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Nov. was a definite blur for me.... Love that artwork- the colors and the theme are soothing...

Same here, love the artwork and the picture! You know what I would like to do, get on the Orient Express train and travel along it's route. Have a little suite, be waited on and watch the country side pass by as we clickity clack our way along the tracks. Occasionally getting off and having a cup of tea or hot chocolate!

Agnes, wishing you a belated happy new year. I would love to travel too and get away from all the craziness around me recently. : )

Every day seems to fly by for me too lately. I wish there was a button to press that would slow things down just a little!

Love the post and feel for you. I have been on the run for the last 3 months. I hope you get to catch that breathe.

You have well described an occasional day in the life of moi. Excellentez!
I'll meet you and Mr G at that gin joint ...

I some how love being busy!
Have a great week ahead!

tc :)

Oh !!! Agnes, it happens to all, I believe. After my shift to Chennai, life has been hectic - I feel the ME time is reduced drastically - Dont know how !!!!

I wish to just lie around and sleep thru a weekend !!! God, grant me this wish !!!

Hope you had a great New Year !!!!

hi agnes,

sometimes i wish to be in the dreamland too not wanting to come out of its beauty and magic :D
take care and hugz for the post and the painting shared.


I like the painting.. Beautiful !! :-)

Alice in Wonderland got me day-dreaming so I need to get that coffee right away ;-)

EAST, WEST, HAMES BEST. Its a true saying.

hey post a pic of your kitty! would love to see a pic... mine is 13 mos. old


Tell me what South America is like!?!? :-)

Don't mean to get all philosophical here Agnes but Aristotle once said, "Hope is a waking dream." I agree. Again I loved the comments on travel, on staying home, on curling up etc. Great group. My waking dream for you is that things calm down to the level you want and you get to have lots of fun. But above all, stay sweet, beautiful and sparkling.

p/s: Robyn, South America is just like the rabbit hole.

It's a grind for sure Agnes. Remember to stop and smell the coffee you're drinking. Like, every time. There is calm in all that chaos but you have to sort of be there, ya' know? And really you didn't ask for my opinion so I'll shut up now...

that picture of yours is just so gorgeous, Agnes!

i hope things will slow down a bit for you... :)

Agnes I dont believe you one bit, for one and one reason alone..

Nobody can be that busy and look this gorgeous;-D

Take care.

@Nancy dear, you sure know your audience ;-) Thanks for the compliment.

This is so beautiful. It sounds crazy and hectic and things flinging through the air (your phrasing is perfect) and still, beautiful.

Now, tell us more about the gin-joint of your dreams... :)

I miss traveling too but then traveling too much isn't good either. Like a good coffee, traveling must be desired, hoped for, and enjoy in a small cup.

*Nancy graciously accepts the compliment*


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