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And you do it well!... btw what are the other languages u speak? For me words come out thru my photos... I am always looking for different angles to take a picture- I try and think outside the box, I try to get across my feelings thru the pictures I take...

"Words are all I have." has a forlorn sound to it.

you do a great good at making the written word pretty... :-)

I'm curious too, what other languages do you speak? I'm obsessed with spanish. :)

i agree! though i don't have your artistic bent. i always say i'm the audience and that makes me part of the artistic process :) i like spoken and written words to flow, and i have been known to abandon my beloved grammar rules in favor of the flow.

i learned english and spanish at the same time, then forgot most of my spanish until i took it in high school and college. these days my spanish verb conjugation is horrifying and my spanish vocabulary pretty limited, but i enjoy the fact that what little of the language i do retain, i don't have to translate to english in my head. what are your languages?

Mastering words is a gift, indeed!

Sounds like you would be an excellent candidate to try your hand at translation. See how your words sound in several languages.

Very interesting. I'm curious as to what prompted your post.In the photo, is that natural light? The red to yellow, reminds me of a bright fall day, with leaves catching the last of the summer sun before letting go of the tree. It's like your comment on "it's dimensions, highlights, shadows and tones". Is that a Geoff picture?

Now I wonder what you're thinking when you're reading my blog Agnes! LOL This post of yours was very poetic!

So that's why your posts sound so refreshing ;)
I love words... though I can't do it like you do!


3 languages before English ? that's awesome... writing is an art difficult to master. u need to feel the words to put them down.

Like your pretty words and the pretty pics, too !!!

You don't need words to look pretty ! :-)
I understand what you mean... design...typography...form is also an important aspect of any text.

pretty words, nice..
i remember the song words by boyzone, something close to what u say, usage of words is truly an art :D

keep writing..

And you do a beautiful job with words :-)

Here from Reflections and the first time here.
I agree so much with what you said.
Words are so beautiful.The way they are presented is important too!

I enjoyed reading what you have to say.
Have a great day!


You are appealing to the sense of seeing and reading at the same time - now does that explain why I love your blog?

“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter.” James Earl Jones. Looks like you've surpassed that. Excellent post.

:D A smile is all I have!!

I'm speechless really!!!!
A beautiful, beautiful post...so little written yet so much conveyed !!!!

Your posts always have that refreshing lilt to them and are very enjoyable to read. Lynn


You should write a book! It would be very successful. And, all I have is love. And, some dogs, and a wonderful husband, and a car, and an iphone....

I just love words too, Agnes and wish I had studied Latin and learned about the evolvement of our vocabulary. That is why I like blogging and emailing and texting as opposed to phone calls as it gives me the chance to use words and my own turn of phrase. I always enjoy your use of words and can see your love of expression when you write.

You write very well...it's enjoyable to read your blog!

Agnes. I love your words and how you use them. Tom Robbins always enthralled me with his word play but you take it a step further and dazzle me with the images of the words, not just the meaning. Rudyard Kipling, another of my favorites said, "Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." If this is so, then Agnes your words often transform my reality and bewitch my soul. I love you.

words are a craft, like sewing or landscaping or cooking. It has structure and organization and flow, and it is when that craft is strong that the art can seep it's way through and come out as the apparent aspect of the word collection. You are good at both.

I know just what you mean when you feel like moving & arranging cluttered text!!!

Don't ever stop the words tumbling out .. Loved the post & the simple thought behind it.


I'm sorry, what? Not a writer? Please. You've taught me quite a bit there, Agnes...

Words are pretty much like paints for a painter and notes for a musician, yet they constitute the most powerful means of communication. And you know how to master words in order to communicate. Doesn't that make a brilliant writer?

I love words too...and admire people who have a way with them! You sure do and that makes me come back here again and again! :-)

Great portrait, i like the expression. Beautiful and soft photograph!

Ditto..... I write alot about my sorrow for the loss of my sister (in my lovingMaryforever blog) & sometimes it flows into a poemlike thought! I always feel a little whimsical when that happens !

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