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Sounds like a good plan... Slumdog u will enjoy...hmm I have a similar photo taken by u-know-who when he was here last....bittersweet

what thoughtful presents :) hope you got some rest.

Good picture! As for the leather coat, sometimes sentimental value of a loved one's item is priceless.

Loooooove this photo!!!

The sky looks awesome! Was that during sunset?

"veg-purses".. LoL !!:D
Did you like Slumdog Millionaire btw?

There's something warm about all your posts..and you! Makes me feel good always:-)
I love the song (American pie isn't it?!)

There is nothing like being really 'seen' by someone. Finding the right gift, saying the right thing, taking the right picture. That is someone who loves by truly seeing. You are a lucky woman.

"He sees me -- he imparts quality to my existence" - WOW, absolutely wonderful line and a feeling !!!

As usual, fell in love with ur pic !!! :)

I like that photo. ;D

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LOL on the leather jacket thing. It belonged to your mom, right? Now u did not specifically kill a cow to obtain it, neither did u purchase it. Now if u were to give it up, it would not exactly turn back into a cow! :D

What are your views on Slumdog? It was good, but I thought it was highly overrated! :D AR Rahman has made better music. I did not understand the hype.

Agnes, I have been wondering (and I don't know any other way of asking), Do you work some place now? I mean what is your profession. In my mind you are a freelance writer ( I am not sure if I read a post that made me believe that!)

Dharavi, Mumbai - Lots-n-Lots of leather colorful jackets displayed within leather shops.
One day will buy for sure And the one you wearing is excellent - no doubt.
Sorry as I am unable to visit post/s as I am on-tour. But will sure visit again & again whenever I find time.

Hmmmm... I'm sure you'll love the movie. Tell us how you like it.

Have a great weekend babes!


Enjoy Slumdog. It's kind of good. But you know India better than Boyle does, I bet.

Rockstar's better half is a real Rockstar. Look at the photo!!!


I think it is almost impossible not to notice you...
Wonderful picture... Geoff did indeed a wonderful job !

@Bins: True, that coat was my mom's, now who do I get to blame for my other half a dozen leather jackets? Non-veg shoes? Non-veg bags?

No seriously, I admire people who are "veg" all the way. I wanna go on the record for saying that I am against the pointless killing of animals, but in all fairness, there's a difference between killing for vanity alone, and living in harmony with nature and doing what you have to to survive. As much as the image of a filthy rich woman flaunting a different fur coat every day is a total turn-off for me, I really have no problem whatsoever with the folks at the North Pole wearing fur to protect themselves from the elements.

That being said and having successfully gotten that touchy subject out of the way, I was quite enchanted by Slumdog Millionaire, thank you for asking. I get a kick out of the host's pronunciation of the word "millionaire". Who wants to be a Millner? Also, I was fascinated by the little things such as the host addressing the computer as "computer-ji"... like Ghandi-ji, Swami-ji, Dalai Lama-ji -- I guess The Computer has risen to angelic heights :-) The lighting and cinematography were captivating beyond words, especially of the slums, the construction sites, the streets, the women in colorful clothes doing laundry... I think if you're able to tune out some obvious flaws, such a the 20-mill Rupee question asking for the name of the third musketeer, something every 5-year old knows, then you're in for a good time. If you're expecting a movie in the ranks of Gandhi, you'll be disappointed.

To answer your last question, (you asked me a lot of questions, girl, didn't you?), I am not doing much for work these days. Our lives revolve around Geoff's treatment and getting him through this. Once Geoff is well again, I want to set up my own non-profit and work on some projects in Asia that are close to my heart. So that's the plan. And this comment is longer than my average post. Oh well.

Hi Agnes;
Lovely sentiments about "seeing". Thanks. We took this photo mid-afternoon on a blustery day. Cold and beautiful. I really liked it. I can see why Slumdog was so controversial in India. But there isn't anything I can think of that wouldn't be controversial in India. True Democracy at work. I was just relieved that the director finally resisted his tendency to pull the audience down into the lower emotional depths (like Trainspotting). A happy ending is a rare joy. Here's to many more happy endings.

What looks like a shoe vegetarian, a salad, a cabbage? Good evening to you!

Did you enjoy the movie - not that the 'word' enjoy really pertains to Slumdog Millionaire - I thought it many things including brilliant and riveting.

I grumbled at my boyfriend for never bothering to acknowledge Valentine's and he said he didn't know it was important to me and I said it would be nice, sometimes, to be treated as a lover rather than a roommate and about 3 minutes later the doorbell went and the roses he had ordered were delivered.

Yes, I felt terrible. :)

It is a good photo. Interesting, isn't it - how we judge our own image, versus the way other people see us.

In terms of wearing leather, I tend to follow the line of thought that the animal was bred for man, so it's better to use it as a resource in death rather than waste it. I guess this is edging towards the Native American view - where you waste nothing.

you look good, as always, in that pic, Agnes!

Great image !

I love that leather coat of yours. And you look great in it! In my humble opinion, you could turn a top model green with envy!

I notice a huge difference when people who like you take picture of you in general. They are almost always flattering because I guess the person sees you with a loving eye.

You sure are lucky to be able to share your life with a person who 'sees' the true you! You two are awesome!

Enjoyed ur post and ur comment to Bins;-D!!!! I've got the SM dvd but havent watched it yet;-P.

Goeff's comment was a riot[pun unintended;-D] esp "But there isn't anything I can think of that wouldn't be controversial in India. True Democracy at work."

Here's wishing Geoff gets well soon and all ur dreams come true :-))!!!!!

It's a wonderful thing to have someone see you like that, who you truly are, the beauty beyond leather jackets and jewellery. I can feel this photo and the sea breeze and the contrast between a chaotic, colorful India and your tranquil Florida home. Isn't that the beauty of life? How you can stand on a shore line gazing out on the horizon, knowing that it's all out there, and inside of you too.

I actually haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire yet! But I just got it and might watch it tonight. I'll let you know what I think! :)


I am here for the first time and couldn't stop reading. I am hocked ;-)

Beautiful portrait!

Beautiful photo and cool leather jacket :)

I'm on a flight now and just stumbled on your blog because of the McClean's lyric. I can see how someone who worked in Pakistan would have an affinity to that verse.

Good luck to you & Geoff. Lovers should not have to cry so much. Love is our only hope in a world with too many children crying in the streets.

Best wishes, Thuyen.

Thuyen Lam: I guess 'luck' wasn't on my side.


I'm back on another flight and thought about your blog. Went back and read all your postings.

I'm sorry for your loss. LTN

Thuyen Lam: Thank you. Where are you going?

Hi Agnes, I was on my way to new York. I'm in HCMC Vietnam now. Just got here yesterday. (lots of children are screaming in the streets here as well.). I hope you are feeling a little bit better. Best wishes. Ltn

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