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Sometimes you just need "you" time, don't you. I read an interesting observation once - that real friends are the ones you can sit in the same room with, and not have to make conversation.

Lucky is a good friend. He makes cool Tshirts, too!

He sounds like the perfect friend Agnes! I'm glad you got some down time to relax.

Nice to have a friend that doesn't question, what u may say or do or not say or do.... to feel comfortable enough to just 'be'....

I also always carry tea with me. It's just soothing... it works.

I good friend can't be replaced by anything in the world.....and making one feel comfortable is what a friend can easily do .......though i won't say the mailman or the remotely connected cousins are not doing good by talking to you when you don't want to.....may be it's their way of showing concern....

Good for Lucky! I understand about the tea bags!

.I was going to leave the message with "wow" and write nothing else ...nothing else , but somehow it was incomplete and when I figure out what else to add to "wow" , I will.
Maybe the unwritten word speaks volumes.

You are lucky to be with LUCKY !!!!

I think we could all do with a friend like Lucky, so lucky you Agnes to have him around .

How Lucky! I am sure Lucky values your friendship too.

Thanks guys. Lucky really is a great friend :-)

@HiteshRawat: I wasn't referring to people who are genuinely concerned -- I was talking about people you hardly know yet they deem it appropriate to give you the phone number of an assisted suicide clinic (!!!), or who call you all the time to try and sell you expensive miracle cure. It's a whole different beast, and believe me, it's gross. But you're right, most people are wonderful :-D.

Good to have a friend like Lucky. I understand what you don't like about people you hardly know butting in with "advice". Personally, I don't care much about it since I'm doing my own thing on this anyway. Carry your own tea, pick your good friends and life will continue to be good.

Agnes, in response to your response to a comment made (above), i so agree w/you.. Why do people presume one wants advice, etc., especially if they don't know that other person? I know the obvious answer is ' they just want to help'... w/that being said, ok, give the advice and walk away and don't become a pest and keep after that person....As someone said to me " would u want someone doing that to you? and if so, not everyone thinks or wants the same"...:-)

Time for a written word (or two)that speaks volumes...Agnes is a valuable dear friend and she also packs a mean tea bag.( in fact many tea bags, name the country , name the type of tea and Agnes will carry it...have tea bag will travel..)

Nice to meet you.
Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

I'm a new reader and I'm so sad that the 1st post I read is about your sad news re: your husband. He's in my thoughts!!! And that's wonderful that you have such special friends to help you through a difficult time. :)

But oh! the blessing it is to have a friend to whom one can speak fearlessly on any subject; with whom one's deepest as well as one's most foolish thoughts come out simply and safely. Oh, the comfort - the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person - having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away. ~Dinah Craik, A Life for a Life, 1859

Wow Sidney! That is an incredible quote. Spot on. Thank you.

Agnes... you make different teas? WOW! that is so wonderful. I would love to carry my tea cup sometimes and tell the experts how to make it (my taste in Indian chaii specially varies from those of the others in the world!). You are so lucky to have Lucky.

yes friendship is the last resort you can go to when everything else fails you :D
making or getting such genuine friendship is a boon should say :D


I hope you didn't have to pay for hot water to put your own tea bag into for brewing.

Ok. Pay 5 or 10 cents for the cup, but NOT for the water!

michael j,
Cheap in Conshohocken

I start singing the songs some of your titles are from when I log in and read your posts, ha ha. I am sure its the fact that your are so independent with a strong mind of your own that makes me think that you will always carry your own tea, get annoyed at advice from well meaning but thoughtless aquaintances, and be strong enough to cope with anything life throws at you.
Lucky is lucky to have a friend like you too, I would say. You will be good for each other, as, are you and Geoff.

I also, think that Lucky ought to thank his lucky stars that YOU are his friend. Lucky is a lucky guy.

PS Lucky is as Lucky does. An altered quote from Forest Gump.

You can't beat a good cup of tea !

I'm not much of a tea lover. I'm a coffee addict instead and I do carry my favourite coffee when I travel just in case I don't find the particular brand. A true and lasting friendship is built on trust, openness and understanding. It's neither selfish nor demanding nor does it require you to be someone that you are not. You are so lucky to have Lucky in your life.

@Robyn: "Lucky is as Lucky does" is brilliant!

I feel so blessed when my good friends are around when I need them...I'm so glad u have urs:-).

U are looking fantastic in the picture....what were u thinking right then;-)????

ps: Geoff has this knack of writing beautiful comments, I love reading them:-)!!!!!

I totally get it.When my husband was diagnosed with MS we got the strangest comments and/or these sad, 'sympathetic' looks. People really didn't know what to say or else felt entitled to say any and everything that came to mind. Comparing a genetic skin rash w/ crippling illness.. etc... It was a challenge.
I'm glad you have a safe space. You need it.

I have my country – India – in my mind. Here we enjoy freedom of speech against the Prime Minister of India and the President of India and many at the top and not against Judiciary on certain issues. If you exercise your freedom of speech against any caste projected politician, or a regional party or a Cinema super star, you will lose your limbs. So here freedom of speech is not universal. But here we have freedom to enjoy wants, hunger and starvation and none interferes in it.

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