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Love your organic look!. White and bamboo definite island look.... less is more as they say!. As far as decisions, I decide the same as u do... If it feels right, my instincts kick in... If I get that funny feeling... well.... u know the drill. :-)

I loved the house tour! Would love to see more. I think it gives an insight into the person. The curtains and rod are awesome. It must be nice to live close to the water.

I loved your house. The curtains give the room such a nice ambience and the pond front view is awesome :)

It's the opposite in Ottawa, apparently tons of people want to see what cold really means. The capital is packed!

Your place looks quite ans serene.

Your house is so beautiful and homey Agnes! I love how you incorporated your travel souvenirs!

Geoff is lucky... you are and look fabulous... and you have a wonderful house ! I like how you decorated it.

Your house is gorgeous--it definitely has great feng shui! Most of the stuff in my home is collected from my travels as well. :)

You and I are definitely in the same boat as far as making decisions. I hate wasting my time pondering things...I just go with my gut! Looks like your gut was SO right on your home!!!

a house filled with things you love and with a good view, how restful. and sandalwood.... i love sandalwood... i've never heard of a pillow made of it, sounds heavenly. i make do with the beeswax sandalwood soap mostly for my sandalwood fix :)

this is so awesome.....the place looks beautiful...you have assembled nice little beautiful things there.....bamboo closed and furniture....really good.....the different types of teas.....you seem to be some kind of big fan of teas..........

i don't even understand gangster rap....everything goes over my head....bouncers.....

WOW Agnes, Thanks for inviting us inside. I love the bamboo, wood and white curtains looks. If you like looking into other people's houses check out http://www.theselby.com/

Loved your confession about confession ! :-)
And yes peeking into your home was soo nice. I hope it rains more your part of the world!

U are really blessed to be living in the house u fell in love with. Some search all their lives and then make do with what is available.
Loved the tour, lake-front sounds wonderful!!!!

Your photography is stunning and I'm completely jealous of your house.

I may fly to Florida, hunt you down and steal it piece by piece.....starting with the Malaysian teabox.


B x

4got to mention... love the way u know how to capture light in your photos..omg, that couch!, the pinecones... have u framed any of these? it would make a cool collection ..

Your house is wonderful. Love the natural thing going on. Oh - and long rambling blog posts rule.

You have some really great stuff on here. I'm gonna keep going through your archives. This is as close to world traveling as I can get. So, keep it up!


You’ve got such a tranquil atmosphere in your home, the perfect sanctuary between travels or whilst just living. I love your passion for tea, fragrances, flowers, colours and organic materials. You are an artist already Agnes! :) Sculpturing your life.

Ps. I thought untouristy already was a word! :)

Oh how I love natural wood and bamboo. And that pillow from Sri Lanka is gorgeous! Not to mention the teapot! I am impressed! Your place looks so warm and cosy.

Looks like a very lovely and calming place. And a gorgeous view.

A great expression of who you two really are. A place that is not part of the space of the streets and buildings around it....as if you took the best of other countries and brought them to this space. A space not part of the Florida time stream in fact out of the time stream. A great space to hold film festivals too.

Lovely is the word for this place, in which you live in !!!

I love that bamboo thingy !! The pillow and the scented pillow covers - OOH !! Wonderful !!

Loved this peek-a-boo, wish for more !!!

We don't really have an untouristy time in NM. And I do get tired of all the cars with out-of-state plates driving around clearly lost.


I stayed at a cabin once that had that view. It is etched in my mind. U lucky woman, u get to see it every day!!!!:D

Yes to more pictures of your home. What's with the title of the post? I seem to have read that line somewhere, but can't recall it.

Sandalwood pillow? Seriously? Even after a wash???

@Bins: American Pie. A lot of my post titles are just random lines from songs playing in the background.

I love your place, warm and filled of wonderful momentos from places near and far. Love tea so all the paraphernalia is cool.

Yeah it is fun to peek into other homes, especially when they're as gorgeous as yours!
And yeah, "untouristy" should be an official word! I'm gonna use it & give you full credit :D

I loved the photos!! :)

Being bound to work restricts freedom. Don’t you sometimes feel like running away from the hassles of work? Does marriage also restrict freedom? I think many married people feel that their freedom has been restricted.
Is it not possible to not to be bound to anyone or anything and live life on day to day basis and do whatever, whenever and wherever you feel like doing (here I am not talking about insane things). Do you feel sometimes trapped by modern forms of slavery like mortgage etc?

OMG i love all!!!

What are some quotes about freedom in the novel Brave new world to represent the World states freedom and John?
There is one in particular by Lenina that is something like we have the Freedom to be happy or something...

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i like this part of the blog:"It's raining cats and dogs outside which renders me housebound and that usually yields a longwinded post that's neither here nor there. But it's kind of fun to peek into someone's house, {in a non-creepy of way}, right?" is very good

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very cool space! I love your taste and it looks like it'd be so much fun to poke around in there... I used to live in DE but am now in VA, but if I ever go back that way to visit family I'd love to see it in person :)

luckily though, here in Virginia I found your Cupcake chardonnay at the grocery store for $8.99 (such a lovely treat to be able to buy wine where I can get cat litter and tampons too!).... I was intrigued by your love of it ( and its pretty bottle I must admit) so snagged a bottle... thanks for the heads up :) cheers!

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THis palce sure looks amazing! i would not want to leave if I were you :) I love the bamboo furniture- they have that amazing natural light look to them that wood never dose :)

Life finds its wealth by the claims of the world, and its worth by the claims of love.Do you understand?

Oh God I am looking for a tea box in Dubai, but not this type. I would like to have a tea box for the meeting in our company. I hope I can find it.

It's simple, natural, and appealing. I Love it.

Hi agnes, your sharing is awesome I like it it's appreciative..!

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