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I like this...very simple

Agnes...you hit it right on the head. The best bloggers for me are the one's who seem to be talking to ME. So...jeez...I'll get blogging already!

Blogging keeps me sane... If I am stressed,or happy I will blog and let it out... Blogging is thereputic.

What inspiring advice!!! I know that I put WAY too much thought into my posts sometimes. You look gorgeous in your pic btw. :)

i totally agree with you, agnes. :)

You keep blogging! I love your blogs!

Point noted Ms. Agnes !!! ;-))

Great advice!

Keeping it coming is more important than anything other.......
Don't become your blog -- just blog......this is was really good.......

Words of wisdom here, Agnes - come over for a brownie when you are free !!

Blogging is so necessary to me. Just that right now, I'd better be silent. But I'm gonna blog again soon. That's something I'm sure of.

well said my dear


You are very wise ! Keep blogging !

Good post! Sometimes when it seems one has nothing to say or want to say, a gentle nudge is needed! Thanks!

I have been blogging almost every day for about two years. It is as you say, be yourself, your imperfect self. Let that out and don't hide behind fear or editing or perfection.

We all need to express ourselves !

I believed all my life I'd write a novel that would stand among the world's great literature. I never got it done. Your blogging advice makes much more sense to me so maybe it is time to change my goals.

I agree wholeheartedly...blogging has become great therapy for me!

I HEART Agnes...

That sounds so right!

What an excellent post! Thank you, Agnes!

Love this.

HA! I so needed to read that!! thanks!

I think people should blog (or write, or draw or sing etc.) because they feel like it. And they should put all their heart into it.

Don't blog because everybody does it, don't just write because you feel you have to. Just doing because it's good for you.

This post is so for me right now... I've been lazy about posting! I'll get blogging asap now :)

I am spontaneous in person but when it comes to blogging, I do all the things you say I must not be doing. I am gonna take your advice. :D

Well said.
Just write whenever the wish is to write.
Beyond the boundries, Beyond thinking thought.

amen to that.

I admire u precisely for this quality. Loved the post Agnes!!!!

Agreed. I've just recently began blogging and find that I just type until the words no longer escape my fingertips and let my vagrant thoughts lead the way.

Looking at your photos, seems you live as you blog.


Explaining life and love by letting the world witness your own is a true gift to the world, thank you Agnes!

This reminds me of a friend of mine who who loves the polka music and he says that
he likes to " polka like there is no tomorrow...and follow the polka music in your heart"
I was thinking of your words about blogging and I guess the thing to do is to do what you love...blogging..polka..dancing..singing...so I get from your blog that what you need to do is to:
"why you must__________(fill in the blank with blogging..polka..singing..dancing)"

So very true Agnes. Thank you for reminding me.

Looks like the answer to my post !!! LOL :lol:

If you've read my site, you know perfection isn't anything I strive toward!

Great advice! The blogsphere has so much to offer the world. I blog as often as I can but if my creative muse leaves me, I'd rather do something else until it comes back to me again! Filakia xxxxxx

hey friend,

that was very much inspiring :D
thanks dear..
blogging is just blogging and being regular is what matters like u said

Holy cow you get a lot of comments :) I'm doing my best to keep writing. Sometime my best is pretty sucky though lol

is this for me, honey? :))

ok.. ok.. ok.. i'll try to do it more often. :)

Hadn't read this before. Great advice-and not only for blogging.

Who else thinks that Russia bears walking the streets, and the vodka flows like water?
And anyone can know that in this country the most beautiful girls?

I so needed that. It's like you've been reading my mind this past month as I began my blog, got excited about my blog and then became terrified of...my blog. Thank you and now I shall follow you!

Interesting, Agnes.....that's really what I try to do...most of the time it feels like I'm talking to air and perhaps no one will hear...but I go on anyway. :)

And if we blog to the point of poverty and can't afford a PC to blog on, then what?I think I know the answer but I had to ask the question because I respect those that live here on blogs.etc and will respond. And the responses I will remember.

Agnes, Hi there!
I love this post and I feel the same way. I read so many blogs and they won't just talk. I think they feel they need to be a certain way! I don't always understand why someone just posts pictures from the web about decor but maybe they feel the need. I write what I feel at that moment! I sometimes cross the line, but I can't be anything other than me!


You're so talented! your're also very beautiful!

Blogging can be as hard as any job. Patty and I have been at it since about 2000 AD when we were on ModBlog which is out of business, years ago. We have said it once or twice and to some, dozens of times. I tried with words. Then words and pictures. Some people like just words. Others liked just pictures. Some even liked them combined. I have a life of stories and some pictures have yet to be taken to go with them.

This is for you:


I do.. I blog to keep my sanity and to scream my thoughts and I blog because it is cheaper than therapy.. :)

I keep coming back to this post of yours....its simple and candid. It helps me everytime I have second thoughts about my blog :). Hope all is well with you...keep blogging!

I think this is an answer to my question. I am a newbie in blogging. I've been blogging maybe almost a month now, but sometimes I feel lazy blogging especially when there is nobody reading my blog.
I will follow your advise. Thanks a lot.

I had to read this again. I need to keep doing so...because I keep forgetting. This is so awesome, Agnes! Have a great day...

Agnes-this is very good advice.
You are a wise and interesting woman. I just love your blog.

Read it again. I have to. Annoying I visit THIS post so much...but you are dead on. I'm going to write something now. Ain't gonna' be perfect either...but it's a late night gig after all...

Good! Wish everybody wrote so:DD

Great post!

I've been blogging sine 2002, having given birth to 4 blogs, and eventually burried 2 of them. :-D

I love it! I prefer intelligence nexus for sensory nodes but I sure enjoy watching you, how you enjoy yourself and life all the more by sharing!

Good words of advice, Agnes :)

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