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gosh, how pretty you look in the picture!!!!

I use to think that people who appeared like they blended into the bg. would be uninteresting... I was proven wrong... It seems the older I got, the more I would make small talk w/people whether it be waiting in line or in a crowd... You'd be surprised the commonality there is... especially humor...and ask an opinion, I was amazed how that person would have a similar opinion....I think the ones who look like they blend into the background are the ones who are probably the most interesting and talented...

there were times when i stayed up all night to play the piano. hahaha

great picture up there, by the way. :)

Everybody has a story. I talked with a lot of people when I was a teacher (at the gov't) and I can tell you that. People are more interesting than they seem.

Vibes - The correct word but yes, a person has/have to listen correctly whether the vibes is related to profession And s/he is lovable or whether the vibes is related to person And s/he is lovable.
I say: If good vibes are related to person - go for the person no matter what the profession is And for that you have to listen what heart says no matter what mind says about profession.

your so pretty Agnes :) I like this shot :)and it's true if you don't click it's better to go :)

I loooooove this pic of you--flower power! I enjoy people watching...

Isn't it amazing how the power of music and art can just charm you into a wonderland? Yet the most interesting ones for us seem to be the ones who are able to connect with other aspects of our mind. I often look at people and wonder whether they are musicians or artists.

I had a person in my team 3 years back who I would not have associated with even listening to music. Recently he became a friend on facebook and I found he does listen to some sort of music.

That pic of yours is damn beautiful !!! The flower and the smile is so lovely !!! :)

I somehow feel the eye contact need to be straight and honest, for me to even smile at them. Other things come later !!!

Agnes, this is by far, my favorite picture of u.

Like they say, genius is difficult to live with. I guess genius or the gene that is responsible for that genius, has a way of making all other human traits recessive. :D

What is boring to some can be exciting to others. it's a true saying "never judge a book by its covers."
The most unlikely looking read can sometmes be the best.
Nice to see you blogging so strong, your words always have meaning.

Oh wow.... Lovely thought. I kinda think about the same too... off and on. People are amazing! There's so much to love about them :)

Nice photo!

That IS a thought! I have always been attracted to people who are artistically inclined but it hasn't been just the talent that has attracted me...it has also been the personality. But that is an interesting thought!

And what a lovely photograph...go and do that thing we do to ward off evil eyes the Indian way! If you don't know how, ask me! :)

This post absolutely moved me Agnes.....I cannot explain but then I think u already know:-)

My kids are seeing u for the 1st time & I explained that u were Agnes my blog-friend and they were like 'She doesnt look like Agnes she looks like an Angel'.
Then I dont know what made Nikita think I was losing confidence....
"You look like one too Mama" said Nikita very kindly.
"Yes Mama except u got a hairclip instead of a daisy on ur head" chips in Naina.

I sat here and laughed so much and now am telling u;-D
And I echo "U are looking divine Agnes!!!!"

i think some people live in a different world, whether it's because they are so creative or hyper-intelligent. they experience the world differently than maybe i do, and that affects their interactions. just a thought. of course that's still no reason for your old boyfriend to have been unbearable :)

I love getting to know someone who seems 'average' only to find they have this beautiful talent, accomplishment, mindset or story to tell. Sometimes it was just a moment of fame, or a high point years ago, but in bringing out the story you can see the spark return in their eyes. Even better is when your encouragement, or just simple attention, brings that desire and belief back to their hearts. THAT is a great feeling.


I think that is very true. In your case, though, I think you look like you are interesting AND you are!

love the pic

@Nancy: I am speechless.

Reminds me of a true story.

Several books ago, John Ashberry (the poet) published a book of poems based on an art show.

The watercolors were on big pieces of butcher paper. They were striking and kind of primitive. Their subject seemed to be some kind of epic war between children and adults(?).

Anyway, he had been a janitor in this building for decades. Paintings discovered after he was dead. Rediscovered by a poet.


Agnes you are radiant. "Angel" works for me. I wonder if I can convince you that the Peter Sellers masterpiece "Being There" illustrates your point in reverse. Let's say the movie was about my father, a witless soul employed as a gardener and sequestered for life on a large estate where he toiled as a gardener. Once freed from the confines, he is surrounded by people who read things into his intentions and accomplishments that are nothing less than a mirror of their own sensibilities. Who he really is is too simple for them to comprehend and so they create a collective persona and assign it to him. This is much the way it happens in real life. In actual fact, the character is a good, simple man who has learned to control and cherish one simple corner of the universe. May we all achieve such success. (Actually, it wasn't about my dad).

I definitely think the quiet unassuming types can be the most creative, and we pass them by without noticing!!!

Gorgeous you! You look great on this shot.

The Brown Mestizo

I agree with the others...you look great in that picture!

Yes... I guess artists are more sensitive... more aware of what surrounds them.

Hey, I dated that guy too!

And what a great thought, to look at the people around me and consider their hidden abilities. Just presuming that they are able to do something that would take my breath away would make a huge difference to my interaction, I bet.

Although now I've read Geoff's comment and I'm back to pondering that angle. So the cure can be worse than the symptoms.


A beautiful post Agnes

that's a really life-filled photograph..
every silent person has some hidden talent unknown to outsiders and sometimes it is the same for us too ;)

much luv as always..

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I'm totally blaming the baby for the fact that I got slightly weepy towards the end there. Blogs are, by their nature, very much me, me, me, and I like them that way. I like to

get to know the 'me' behind the blog - even when I know them IRL, because the blog is a different side to them. But it's also nice to find out more about the people behind the

'me'. And it can be moving, as it was here.

Congratulations on that very difficult decision. I encourage you to stay in that realm of being you, remember there is no competition there.
Make your uniqueness non-negotiable. Realize that when you enter the “competition phase” it is because you abandon your uniqueness and that you will compromise other areas in order to “win“or prove yourself a success.

Friend is the most beautiful scenery on the journey of life. Friendship is connected to each other. Let us use the ink, the heart with life on the landscape, with sincere, reaping the greatest emotional feeling! Wish friends happy. Happiness forever.

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