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You have a fine taste... I can see it in the pictures of you, Geoff and your home... simple yet beautiful.

Dang, didn't know Target had a 'vintage' line... love that dark blue one.. totally understand how u segued at Target, I always do.. Now I will have to check out Target's vintage line... sheesh, lol

You got the most important items..the cat toys..!!Everything else is so unimportant to the cat toys..well done for taking care of "mokey"..AKA ( Also Know As) "Smokey"

Target has everything. I rarely get out of there without spending at least $100.00. It's dangerous to go in there really. LOL

Love the shirts, they definitely look like they were made for you. :)

I heart Targe'.

Sounds like you had good hunting and gathering, Agnes !! love Kate

So, u had a great time, shopping. Have fun !!!

I too love such shopping moments. Buy for the house, the pet, the husband and finally a lovely t-shirt for me too !!! :)

That t-shirt looks so snug & comfortable!!

Oooo... I love the T-Shirts... and your intended shopping list vs. actual one...

Don't you just love being able to go to Target late for those forgotten and needed items? That's when I have to be very careful, cause I see this and that and end up with way more than I needed! Hope you have a great day. When you going to post some of your illustrations?

Serendipity is only found when you have no intention of finding it. Cool shirts, cool style.

you're right Agnes :) but I like the shirt :) cool and looks comfy!

Oooh, I like those. I only have one nice t-shirt (as you say, soft and inexpensive) and the local market only has horrible ones with glitter pasted on.

I wonder if Target do mail-order. Although I guess I'd pay more for the shipping than they are worth :)

I buy expensive T-shirts. I think I better consult you the next time I buy clothes for myself.

I love those tees. I have several myself. Now you made me want to go to target...

I personally love idle-time shopping but I haven't felt up to it this year. But frankly I enjoy reading about your experiences just as much. I might as well tell everyone that the boxers you bought me were Valentine's Day boxers on sale for half price so now I'm the proud owner of several pairs of bright red boxers covered with little white hearts. Won't my doctors be thrilled?

LOL Geoff u r just too much;-D

Itchy tags are also my pet peeve! Can't stand them. These look like nice Tshirts.

Great looking t-shirts.. I may have to plan a trip to Target..

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