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Good morning,
And I am emotional. The post beautifully written.
Life is all about adding life into life And maybe the roads are one of the source.
Keep writing And welcome to India.

Your comments are fantastic! I don't suppose you would want to share your story of staying at a monastery? That sounds very interesting. How's Geoff? Is he at the hospital just for treatments and he is able to return home after he receives them?

@Judy, I'd love to post about the monasteries.
And yes, Geoff's treatment is an outpatient thing, we go in the morning and get home whenever.

i hope your travelly-tea makes you feel like you are flapping your wings a little. thank you for your words of encouragement :)

I am tracking with you. I get and I love this post.

Hi Agnes!

I soooo loved this post... Just the kind of thing I missed reading all these days! How you being out the beauty in those small things we often overlook. I just love how you do this. Haven't I told you this for like, zillion times? :)

Have fun!

I understand your feelings about travelling...(I am addicted to it myself) but I am sure you will travel again with Geoff in the future...

And yes... you look good!

Thats a wonderful thot. Really true. We become our true selves when we travel away from the city. Hv experienced it once or twice !!!

Oh I completely understand what you mean about travel blues! My husband and I have been weekend travelling between Brussels and Germany for the last 4 years due to which we did not want to do our normal "fun" travel. Now I miss that so much. I love the way you have captured it.

I agree about driving being a therapy :)! I love it...

i have been so out of touch these days. good to be back here always. so refreshing. loved it. and yes, you look CLASSY. :D

say hello to Geoff


The title of the post just blew me away!!! That really is something worth thinking about!

Yes, when you travel because your soul is at its happiest best when you travel, you try and adapt to your surroundings. Like being one with them. It is only the 'tourist' who try real hard to stick out in a crowd.

I am curious about your life. :D

Birds fly because they need to, except the ostrich. ha ha. You travel because you love to, and I hope you and Geoff have many happy journeys together in the future.
All the best to you both.

Very nice post. Context just expands us and we become more knowledgeable about who we are and what we are doing.

Hi Agnes,
just a small correction, it's Cameron Highlands, Malaysia actually not Cameron Heights.

Fascinating pictures of India.

@ BluesMan: Oh my, you're right! And Lucky pointed out I posted a picture of the wrong bridge... clearly, I am losing it :-D

hey agnes

I've tried to comment on your blog many times before but somehow it never went through. hopefully, it would this time. :)

beautiful blog and lovely pictures!! i love reading it. keep the good work up! :)

I once stayed at a monastery - that was the one in Ayia Napa. But I was a student then in my early twenties and loved the experience. Right now and ...considering my fear of flying, I only travel in Europe and on the Greek islands. To me that's where all the beauty of the world lies.Hmmm... you don't look good. You look great! Filakia xxxxx

@Roop, oh really? Try hitting the enter/return key at the end of your comment. And thanks a lot for the compliment ;-)

Dreaming of traveling... I know the mood. It's addictive.

every pic carries a unique tale :)
thanks for sharing..

How wonderful that driving is therapeutic for you; it's one thing I don't like. Fortunately, my husband takes me where I need to go.

You and Geoff are in my prayers, Agnes. Stay strong.

You've just reminded me of "On The Road" - by Jack Kerouac. I read it a couple of years ago while stuck in a humdrum commuting existence, and although it speaks of another time, and another place, it still has relevance today.

Great post.

Ur posts always linger in my thoughts long after I close the window:-).
The pictures have captured everyday life in different countries so beautifully.

p.s: And how cd I miss talking abt the title.....awesome is the word!!!!!


Loved the photographs, loved the last few lines, especially about the "perception of value". I guess that sort of insight comes only when you're out of your usual context. Brilliant, Agnes!!!

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i like this part of the blog:"One of the things I miss the most about "real" traveling is the resourcefulness that comes from staying at a monastery in some forgotten corner of Asia -- the utter simplicity and beauty of washing your body in a bucket of water. Of course, I could do that home too, but that wouldn't be resourceful in any way and it wouldn't get me out of my safety zone.

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HEY :)


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