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This was drenched in love, Agnes.

Geoff looks every bit a rock star in the picture and you, his lovely lady. You two complement each other perfectly. Wish you two togetherness always.

Yes, Happy Valentine's Day.


Agnes you and Geoff Rock. You are actually romantic. Perfect couple. God Bless both of you. Happy Valentine Day.

Ronnie and I got married on the spur of the moment too, and we have been married for 8 years. I have always regretted not having that perfect photo, but you have made me realize that I have something FAR more important. Thank you!

Happy V day to both of you !!!!!!

I believe Bruce and I have a perfect marriage. We are together 24-7. He are truly bonded. He is the love of my life. He is my husband, my friend, my co-worker, my house mate, my everything! He cracks me up, he gives me so much. I love him beyond words. He is the best part of my life. Happy Valentines, Day to all of you but especialy, Happy Valentines Day, Bruce.

Ahhhh!! Thats how i want my wedding to be.. nothing special in itself.. and yet so much more than the usual ritualistic thingy.. ah and your love is making me go Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

>:D< >:D<

i think that was so perfectly round up. you said so much yet so little. Happy Valentine to you both.

I absolutely love this post Agnes. Really, really love it. :)

Casablanca is one of my favorite movies ever but, you know, I don't think I even believe in marriage anymore.

i agree with you completely. people get really caught up in the whole wedding thing. i have realized it's about what happens afterward not that singular day. although i still dream of a vera wang dress, it's really not all that important.

husband and i decided to get married just 17 hours after we got together. we had 7 months after that to know each other and plan the wedding at the same time. and now, we're married for 2 years and 3 months. and i could say that is has been the best 2 years and 3 months of my life. :)

love is really in the air!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you Agnes and Geoff. :)

i like this....

"I am in love. Head over heels. I melt every time Geoff compliments me. He blushes every time I tell him how handsome he is. And I only buy those ugly paper plates because he likes them."

Geoff knows how to make you feel a perfect woman to him...it's something every woman needs, a compliment and at the same time woman should know how we can make our man feel good about themselves...

HAPPY VALENTINES AGNES & GEOFF!!! all the best! :)

Nice post Agnes.....I remember reading this & liking it when I first came to your page:-))!!!!

I always notice the comments Geoff posts on ur page...they are full of love...and full of humour.

Happy Valentine's Day Agnes & Geoff!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been trying to get into ur page past 3 days...it was just not loading....and no I didnt have problem with anyother page.

Even now its taking ages...just thought I'll let u knw.

Succintly put! Thats how it should be innit?

Hi Agnes

This was so lovely :)
May your love blossom through the years


P.S. happy valentines day to both of you :)

What a lovely post! I wish you and Geoff love and togetherness for all eternity.

PS: You ARE beautiful and Geoff DOES look like a rock star in that pic.

Wishing U n Geoff...are a perfect couple...Both of u compliment each other so well...Happy Valentines beautiful.....Take Care

Aren't you two absolutely gorgeous!
Doing anything romantic on the day? I haven't planned anything and I'm never the one to be prepared. I should break that cycle I know but my guy always beats me to it. :P

You gorgeous people, have a great week.

xoxox songy

Very sweet sentiments ;)

This post makes me a bit teary-eyed for obvious reasons. I absolutely adore the comments. What a wonderful group of romantic, caring friends, old and new. Nothing would make me happier on Valentine's Day than to simply spend it with you. However, that flying furball has other ideas, I'm sure. Yes Jamie the cat has found ways to infuse himself into our lives no matter what we do. Ah well, there's nothing that says the three of us can't celebrate together, right?
Love you babe.


I was the first to comment on this post. Eh! I feel special after seeing Geoff's comment.

Bless you two.


The spirit of Valentines day is alive and well and I don't know if you two know this, but
in the Sanskrit language if you translate "Valentines' Day" if you translate those two
specific words, it translates to..." Geoff and Anges". This is true!

happy valentine's day, too, Agnes! and keep spreading the love. :)

aww this is such a sweet post...and what a lovely pair:))
Happy Valentine's Day Agnes & Goeff!!!

happy valentines to you too!!!

OMG this is soooooooooo lovely and romantic!!!!
You are such and adorable couple.

Happy Valentine's Day Agnes & Goeff!!!

Lots of love


Thanks everyone and happy Valentine's Day :-)))

--> Nancy, I had no idea my site was down... Bummer!!

--> Talking To My Soul, :-)

Agnes your Love story is so sweet. How I wish I could find my soul mate too. I love your line

    "What does make me feel like a princess is when I catch Geoff staring at me in awe as I do the dishes in some old t-shirt, and with the used coffee filter dripping from his hand to the floor, he says "You're so beautiful".
Happy Valentines to you and your hubby.

Agnes and Geoff, Wish you both a lovely Valentine's day. Agnes, I used to be slightly cynical about Valentine's day because of the commercial aspect but you have turned it around into a beautiful celebration.

This was the first post of yours I had read too... Hope every year your valentine's day post reads the same as this one!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

awww....happy valentines to the two of you...
and now head over to my blog - a tag awaits you :)

Happy Valentine's day Agnes. thanks for your

i was all awww-ed reading this.. and hey, thats totally my idea of a perfect wedding day.
both of u make a lovely couple
hope u had a wonderful valentines day!:)

Happy valentines agnes!

Hi Agnes my first time on your blog and I already love it, that was such a sweet post on a very sweet occasion, Happy Valentines Day to you too.....being in love is special but being married and in love is more special and the most blessed thing ever.....

How wonderful you two are:)) Happy Valentines. (a day late) but Happy every day!!


Thanks everyone :-) Hope you all had an awesome Valentine's Day.

Robyn, I know you did (Season Three is on its way by the way...).

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. =) I love reading this entry...full of love... wink**wink**.

Not necessary to have an elaborate wedding to show u r in love..
wow..Agnes.. i envy u.. after all these years, both of u still can melt and blush... WAY TO GO, GIRL!!
oh btw, i subscribe to yr blog... keep it up...
God Bless..

happy valentines to you too :)

so cute! belated happy v-day to you! :)

You two are made for each other.... I envy you Agnes...

Happy V-day!!! What a beautiful tribute to your hubby. XO

Happy Valentines Day to you Agnes and your beau !! You are both lucky in love - what a privilege !! Make every moment count, most of us are not that lucky !!

Lovely post! I'm awed by a lasting love, that even over time, the romance is still there. When I see the two of y'all together, "wrapped up in love" makes sense. Hope y'all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

I loved that...thank you for sharing...

This is so romantic.....both of you know how to express you love being so romantic must help.....through a happy married life......

Best wishes to you and your beloved Hubby and Valentine......

may you have another of those wonderful days.....

ah... what a sweet post. I know lots of friends plan big fancy weddings but in the end it's about the two peopel and no one else.

Happy Valentine's Day to both of you!!:-))
In imprefection lies perfection...Ah, Just thought I'll leave something profound here..

Have a lovely romantic day!

Both of you make a lovely couple!!!

Have a wonderful valentines Day!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day !
Enjoy this day !!!
You are a great looking couple !

Hi Agnes,

Came to your blog through Nancy.

Since you like hearing comments, here's my 2 cents.

I feel your blog is like an abstract painting. I can see the beauty, I can enjoy it, but I don't really understand it. The mystery is all good...keeps it interesting.

I only follow blogs at blogspot.com. But I'll check in on you from time to time.

Loved your India trip pictures...AWESOME!


Read this romantic post AFTER I put in the comment.

VERY romantic!!!! You two are just made for each other!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day.
May Love/Peace stay within each & every person for always forever. Amen.
Love - The boundryless.
Love - The infinite.
Love - The truth.
Love - A step towards peace.

Happy Valentine's Day to both of you. Sweet story. Hmm let me also think what sweet memories I had before.

Be happy!

Dunno why but I thought of this joke as I read your post.

William met his friend Jack from college. William had just lost his wife and was feeling rather lost. William helped Jack remember the wild times they had in college, 40 years back. Jack then invited his friend over to his home for dinner.

At dinner, William noticed how Jack always referred to his wife using endearments like 'honey', 'sweetheart', 'darling', etc. When Jack's wife went to the kitchen to fetch the dessert, William complimented Jack on the love he shared with his wife after so many years of marriage,. When Jack looked perplexed, William told him that he noticed how Jack never called his wife by name, only endearments.

"Oh that? Actually, I must confess. A couple of years back, I forgot her name!!! I just did not want her to find out!"

:D Happy Valentine's day to you and Geoff!

Yeah, that perfect photo means nothing, if that is all that is perfect about your marriage!

Wish you both a lovely valentine Agnes and Geoff.

Now please please tell me if I have really read this post before or is i just a feeling, I may be going outta my mind :(

@Prashanti: Yes -- it's recycled from last Valentine's Day.

Apart from the romantic outlook, true love needs compromises and sometimes sacrifices. To me true love depends on the complete lack of selfishness. Hope you and Geoff had a great Valentine's Day!

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