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Beautiful, Agnes. You've outdone yourself.

I am about to leave Typepad, but "itsmymonky" will stay in touch.

i agree sunsets and sunrises, the sky is gorgeous- best part of the day...

Some people are calling the previous decade "The Aughts." I haven't heard about the current one. Perhaps "The Teens" or "The Tens," of which I'm not a fan. I would love to experience these other worlds as you have. Being well-traveled is on my bucket list. Until then, I will live vicariously through your words and descriptions. And, yes, that is one fine photo of an even finer sunset. Thank you for sharing.

Hey. You've got a new look, too. Nice

Super pretty! Sunsets are always magic. Better than any movie!

What a set - beautiful & calm - peace within.

And yes, Teens is a good word if applied.

I have been reading your blog, but not been commenting the past few days. Thanks for the uplifting posts this week - I've needed them :)

Gosh, I loved this post. You look stunning in your pic, and the light in the 2nd one is gorgeous! :)

I too have a fondness for the late afternoon...it just feels like a time where all things are possible!

"The Teens" will be good.........sleeping after a long day at work...it is surely one of the best sleeps.....one can ever get....

this is beautiful sunset.......watching sun set at water bodies just makes the whole thing much more beautiful .......i remember when i saw something as spectacular as this last time......


The pictures tell the whole story !!! WOW !!! Indeed the sunset is so lovely !!!

Yes - love the feeling of being tired after a lot of hard work - feels good.

As always, an amazing post!

Lovely sunset. I have it as my wall paper now :)

And you're a compassionate person Agnes. I immensely respect you for that.

Take care.

I love the way you put some lines in bold and bigger font :) and the positivity that oozes out of your posts.. have a great day Agnes.

I share your affinity for late afternoons. Sunsets are my absolute favorite to photograph and paint.(I'm a full time artist.)
This is a beautiful shot. Very interesting lighting!

Your posts are poetry. So serene. The sunset is magnificent; I could feel the quietude that decends on us all at eventide.

I think the 2000-2009 decade is called the 'oughts', and old fashion word for zero. Nothing better than the golden hours of sunset, no matter what decade!

What a gorgeous sunset! Thanks for sharing it :-)

unique taste of nature you have got :)
lovely pics..
and i really dunno what they call 2000-2009, but i guess twenty ten is what we call this year :) and no clue about the coming years too..

much luv as always..


I love your blog posts! I don't know why, but the pictures of you are always captivating. You look so natural and so beautiful, even on bad hair days.

The sunset here is truly gorgeous! Nature is so uplifting!


Beautiful post Agnes. I'm still amazed that the sunset shot was taken 5 meters from our back patio. We are so fortunate. And I completely agree that getting a lot done makes me feel great. The tiredness it produces is pleasurable. Making a list and getting through all of it is a joy. In the boardwalk shot you look so pensive and as always, so beautiful. Again, my favorite part of many of your posts are the comments. You attract loving, intelligent and insightful commenters and reading what they have to say is something I look forward to. Keep up the good work.

You take great pics Agnes and I love how your titles are always soo interesting !!

I really think that photo of the lake and the sunset is from New Zealand...it has to be...at least looking at the photo sends me there so I must have a New Zealand state of mind going on and perhaps a "wanderlust" state of mind going on. That's it..a wanderlust state of mind...reading your blog sends me wandering around the globe and that is a good thing.

that's a lovely sunset picture you have there, Agnes. thanks for sharing it. :)

Lovely photographs

I love sunsets and sunrises and although I am an amateur photographer, I enjoy taking a picture of what I call "the sublime". That would be my caption to your photo here.

You are great, Agnes. No 2 ways about it. This was a nice read. Very sweet.

Here in the UK, the first decade has frequently been called "the Noughties" which, of course, is ambiguous when spoken rather than written, rhyming as it does with "the Naughties". In that sense it harks back to the "Naughty Nineties", as the final decade of the 1900s was often called.

Theoretically, the teens don't start until 13 but, stretching a point, I suppose 2010-2019 could be referred to as "the Teenies", though I expect that economists and other serious folk will simply call this period "the Twenty-Tens".

Don't worry about removing the snowflakes from your windows. After all, you'll only have to put them back on again in a few months' time... :)

Silvertiger beat me too it - the Noughties :)

p.s. You take the best photos for your blog.

Hey that Sunset looks great.


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