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Hey, girlie, even the guy who does my hair would understand.... The last month has been hell for me and there were times that I didn't care what I looked like...there were times I didn't bother putting on lipstick and for me that's like walking out of the house 1/2 nekkid...We all have sh*tty days....((HUGS))

My hair doesn't even look that cool when I spend 30 minutes styling it.

But your man would probably still think you looked beautiful with a blue mohawk, so it's all good.

hmmm...blue mohawk....

Your confidence to not care what you look like, makes you beautiful. As a wife who is caring for her husband with cancer, you're letting the inside beauty shine. - and that's the only kind that lasts anyway.

i only know you from the blogosphere but my opinion is that you are beautiful inside and out. and hairbrushes are highly overrated.

I think you're gorgeous no matter what Agnes!

I know every girl suffer from no-care-days and everything. But i believe that every girl can look beautiful even without make-ups and hair-do's. Be your best girl. God Bless. =D

The Brown Mestizo

It's beautiful that you have your priorities straight. I think you should be VERY proud of how you look. Trying or not - you always look nice :)

Tampa Bay, Florida might just start 'following' your ways - thats how nw fashion trends are born am I right?

My comment for your previous post didn't get published (Don't know how/why:-()
That pic of yours made me think - Little miss sunshine!!

Agnes, let the wind comb your hair and put the blush on your cheek. Just the short time I have followed your blogs I find you have a beautiful spirit and it shows in all of your photos. God's speed.


You could shave your head and still look amazing! But, all that matters right now is your love and support for your hubby, which it sounds like you give in abundance. Sending my healing energy!!! :)


Is that the view from your house, Agnes??

What am amazing place. More than the sea, I am more a lake/river kinda person. There is something about lakes that appeal to me immensely.

I am not waiting for an invitation. When I come to the US, next year, I am coming home!! :D

I've this white patches on my skin (Vitiligo), abt which countless ppl have suggested treatments. I dont give it a serious thot anymore becos, to my family - S and the girls, I am always beautiful with or without patches. And thats what matters.

Just be yourself. You are doing a great job, being with your husband.

Love ur pic, again and again.

There's only one first impression, I know, and I blew it long ago.

I want this as a poster on my wall.

I just recommended ur blog to a frnd. She thinks it's an amazing blog :)

We know why ;)

I think a lot of people would give everything to have your looks.

Hope Geoff will recover soon so that you can again travel the world together.

well Geoff is the only person who counts .....and for him if you're the best....then that it....nothing matters from ther.......though i like that you look good with uncombed hair.....

there is that phase, when we don't give a heck wat others thinking.....think you are ther.....even i don;t like my hair combed.....combed hair gives a nerdy kind of look....or as if i'm going for something official and important... :)


Hitesh Rawat

Natural beauty does not need any tampering with, and you have it.

@Bins: Are you coming to the US? Seriously? To Florida? To Tampa? I want all the details and I want them now, Girl!

I will agree with one of the comments here. Natural beauty like yours doesn't need tailors, hairdressers or beauticians. What counts most is the way your significant other sees you - not the impression you make on others. And also the way YOU feel - that's important!

Hi Agnes,
I gave you one of my weekly awards ~ hope you can stop by and pick it up soon!

Agnes - I have spent the whole of December and January nursing my 17 year old after scoliosis surgery and I spent most of that time looking like a wrung out dreg so I just know where you are coming from but there is so much beauty in the care you are giving so who gives a damn about make up, it does not change the beauty of what is YOU - love Kate

Looks like the "post a comment" disappeared in your last post Public Service Announcement.
Typepad is a bit lousy sometimes. Regularly get some problems. Luckily not that often.

:D Well, I have been planning a visit for sometime now. I was headed to the West Coast really. But after seeing the pictures you have been posting and considering that I am heading there all the way anyways, I just thought it would be a wonderful idea! :D

I am gonna make it happen. I don't have any dates just yet. But I will keep u posted. Yipppeee! It sounds like fun already! :D

I know the life, Agnes. You're doing well from what I hear on this blog. I'm always willing to talk so feel free to contact me. Clearly you're more than a pretty face.

Agnes, I have to say that post after post, I'm struck by the warmth, intelligence and kindness of those who comment on your blog. Many of the comments are insightful, perceptive and genuine and I look forward to reading every one of them. To me, you always look great. Inside and out, you are the best - a woman of great substance. I worry only that you are stressed over my condition. In a bizarre way, it is probably easier for me emotionally (but not physically.) I have no fear or uncertainty about handling this illness. I've pored over the medical studies, I know how well I'm doing and I'm ready to stop thinking about it. As I gain strength, I want get on with life. We need to get rolling and continue our life. Soon!

If u hadnt told us abt it specifically I'd have thought it was one of those artfully styled careless look;-o

@Bins: Yay!!!

ah, getting praise from a loved one without fishing for it is a beautiful feel :D


I think your messy hair looks very happy in this photograph.

You don't look like a tramp! :lol: Makeup or not, you are fine.

Re comments: sometimes, I just don't see the comment box, hence I can't comment.

you are always beautiful without even trying to be beautiful, Agnes... and Geoff is right, you are beautiful inside and out. :) and you're such an inspiration.

So my hair is this very wavy almost curly hair.
And all i need tis the cheapest, junkiest curling iron to go to perfect ringlets.
When my hair gets longer, will it be curlier or straighter?
I heard that if your hair is curly naturally, it's straight when it's short (down to your shoulders)
So if my hair is wavy will is stay wavy?
or will it curl?

I am 16 years old and I just have no idea how to wear make up. I am blond with blue eyes, though my eyebrows are black, as my hair tend to lighten with the sun. I occasionally wear black mascara and eyeliner but thats all for me. I would like to learn a very easy way to make up by myself, and using few instruments and still look stuning. Does anybody have any idea?? please??!!

I definately reccommend them. They're the only ones which seem to be comfortable for me. And believe me, i tried lots of brands. They seem 'softer' than the other brands. Like, they're not as hard, so they're more comfortable to put in. But yeah, i definately recommend them. Alot of my friends use them too.

the information in this blog is my interesting and entertaining! Thanks for posting! I will be faithful fan of this blog! I hope soon have updates!

The dressed up 'beautiful' you is perhaps an entertainment for his eyes, but the dressed down 'beautiful' you is the one that adds solace, love, humor, companionship, trust, love, commitment and devotion to the entertainment. I have no doubt his vision of your beauty is far beyond the entertainment value and it is right that he sees it, because all your readers and friends can see it is all there in abundance.

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