identical to Smokey. His name was Nicodemus, and, apparently (because he was long before my time), Nicodemus was quite the rasta man. He could sniff out the wacky stuff from any nook or cranny! A snapshot of him sits on our mantle, front and center.

Beauty is a jewelery itself.

I so wanta sit at that table and share some coffee with you! You look very boho-chic. Btw, I loooooove Bob Marley! I have a Pandora station dedicated to him.

aha! Well, I am not fond of cats. I am more a dog person. He seems to be enjoying snuggling up to you :)

it must feel good ....visiting so many places.....know so many cultures around the world and always have some to talk about with a person no matter where he/she comes from....cause you may been there...already.........

i would love to have that kind of experience too :)

yeah the cat looks big for the age ;)
happy spring to you too dear Agnes

lovely snap there as always

I'm a fan of reggae Agnes :) Bob Marley rules :))

Beautiful, beautiful moggy!!

Agnes, u rock! Who else but you, can admit that what you are wearing may be uncool, but still wear it anyways and get clicked in it too!!!! The spring is talking! :D

Smokey looks so big. Are you sure he is just a cat? Reminded me of the time Rachel decided to get a pet and she went and bought this really weird-looking expensive dog who looked like he was sheared!

Pic is so lovely - with bandana and all !!! Indeed, Smokey is quite huge !!!

Enjoy your spring !!!

Nice work, Agnes. Your online persona is compelling. Your photos (and photographer) have depth, and your writing hints of rich adventure (what we all crave). fyi - found your page as a reference from Typepad and Google in their promotion page for cross-site tools, where they refer to the best blogs. Hope you and the hub are traveling well. Peace and light.

Agnes!! You look so very stylish, you can really pull off any look whatsoever.. ever considered starting a fashion blog?
i gotta similar Marley T btw!
and enjoy Spring!!

pretty cat! i have a 7 year-old cat that is closing in on 20 lbs. he has the same face and fur as yours, only mine is yellow-orange with gold eyes. so watch out, some of those critters never stop growing! ok, mine's just getting fat these days...

Most of our Starbucks have closed down so I can't get into any line there, let alone bumped !!!

I love you, I love Smokey the cat, I love reggae music, I love your style and I love the Spring!

You are lovely no matter what you wear, and Smokey is HUGE but gorgeous!

I love ur style Agnes....not talking just about the clothes...more ur attitude towards Life:-)

Love the picture, Agnes! That outfit is awesome! Were you getting dressed in the dark? And Smokey is gorgeous! What are you feeding him?

Regardless I really like the picture. : )

Wow that is a huge cat and still growing!!!! A well fed kitty cat.

Our neighbour's cat, who would sometimes go astray into our backyard, looks like your Smokey... we call him (or her, we're not really sure of the gender) Ming-Ming... :)

I've been humming along with your titles - I've never been to the Caribbean but you are definitely tempting me to think about it.

Totally awesome, mon! Great pic of you too...

You make it so simple to this.Thanks!


you looks so cool..!

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