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I've lost so many pre-digital photos. And I didn't even care.
My mom used to force me to take photos of me and I could care less, but now... Now I understand as time passes by quicker and quicker. And I wish I had more photos of atrocious outfits and puffy hair!
LOL! Keep taking photos... One day you'll look at them as a cute grandma and go: "Remeber the days....!"

You had to go and mention thought bubbles, now you have me thinking of a good napkin drawing for this big diner event! It would have to be something profound, maybe about one's past self in photos, maybe memory...or then again, maybe it should just be about eating strange food?


Don't get me started on digital photos I've heartbreakingly lost. I wish I could lose all the before digital photos though, that's a really great idea! Cheers, Tonya

Actually, it's the old photos of myself that I really adore now! I wish I had more. *grumble*

What does the card say? Fresh Mouth?

I hope the food was good !!

Another beautiful photo of you! I'm sure even when you're "vintage" you'll be beautiful!

I always used to "overshoot" and take about 2894389354 photos of the same thing, but over time I started being more strict. Sunday nights became tedious when going through so many photos and I wanted that to stop, haha.

Two cartoon bubbles and a subtitle, I love that.

I agree. Pre-digital photos were taken on cherished occasions. I find myself taking more random pics these days.

ooo.....when i used to work at this Tech Support for BOA(Bank Of America) we...use to have so many shops open all day and nite....in front of our office.........even when the offices around are not open............it was such a relief.....especially when you want to eat something in the middle of the nite..... :)

well haven't seen smokey's pics for long time.......don't know where those 800 pics...go... :)

and yea...one day this digital age will also become an annoying but loved old grandma.... :)

My camera too has similar sun - is it the rise or the set - totally confusing now - cant distinguish the two, in my camera !!! Anyway, it was fun clicking them.

Its the other way around for me -- When the photo is clicked, I feel I look so bad. Years/Months later, I find myself looking stunning when I see the same snaps again. SO I know I'm surely heading for worse..cute grandma will be a faraway dream!

Well, keep uploading. We're all expecting photo essays now. And maybe you should start "packing some heat" if you're going to any more "Tarantino joints."

Hi Agnes;
Don't get me started on old photos. I've got boxes of them and more boxes from my parents that are black and white. Even with the digital era, I have no excuses. In the two weeks we spent in Mysore last year, I took about 1000 shots. I just put the camera on my thigh and as we rode in the tuk tuks, I'd just shoot random scenes. I loved how it worked out. Shooting you in the Fresh Mouth diner was much more studied and deliberate, and I might add, fun. Oh yes, the food was decent too. As always, you look great.

I sometimes tend to agree with my paper-minded and paper-oriented ..ediary! Technology isn't always efficient! I often long for the pre-digital photography era! I could get 7 films, have them developed in less than 8 hours and no worries about a memory card being full!

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