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I have never been able to get into soap operas. Mainly because they take forever to finish a storyline! My Mom, daughter and sisters do have their favorites, but I like sitcoms and movies that finish the storyline in 30 minutes or the most, 2 hours. I think the mature thing depends on the generation. My grandmother's era is totally different from my Mom's, who is different from me, etc. etc. Good post! I see the sun really makes your hair look red! I like that color though!

I don't really know much about Soap Opera's. But, I do know about Reality shows!

I grew up I guess. I won't watch soap operas anymore because they are just too simple for me. Maybe when I get older, I'll want to watch them again. LOL

Even in real life within self there is one Hero, one villain And a search for an angel And vice-versa And most of the time Good wins.

I've similar characters at home just like yr grandma, no wonder these soaps are always a favourite feature in all media channels. These loyalists even have their own set of discussion groups. And of course they hold on to the remote control too. What an interesting life!

Dont ask me, Agnes !!! Its my mother-in-law too, here for me !!! She is obsessed with those characters on these soaps. My Grandmother too was an ardent soap lover, but since she started having hearing probs, she watches them without understanding anything, but making up her own story.

Sometimes, I see them talking to the characters on screen - Dont do that - See behind, the villain is behind you - Be careful, the bridge is shaking - Its really become their lives !!!!

My grandma too.... Always watching Soaps...and with complete involvement. And she treats us also to some story narrations when we go. Even though I find most of them unbearable, I don't really blame her, because I do the same with some silly movies that are totally without any logic! So I guess this is as mature as it gets! :D

aaahhh......i hate maturity.....my seniors tell me to act mature but i can't.....they tell me to organize.......my work...so that it can be done at a better speed..or to not take my work casually...etc.......

but i can never do that....atleast for now.....even i don't want to be mature...don't want to take those responsibilities......i want to start things and leave them in middle if i don't like them......

but think the time is here....and need to being some changes in....i have younger generations to do the thing i said...or i want to do......

Oh...and by the way...Winter in Florida looks beautiful...and so do you!

People relieve their boredom in whatever way they can. Some climb Mount Everest, some dive in the oceans for sunken treasure and others read Dan Brown or follow other trivial pursuits.

Is your grandmother lonely? Following soaps is often a way of gaining a vicarious sensation of belonging by thinking of the characters as part of one's extended family and neighbourhood.

Then again, if one gains pleasure out of sitting watching TV in one's old age, why not? It's not as if she is neglecting affairs of state or leaving urgent tasks undone. If you think she could better employ her time with other things, then maybe you could gently draw her attention to these other things and see whether she will take to them. The attention might be exactly what she craves.

It is hard to understand others' lives until one has experienced them for oneself.

Sighhh... Winter in Florida seems like a distant dream - it is -6°C here today.

I hope this is as mature as it gets for these things - joy in life for small small things and the ability to keep yourself as a child in entertainment probably takes the edge away from other serious things one encounters.

Long time ago I decided to not watch TV anymore... but life seems like a big soap opera to me...even if it is not always easy to spot the good and the evil ones... ;-)

I understand you enjoy the Winter weather!:-)

These soaps are really unbearable. I grew up on American Soaps. After a while, they make your skin crawl! Here in India too, it really is not too different. The sound effects of course, is the big give-away and by the time the character turns to look at the cause of all that sound and drama, the thirty mins are up!(yes the camera actually captures every micro-expression and it takes a crazy amount of time to do that). Then you spend the next 24 hrs/7 days wondering what caused them to turn with such fear!!! :D And them before you know it, that soap has an audience!!!
I have even heard stories of divorces over the big cricket game or the soap! :D You see, their life depends on it!

agnes, you really look like a redhead now. :)

Winter in Florida looks great right about now :-)

And my mother used to love soap operas. I was never a huge fan but I would watch with her from time to time as I grew up. My mother passed away four years ago and I find myself holding onto the little things that we did together more as time goes on. One of my fond memories from the last days of her life was us sitting there watching the soaps together whilst we balanced salads on our laps. I was in the middle of preparing for my move over here to England, but I took that day to just sit and enjoy her company. The soap opera was in the background of what really mattered, but I can still remember our chatting and laughing that day :-)

This is where I admit to not having watched regular television for the last couple of years. I'm not really sure when I stopped - probably when I worked in London, so didn't get in from work until late in the evening.

My family watch a lot of soap operas; when we go to visit the entire household effectively comes to a standstill in the evening to catch up on the cartoon life of the various larger than life characters.

I tried to teach my daughters that you don't grow up, you just grow. I wanted them to see me as someone growing just like they were. I was an adult,yes. But if I seem static and unmoving to them, then their isn't a path for them to interact with me as an equal later in life. But if they see me overcoming something, developing new, good habits, making decisions that are better than I used to make, then they have someone just like them, a person growing.
So, I think people who are intentionally curious and interested in growth continue to grow, those who aren't stagnate and become, not only uninteresting people to those around them, but uninteresting people to themselves.

I have been addicted to soap operas before and was having to tape them all the time and then try and find the time to watch all the tapes . I packed it all in as it was taking over my life !! Now I barely watch a thing on tv !!

Does she watch All my Children? If so, should I guess that she knows about the actor who played Palmer Cortlandt? he's gone to soap opera heaven recently..... I don't think some ever grow up... Its probably safer for them for time to stand still....then again, if they're happy that's all that matters.

Funny post Agnes;
Love the comments ... everything from explanations to confessions to amusing observations. I grew up in Golders Green in London and at that time, the BBC didn't have such fascinating fare to offer. Later, in New York, I never got beyond noticing them as something older women watched during the afternoons. Probably a rather shallow or incomplete observation in that they seem now to emanate from the ancient Greek melodramas up through Shakespeare and into the Victorian age and beyond. Ah the human drama, the great wheel of life, what an amazing creation. Thanks Agnes.

I must admit the main reason I have never gotten into soap opera is because most the stuffs we were getting in France were US soap operas. I mean, days of our lives dubbed in French sounds bad bad bad!

A, you look so glam in the picture. I think it is still important to believe in fairytale sometimes, which good triumph over evil. I wish at times our lives can be as simple as the characters in a soap.

hmmmm. i hope i grow up some more :) but i had never thought about it that way. i wonder if we'll recognize our pinnacle of maturity, or if we'll just peak and start gliding back toward giddy innocence and not realize it. interesting.

Oh I love soaps....dont get to watch theme evryday but whenever I can I sqeeze them into my schedule;-D

ufff...the typos;-/

I might not be young any more but I am still restless, and I am not afraid to admit that I DO watch soaps, for a laugh more than anything else.

I used to love soap operas like The Young and the Restless...Ah well...I might be your grandma's age! :) My favourite was The Bold and the Beautiful. I stopped watching it when Rich married Taylor! But my most favourite soap was Peyton Place!

My mom still tapes (on a VCR) General Hospital to the day. I remember coming home from school every day for YEARS and watching them with her. In fact I am named after a soap opera character my mom liked around the time I was born!

some grow up; some simply get old without ever growing up. Some escape both

Sigh! I'd never grow up if I had the choice. I so love the innocence!

Nice one!

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