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Sleeping in til 9am? That's like winning the lottery.

LOL move over sista (as my friend Kerrie would say).. I haven't either, doesn't it feel good? As far as the lipstick, I think it has to do w/attitude... Confidence has no boundaries..nor needs any help coming across.

Keep on keeping on. What's the alternative?

So true about the red lipstick!!! Hang in there...maybe you should get a massage to release some stress?

Sounds like my sort of weekend - they are designed for under achieving and slothing - that's my take on weekends anyway, your soup sister, Kate

Nothing better than being well rested IMHO. Being tired is the pits! Great photo and I love your outfit. It is amazing what a little make up especially lipstick can do for us :)

"You got a fast car/ I want a ticket to anywhere/ Maybe we make a deal/ Maybe together we can get somewhere" I ♥ Tracy Chapman, and her website has colored my world... Check it out! Go color your world...

Agnes, this was my Facebook status on Friday, and Friday was a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day." I have found that her website helps me see in colors other than blue when I need it. If you haven't already been to here. Try it out. I hope you like it.

WE is here to do nothing... right? That's how I see it!

You have the most wonderful photos Agnes! So very beautiful. I think that sometimes it's great to have time to just be. Taking joy in the little things in life is important. Including the perfect Ramen container! LOL

That is rich & famous.
- Gorgeous.

Hey, the pose goes along with the red lipstick! Very good shot! I had to work yesterday, but after coming home from church today, I have done nothing but lay on the couch and sleep! You know that kinda nice sleep, not too deep, just enough that you hear the TV in the background. But it's a restful nap. I understand about the perfect bowl. You ever heard the story of a girl telling her grandmother that her mother was carrying on the family tradition of cutting off end of the roast before cooking. Then she asked her grandmother why the tradition was started. The grandmother's response was, "I don't know why your mother cuts off the end of the roast before cooking, I did it because I didn't have a pan long enough to cook the whole roast." Go figure! Sometimes tradition is due to a pan not being long enough!

being rested and energized is the biggest achievement at times.. no worries about the 'noteworthy'

Ahhhhhhhh...to sleep to 9 two days in a row. Now that would be a novelty.

The start of your post reminds me of the first date with my husband. It was January at a nice restaurant along the bay and fairly warm as we went to eat, but leaving the restaurant the fog was so low it was like a cold mist. He wrapped his arm around me and it was so warm and in the 90s quite chivalrous.


relax time so enjoy ^_~


That skirt of yours really catches the eye !!!

Its always wonderful to have lazy weekends !!! Hv a great time !!!

Oh! That sounds like my weekend... planned 100 things - did only 5 things of which only 2 were in the plan - but as you said - at least we are well rested.

There are mornings when I lazily put the alarm on snooze and wish that the house-help would take the day off. That is of course, when I am extremely sleepy, which is the case every morning. I would never wish that in my senses!!

Before I forget, your pictures are getting better by the day!

the power of sufficient sleep and a dab of lipstick, who knew!

"aahh.....eating ramen and sleeping as you watch you fav movie or show.....i love that....though don't get much chances now....... and yes i can understand, how long the menu's can be and that irritating IVR.....even though i love calling to the support people.....cause i have worked as one.... :)

and red lipstick.....pretty bold..i can say....you have to be extremely confident to carry that off......



Hitesh Rawat


I bet that picture was taken after triumphantly taming some ramen noodles in that new bowl of yours. I say a solid weekend had.

I did not do much this weekend either... another nice picture of you !

Hi Agnes;
I took your advice, put on some bright red lipstick and wandered into the grocery store. Frankly, my experience did not match yours and I felt very uncomfortable about the looks I received.

Ramen noodles are awesome.

So is Geoff.


Great stuff Agnes

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